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Building muscle fast is not easy. If you want to put on muscle it is going to take a combination of training, supplements and dedication.  To build muscle you need to get stronger. To achieve this you need to work your muscles to damage them so they grow back bigger and stronger. The right supplements will allow you to workout harder and repair your muscles quicker. To put on serious muscle you need t stay motivated over an extended period of time. You are not going to put on a lot of muscle overnight, instead you need to be making small steps each day towards your overall goal.

A good workout plan is key when building muscle. create yourself a solid plan of what muscles you will work and when you will workout. Working out with a partner will encourage you to push further and train harder. Take a look at our resources below for building muscle:

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Supplements for Building Muscle

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein

Whey protein is essential when building muscle. Post workout, your muscles needs protein to repair. Whey protein is fast releasing and quickly gets to the muscle.


MyProtein Micellar Casein Protein

Unlike Whey, Casein protein is slow releasing which makes it great for times where you are not going to be eating for extended periods. Micellar Casein from MyProtein comes in a number of flavours and is also exceptional value for money.


The Protein Works - Total Mass Extreme

If you are finding it hard to put on muscle then mass gainers are a good idea. They increase the amount of calories and protein you consume each day; encouraging your body to build muscle.


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Muscle Building Motivation