18 Incredibly Funny Workout Fails

Fails in the gym are all too common with newbies in the gym not knowing what they are doing. Take a look at some of these painful workout fails  that will shock you when you are in the gym next.

Should have secured the bench first ?


How not to use a rower…

gym Fail 1

This is why you shouldn’t lift with your ego

Best_Gym_Fail_Compilation (1)

Ouch, that looks painful…

Best_Gym_Fail_Compilation (2)

What’s going on here


Never seen this one before…

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (5)

… Or this one

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (4)

Surely there is two handles for a reason

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (3)

Failing in style

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (2)

A new workout maybe ?

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (1)

When you lift too much weight…


…And then can’t handle it

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (9)

The reason you need a spot

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (8)

When you try to work your chest but end up working your stomach

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (7)

This one must be new

EPIC_GYM_FAIL_Compilation_2015 (6)

Thinking of the last set like

Ultimate_Workout_Fails_Compilation_FailArmy_s_Ode_to_New_Year_s_Resolutions (1)

When the dumbells are good for punching

Ultimate_Workout_Fails_Compilation_FailArmy_s_Ode_to_New_Year_s_Resolutions (2)

Lifting with your ego is never a good idea


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