5 Awesome Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has a reputation for being one of the most healthiest beverages that you can drink. It is made from the leaves of  Camellia sinensis and undergoes and oxidation process. Originating from china, green tea has grown in popularity across Asia and The West.

With minimal calories and a range of health benefits, green tea could possibly the best ultimate beverage. Take a look at some of these awesome health benefits from drinking green tea.

Green Tea can help you burn fat and lose weight

Green tea is often listed as in ingredient in many fat burners.  This is because green tea has shown that it can help us burn more fat in the short-term. Furthermore green tea contains caffeine which lowers our perceived rate of exertion. Therefore allowing us to train harder and burn more calories.

Green Tea is packed with antioxidants

Green tea is full of exiting antioxidants which is allowing it to gain ground over coffee. All teas from the Camellia tea-plant contain high levels of polyphenols.  This antioxidant deoxifies cell damaging free radicals in the body. Other antioxidants include  Catechins, Epicatechins, and Thearubigins.

Many of the antioxidants in green tea are not found in fruit and vegetables, making green tea one of the best sources of these for your body.

Green Tea improves dental health

The catechins in green tea have been shown in some studies to inhibit the growth of viruses and kill bacteria. In the mouth there are bacteria that can cause tooth delay. One of these is Streptococcus mutans with is the most common form of bacteria in the mouth and leads  to a plaque build up and therefore tooth decay. Green tea can  prevent the growth of these bacteria and therefore give you better dental health.

Green Tea protects against heart disease

Cardiovascular diseases are still one of the biggest killers. The antioxidants in green tea have been shown to prevent this. They work by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood by inhibiting the body’s ability to oxidize LDL in the arteries. This can prevent blood clots which can lead to cardio vascular diseases.

Green Tea can lower blood pressure

High blood pressure can be dangerous and lead to a number of issues such as heart attack. High blood pressure can be caused by an enzyme secreted in the kidneys called angiotension Converting Enzyme (ACE). Green tea has been shown to work as a natural ACE inhibitor which therefore leads to it preventing high blood pressure.

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