5 Supplements That I WILL Be using In 2016

The start of the new year often leads to most of us getting back into our fitness regime.  With the new year, there is often lots of motivation push harder and get that summer body for 2016. Without the use of supplements, you will not be able to maximise the benefits you can achieve from a great workout. supplements help us see improvements in performance and also faster recovery. There are lots of supplements on the market, but which ones should you be using ?

I have tried lots of supplements over the last few years. however there is only a few that I will be taking with me into 2016. After testing a lot of supplements myself, I am able to say which supplements I believe will work best and what I will be using and incorporating into my fitness regime. these are the five supplements that I will be taking into 2016 with me.


Branched-chain amino acids are great.  They work by improving the rate of protein synthesis in the body. This leads to greater gains after an intense workout, and also less muscle loss when on a calorie controlled diet. Informed BCAA from Bulk Powders is hands down the best BCAA supplement that I have tried. I use the orange and Mango flavour which tastes like an energy drink and is enjoyable drink.  Informed BCAA has a ratio of 8:1:1, compared to the market average of 2:1:1. as well as this, where is also amino nitrates which are absorbed better by the body.  Informed BCAA is also reasonably price at £29.99 for 25 servings.

My Protein –  Impact Whey Protein

Whey Protein is undoubtably the most important supplement when it comes to building muscle. protein is found naturally in out diet and allow for growth and repair of muscles after an intense workout, your muscles are broken down and are like a sponge for absorbing nutrients. It is as this time that whey protein is needed. Whey Protein is rapidly absorbed by the body and quickly gets to the muscles to allow them to repair and grow. there are a huge amount of whey products on the market but Impact Whey Protein from MyProtein is the one that I will be taking into 2016. Per 100 grams there is up to 82 grams of protein and also amino acids. There is also a great range of delicious flavours available, I prefer Chocolate Orange. Impact Whey Protein does exactly what you need at a great price.
Muscle Plus Top Whey Protein Impact

Grenade 50 Calibre

If you are looking to push your workout to the next level, pre workout is the answer. the first time you try a pre workout, you will find that you are able to push yourself further and find yourself bouncing around the gym. Pre workouts are designed to give you both mental and physical energy to have a great workout. Grande 50 calibre is a powerful pre workout that is sure to give you a noticeable improvement. as well as a hard-hitting with 275mg of caffeine per serving, there is also BCAAs and many other powerful ingredients that you would expect to find in a great pre workout.


Casein supplements often get overlooked as people tend to just use Whey Protein. Whey is great for after an intense workout when your muscles are screaming out for nutrients. However your body will continue to repair for hours after and even while you are sleeping. For this, whey is no good as it is absorbed too fast by the body. Casein protein is absorbed slowly over a long period of time, making it ideal for before you go to sleep at night. not using casein could see you missing out on the potential gains from your workout and see your muscles taking longer to repair. My favourite Micellar casein is this one from The Protein Works. Each serving contains  approximately 24.5 grams of protein and 1kg costs £20.99, which is a great price for high quality casein protein. The flavour I like is chocolate Silk. Casein tastes different from whey, it is also thicker.


The start of the year, most people will be focused on putting on muscle. However in a few months it will be time to start cutting down and getting into shape for the summer. the basic principle is burning more calories than you consume sounds easy enough. However trying to workout on a low-calorie diet is a lot harder than it sounds and after a few weeks people tend to see reduce results. Fat burning supplements are great for giving you that added boost to your cutting goals and help keep your energy levels up. cutting edge from Bulk Powders is one of my favourite supplements that I have come across on the market and will be using in 2016. Unlike many cheap fat burners, Cutting edge contains 10 active ingredients to help you burn fat. It comes in an easy tablet form so you can conveniently take them without any nasty tastes.

this was my list of the five supplements that I will be taking with me into 2016. Supplements are great for helping you see a real difference in your workout and I can personally recommend every supplement in this list. Supplements will not allow you to see overnight results. However, sticking with them and a dedicated fitness regime will allow you to see great results overtime.

“Slow progress is better than no progress.”


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