5 Ways To Get Leaner In 2016

Most of us have more fat than we need on our bodies and everyday we are either gaining or loosing fat. There is no better time than now to start losing some of that excess fat and live a leaner,cleaner life. If you want them abdominals to show then you need to get that body fat percentage down and therefore start eating leaner. Take a look at these five top tips to see how you can get a fat-free physique.

Eat more protein

Protein is the key building block for muscle. Protein is what allows your muscles to repair and grow. If you have more muscle mass you will be burning more calories. Therefore you need protein in order to lose body fat. furthermore protein makes you feel fuller than other nutrients and therefore less likely to snack. If you are trying to get leaner protein should be one of the main staples of your diet.

Lift weights

A weight lifting session is s great way to burn calories. When lifting weights you are also going to be burning calories for hours after as your body repairs the damage done to your muscles. Furthermore as you know, bigger muscles means burning more calories. If you have bigger muscles then your body needs to burn more calories in order to maintain itself. Therefore hitting the weights is key to losing weight and keeping it off.

HIIT Training

High intensity Interval Training is a fairly new method of cardio that involves short exercises and burning a lot of calories. HIIT is great if you want to burn calories whilst not having to sacrifice any of that hard-earned muscle from the gym. HIIT exercises involve a short burst of full power exercise followed by a slower pace of exercise. This is repeated for the duration of the workout.

Plan your meals ahead

We all know what its like after a long day, coming home and looking for something quick to eat. However takeaways and ready meals are no good if you are trying to get lean. What you need is properly prepared home cooked meals. If you to take lean eating seriously then you should plan your meals in advance. furthermore if you do not have a lot of time to eat such as at work then you could always pre cook your meals.

Drink more water

Water is great for your body and helps flush out any toxins. You should always drink a lot of water to stay healthy. However many of us drink fizzy drinks and alcohol instead. If you want to get seriously lean then it is important to watch what you eat as well as drink. instead of having a fizzy drink full of calories you could easily switch that for a virtually calorie free water.

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