Hi Guys! Welcome to the site. Muscle Plus is an exciting fitness website focused around workouts, nutrition, supplements and much more.

Muscle Plus is ran by me, Phil M, a blogger excited by anything fitness related. After joining the gym I found a passion for getting into shape and realised there wasn’t many UK sites focused around what I was looking for. There was lots of fitness sites, but not ones really focused around supplements, reviews and workouts. I decided to launch Muscle Plus as a hobby in 2015 to fill this gap. This website shares some of my favourite supplements and also reviews of my favourite fitness products.

The amount I have learnt online has been insane and I hope to share all that with you! I aim on this website to share my honest opinions of products and also provide great fitness advice. By sharing information we can all aim to reach our fitness goals faster.

The best project you’ll ever work on is you.

As well as me, theres occasionally other writers.  These will be fitness freaks  that are able to bring you their own opinions on all aspects of the fitness spectrum.

We all have a passion for fitness and wish to share that with you. We know what it is like to reach that point where you feel as if you cannot make it anymore or that your work it not making and progress. We share with you how to push forward through that and carry on.

We also know what it is like when looking for supplements. It can often be hard to find the best supplements for you which are good value for money. We will be reviewing a lot of different supplements and sharing our favourites so that you know exactly what you need.

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