Amfit Nutrition Review: Whey Protein & Protein Bars

When it comes to picking a supplement brand, many of us stick with the ones we know. It’s not often I come across a supplement manufacturer I have not seen before and feel genuinely interested to try them. However, when I recently stumbled across Amfit, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

During this post we will provide an Amfit Nutrition Review of their supplement offering including whey protein and protein bars. Amfit is a high energy brand for those committed to their fitness goals. The brand was actually launched late in 2018. But it seems it is really starting to gain some traction now.

Amfit is an Amazon own brand and features a huge range of supplements. As well as protein, there is also multivitamin and pre-workout formulas. These are all common products you would expect to find from the sports supplement manufacturers they are competing against.

The design of the brand is really striking. All the labels feature a black background, with bold colourful text on the labels. This really makes the supplements stand out when scrolling through online. The labels are a different colour for the flavour of the protein, rather than the type of product. For example every flavour of whey protein has its own colour on the label.

One of the biggest benefits with Amfit is that is is owned by Amazon. When Amazon enter a new market, they usually do very well at it. Being owned & stocked by Amazon means Prime delivery. This is great to allow you to get your orders the next day, far quicker than any other supplement manufacturer. In fact the full supply chain will be Amazon, often including their own couriers delivering to your door.

Take a look at these key supplement factors below in our Amfit Nutrition review.

Nutritional Value

The most important aspect to any supplement is its nutritional value. When using protein, many will be tracking the amount of macronutrients they are consuming. It is important that Amfit can support customers goals.

Whey Protein

Amfit claims 24g of protein per serving. This may vary per each flavour, but that is the advertised and expected amount with most flavours. The 24g works out at over a 77% protein content. Competitors such as MyProtein for example have fairly similar results. For example, their Impact Whey contains 21g of protein per serving, but has an 82% protein content. The higher protein per serving with Amfit is due to the serving size being larger.

What I really like about Amfit is that there is whey isolate inside, as well as whey concentrate. With low cost whey proteins there is usually only whey concentrate proteins. This is due to isolate being more expensive and therefore aimed at premium supplements.

Per serving there is a solid amount of BCAAs at 5.5g. BCAAs are the building blocks of muscles and we need to get enough to help support muscle growth. There is also 4g of glutamine in every scoop. Sugars and fats are both pretty low. This is great for those on a cutting diet. Just 1.1g of fat and less than 1.2g of sugar in each serving.

Protein Bars

For protein bars, it can often be a fine balancing act between great taste and a good nutritional value. Each bar from Amfit Nutrition contains over 20g of protein. This is roughly the same amount as a protein shake. To compare with my favourite protein bars from Grenade, there is slightly less protein. Grenade Carb Killa bars contain 23g of protein per par, as oppose to 20g from Amfit.

The amount of calories in each bar is roughly 194. There will be some slight variation with different flavours. When comparing with Grenade again, the calories in Amfit Nutrition are slightly less. Grenade contains an average of 213 calories per bar. These sub 200 calorie bars make a great choice for those on a calorie restricted diet. The low calories and sugars makes it each to keep within reasonable macronutrient limits. There is also 6.8g of fibre in every bar.

Taste and flavours

The choice of different flavours varies hugely between different supplement manufacturers. It is an important factor to consider in my Amfit Nutrition review. There are some with a huge choice of flavours available. This is particularly true in whey protein shakes.

On the other hand, there are some with only a select number of flavours available. I’m a big fan of when there is a lot of choice available. Sticking with the same flavour for too long can become tedious boring. I always recommend using more than one flavour if planning on using supplements more than once a day.

Whey protein

There is a fairly substantial choice of flavours available from Amfit Nutrition. There are the common flavours such as chocolate and strawberry. However there is also many exciting flavours including mango and cinnamon danish. Currently there is a choice of 9 flavours to pick from.

Everyone should be able to find one they like. I am a big fan of chocolate mint flavours. They are often a nice combination that are not too sickly. Furthemore, reviewers on Amazon agree, with many praising the great tasting flavours available.

Protein bars

I usually find protein bar flavours very hard to get right. Too often do bars either not taste right or just lack the choice of flavours. I’m pleased to say with Amfit, they appear to get both right. There are currently six flavours available. These include blueberry yoghurt and chocolate fudge. The taste of these also comes highly recommended.

Many reviewers have pointed out how these rated higher than their expectations. These protein bars appear to deliver a taste way above what would be expected for their price point. There are some who may find these a bit sweet and also hard to digest. If you often find this with protein bars, these may not be for you.

No products found.


If there is one area that Amazon do really well, it’s always price. The Amfit Nutrition range does exactly that. Firstly it’s important to understand exactly where these are targeted at. They are not designed to be a premium brand and are competing against many of their mainstream competitors.

The whey protein is available as a 992g pouch for roughly £16.50 or a large 1.9kg pouch for roughly £28. In comparison, Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein is £21.99 for a 1kg pouch. The price point from Amfit Nutrition is great value for money. The fact it also contains whey isolates makes it even better value. One thing to watch out for though, is many of the other supplement manufacturers have very good promotions regularly. This may often see their products at a lower cost

Protein bars are always fairly expensive unfortunately. For example Grenades Carb Killa Bars are often £2.50 per bar if purchased individually. When purchased as a 12 pack on Amazon, they cost roughly £18. The price for 12 amfit bars is currently roughly £17.

This is slightly more expensive compared with what I would of liked to see. Given that the Grenade bars are a more premium brand, I would have liked to see Amfit Nutrition for a bit less. However the price is still not overly expensive and represents fairly good value for money.

One of the biggest benefits when purchasing from Amazon is the subscribe and save service. If you are purchasing regularly, subscribe and save is a great idea. As well as being super convenient, there is also a cost saving. This is roughly 5% on each purchase. There is also the potential to unlock 15% savings once you reach 5 or more purchases. Taking the savings into account, the Amfit range becomes even better value for money.

Amfit Nutrition review summary

Overall, Amfit Nutrition is an exciting new entry to the supplement market. The key focus for them is on low cost good value supplements. My favourite is definitely the whey protein. It is uncommon to see a whey isolate blend at such a low price point and this makes a compelling option.

I do also like like the protein bars, they have a good choice of flavours available. However, for a similar price I would rather stick with Grenade Carb Killa bars.

The brand being part of Amazon is a big plus. The ease of access through Prime allows for each next day delivery. Furthermore the subscribe and save function allows for these great value supplements to be even better. I hope you enjoyed this Amfit Nutrition Review. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Amazon Brand- Amfit Nutrition - Advanced Whey Protein Powder Caramel Frappe, 32 Servings, 992 g
  • Each serving of Amfit Nutrition Whey Protein contains 24 g of protein, 1.1 g of fat and 1.1 g of sugars
  • Each 31g scoop of Amfit Nutrition Whey contains 4 g Glutamine and 5.5 g of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • No added sugar *contains naturally occurring sugars
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • High in protein which contributes to growth in muscle mass

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  • 7.5/10
    Macros - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Taste - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10

Amfit Nutrition: Whey Protein & Protein Bars

Overall I like Amfit Nutrition a lot. The key stand out points being the great value and good macro-nutrient profile. Amazons subscribe and save feature allows these supplements to be orded both with increased convenience and better value.

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