Battle Bites Review: Best tasting protein bars?

For us, a protein bar is an almost daily snack that we consume for breakfast or late in the afternoon. Unlike a protein shake, bars are easy to take with us on the go and don’t require a shaker or the washing up that comes with it.

With this daily consumption in mind, it’s important to find a protein bar that both tastes great and provides good macros. This isn’t the easiest task and taste is usually the biggest challenge we find with a protein bar that doesn’t contain huge amounts of sugar.

Recently we have been hearing a lot of talk about Battle Bites protein bars and so we decided to check them out for ourselves. The current bars we use frequently are from Grenade and PhD, so we will be seeing how they compare and whether they can replace our current favourites.

If you are not using protein bars, we definitely recommend checking them out. For adequate muscle growth, it’s important to get enough protein in your diet each day. Up to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight is generally recommended. If you are not hitting this amount, you may be missing out on potential increased muscle growth and protein synthesis.

Protein bars generally contain around 20g of protein, providing a significant boost to your daily consumption. Their convenient nature is great for use at work or on the move. Let’s take a deep dive into Battle Bites protein bars.

Key Facts

  • 20g protein per bar
  • Indulgent exclusive flavours
  • Surprisingly low sugar
  • 9 Flavours

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About Battle Bites

Battle Bites is a UK based protein bar brand from VN Labs. The current range consists of just protein bars and flapjacks, with no further supplements such as whey protein. The idea behind Battle Bites is to create a protein bar with the indulgent taste of a traditional chocolate bar, but with all the benefits of a protein bar.

The result is a collection of great-tasting products with good macros; most bars contain 3g of sugar. Where Battle Bites are unique is that each bar contains 2 bites. These are basically a standard sized protein bar split into two pieces.

For those on a calorie-controlled diet, this is great to consume each bite as a delicious snack at different times of the day. As they are split equally, it’s more accurate to work out the nutritional value compared with separating a bar yourself.

The Battle Snacks bakery is based in Hull, with products being sold in over 20 counties. With the brand constantly expanding, we expect to find them on more supplement websites in the future. Currently, the best place to purchase is through Amazon or the Battle Bites website directly.


The nutritional value of protein bars is extremely varied and it’s important to read the labels on any new supplement before consuming. Each packet of Battle Bites contains 2 separate Bites which can be consumed together or separately. For this review, we will be looking at both bites together, which is comparable to other protein bars.

Each bar is 62g, slightly more than Grenade Carb Killa (60g) and slightly less compared with PhD Smart Bars (64g). Each serving contains 227 calories, making Battle Bites a great low-calorie snack that is also filling thanks to the protein content. Per serving there is 20g of protein, which is the amount we look for in every protein bar we recommend. 20g is common with Grenade and PhD bars, but some flavours may contain slightly more or less.

15.5g of carbs are present in each bar which is relatively low in comparison to similar protein bars. This makes Battle Bites a good option for those on a low-calorie diet that still need to consume a high amount of protein. The sugar content is also low at 3g per bar, which is surprising with some of the traditionally sugary flavours available. 8.7g of fat in each bar is also lower than PhD Smart Bars which contain several grams more.

The overall nutritional value of Battle Bites is very impressive. A high 20g serving of protein is matched with low calories and fat content. Macros compare well against Grenade and PhD bars.

Taste & Flavour

One of the reasons we wanted to try Battle Bites was the interesting choice of flavours available. Most protein bars all contain the same flavours with a slight twist. With Battle Bites it’s different and a number of flavours are available that we have not been in a protein bar before. In total 9 flavours are available to choose from.

The usual culprits are there including Birthday Cake and Cookies & Cream. However, a collection of unusual flavours are also available including Red Velvet Cake, Caramel Pretzel, Glazed Sprinkled Donut and Toasted Marshmallow. With such a big selection, we are confident everyone will be able to find a flavour they like.

All of the flavours of Battle Bites we have tried are impressive. Our favourite is the Toasted Marshmallow which is one of the best tasting protein bars we have tried. Inside the bar is soft, with the top covered in mini marshmallows. The Glazed sprinkled donut flavour is also great and very filling.

Battle Bites Marshmallow Protein Bar.


Finding the correct price can be difficult for a protein bar review. While many of them have high RRPs, they are usually available for far less online. Battle Bites are surprising because their bars do not have a hugely over-exaggerated RRP. The current non-offer price is £17.99 for 12 and can be found on the Battle Bites website.

This works out at around £1.50 per individual bar. We usually purchase most of our protein bars from Amazon, where they are available for around £18.99. Amazons product prices regularly change so this may fluctuate, but also come with free delivery for Prime members.

Compared with other protein bars, we find Battle Bites to be of very good value. You no longer have to pay large amounts to get a protein bar that tastes great and has a high nutritional value.

Other Thoughts

The Battle Bites website features a ‘Battle Box’ product that allows you to build a custom box of 24 protein bars. This unique idea allows you to pick all of your favourite flavours, whilst avoiding any you don’t like. For those who get fed up with boxes of 12 of the same flavour, this makes a great choice.

Battle Oats are high protein flapjacks with the same aims of great taste and nutrition. It will be interesting to see if Battle Bites expand in the future to other supplements. We could imagine a whey protein shake with similar flavours would taste great.

Our Verdict

Overall, our Battle Bites review finds them to be one of the most exciting and unusual protein bars we have tried in a long time. The combination of unique flavours and great nutritional value makes them hard to beat for those that value a great tasting protein bar. We also found the price to be reasonable and love the idea of the Battle Box.

Have you tried Battle Bites? Let us know in the comments below.

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