Top 10 Best Fat Burner Supplements 2020

If you are looking to improve your physique for summer or lose weight that you have gained from bulking, fat burner supplements 2019 will enhance your results. The right fat burners can help you see great results and show a more muscular body.

Fat burners have become increasingly popular online within recent years. Some websites try to promote them with absurd claims and fake results. A good fat burner supplement will not promote rapid weight loss or unachievable results.

There is a number of ways in which fat burners work. Firstly they increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the day. They also increase energy levels as you will be more active and burn more calories if you have more energy. Finally they curb your appetite, discouraging you from eating as much and consuming as many calories. struggling to lose weight can often be hard and you can find yourself hitting a wall and your weight loss going nowhere. Using fat burner supplements should allow your weight loss to continue and boost the results.

Using a fat burner is not a miracle pill. You will not see instant results and you will also not see results without hard work and dedication. If you start using a fat burner without changing your lifestyle then you are probably not going to see any results. Changing your diet is essential for weight loss. You cannot carry on eating fast food or high calorie meals and expect to lose weight. Abs are made in the kitchen and your diet will have to change to promote fat loss. A high protein, low carb diet is essential for burning fat and maintaining muscle. A balanced diet is also important to promote health and well-being. Cheat meals are fine every now and then. However a large cheat meal could ruin the rest of the work you have put in during the day so you should not take cheat meals to excess.

Your workout plan should also aim to promote fat burning. Just because you are looking to burn fat does not mean you should skip the weights. A weights session breaks down your muscles and they spend hours after repairing and growing. This increases calorie consumption and is great for burning fat. Some cardio should also be included such as HIIT (High intensity interval training).

When taking a fat burner you should always read the label and not use more than the recommended amount. You should also not use them for an extended period of time without taking a break. If your fat burner is not effective then you may want to try a different product to find what works best for you. It can also be difficult to see progress in short periods of time. Tracking your progress with photos and measurements is good to stay motivated and see the results.

We have compiled out list for the top ten fat burner supplements of 2019 to share the best ones based on quality, price, value, ingredients and results. Take a look at our top fat burning supplements below.


Cutting edge is a fat loss supplement that is part of Bulk Powders premium pro range of products. The pro range of products are always designed to be far superior to any other supplement on the market and we regularly like to mention them. Despite the premium composition, Cutting Edge is still a reasonable price at £29.99 for 180 capsules. yes, there are some supplements available for less but when considering all factors this makes a great choice. unlike with other fat burners, Cutting Edge lists the amount of each ingredient per serving. There are 10 active ingredients that aim to increase metabolism and the feeling of fullness. Glucomannan promotes normal cholesterol levels and improves gut and bowel health. Caffeine increases energy levels and lowers your perceived rate of exertion so you work out harder. Some of the other ingredients include peppermint leaf powder and Choline Bitartrate.

The Protein Works Red Cell

The Protein Works is one of the hottest supplement providers on the market at the moment; producing high quality products at low prices. The unique pill from The Protein Works has an outer core containing CLA and an inner core with an advanced thermo formula. This breakthrough formula now means that premium grade CLA can be combined in a capsule with fat loss promoting vitamins. There is green coffee extract which is common in many fat burner supplements and helps increase metabolic rate. Vitamin B6 is also present which provides a number of benefits including the reduction of tiredness & fatigue which can be a struggle when eating a calorie restricted diet. The Protein Works products are designed & proven through scientific research. The price of this product is more than the Bulk Powders alternative at £39.99 per 180 capsules. As with all supplement websites, it is worth looking out for sales.

MyProtein MyThermo X-Treme

MyProtein regularly features on our site, their supplements are great value and some of the best tasting on the market. MyThermo X-Treme is a highly potent premium weight loss supplement. All the ingredients in this supplement are fully researched to provide you with the best results. Each serving contains a huge 160mg of caffeine to give your workouts a boost. There is also TeaCrine to help improve focus and concentration.the Chromium in this supplement also contributes to natural metabolism and helps keep blood glucose at the right level. MyThermo X-Treme is slightly more expensive than some other fat burners, but this is due to the high potency and quality behind this supplement. If you like myProtein supplements then this one is definitely worth checking out. The RRP of a 90 capsule pot is £21.99

Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor products are used by a number of fitness professionals. All of their products are high quality and hard-hitting. Super HD from Cellucor is not your standard fat burner. This cutting edge formula is the ultimate “feel good” weight loss product. You only have to look at the reviews of Super HD to see why it has madeit into this post. The thermogenic ingredients allow you to hit the gym hard and maximise your calorie burning exercise. Green tea is present along with Amla fruit extract which contains active ingredients to support mental energy. These great results do some with the price tag you would expect from a premium brand, with 120 capsules costing £44.99.

Grenade Black Ops

Grenade makes some of the best and strongest hitting supplements on the market.The Black Ops fat burners are an elite weight management supplement that help increase performance. Grenade make several weight loss supplements, but Black Ops is designed for a shorter duration of action and therefore is ideal for HIIT workouts. The supplement delivers targeted, medium duration bursts of energy to allow you to perform at the highest level. This supplement also avoids the negative after effects which taking other fat burner supplements such as getting the jitters, often caused by caffeine. Some of the key ingredients in this supplement include caffeine, Vitamin B6 and taurine. This supplement comes in capsule form in both 44 and 100 capsule sizes.

Grenade Black Ops Weight Management Capsules, 100 caps
Black Ops is an elite weight management system; Can be used in conjunction with Grenade Thermo Detonator

MaxiNutrition Thermobol

Thermobol from MaxiNutrition is a fat burning supplement that is designed to be taken three times a day. Thermobol has all the standard ingredients you would expect to find in a quality fat burning supplement. There is  B vitamins to contribute to natural energy release and support metabolism. There is also chromium to maintain normal blood sugar levels.  There is also a good amount of caffeine to keep you energised whilst burning fat.At £29.99 for 90 tablets, a month supply works out at roughly £1 a day.

MaxiMuscle Thermobol Fat Metaboliser Capsules, 90 Capsules
Thermabol energy tablets make you feel more alert, focussed and enhance your concentration

phD Lean Degree Max Strength

phD is a leading premium sports nutrition brand and Lean Degree is their strongest fat loss formula. THe formula contains specific thermogenic ingredients designed to help you burn through fat fast. The powder combination of ingredients will ensure you are able to lose fat. There is both green tea extract and caffeine for their thermogenic effects & increasing alertness and physical performance. There is also L-Tyrosine which is a popular amino acid to help with the synthesis of protein. phD Lean Degree is available at Discount Supplements at £29.99 for 100 capsules.

MyProtein Thermopure

If you have brought protein online before then you have probably come across MyProtein. they are one of europe’s largest supplement suppliers and have a massive range of high quality products for different goals. A real struggle when consuming a calorie restricted diet is finding the energy to have a good workout that’s going to contribute towards fat loss. Thermopure aims to combat tiredness with a number of fatigue reducing ingredients. Vitamins B6 and B12 both contribute to the reduction of tiredness, energy yielding metabolism and normal function of the immune system. There is also 120mcg of Chromium which helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. As with other fat burner supplements there is also caffeine to increase alertness and reduce perceived rate of exertion. A pot of 180 capsules is priced at £180. This is less than other fat burner supplements. However it is worth noting that this supplement is designed to help you burn fat by maintaining energy levels and so has less ingredients than other competitor alternatives. If you are already managing to lose weight but finding tiredness is stopping you from working out and burning more fat this makes a great choice.

Grenade Killa Ketones

Grenade has a great range of hard-hitting supplements and Killa Ketones is no exception. This supplement contains raspberry ketones which have been popular with celebrities in recent years for their fat fighting abilities. raspberry ketones are found naturally in red raspberry. They allow for increased  lipolysis which is the breakdown of fat and can also help speed up metabolism. Killa Ketones also contains  L-Carnitine which has been shown to aid fat loss and reduce fatigue.

Animal Cuts

If have put on some excess fat whilst building muscle then Animal Cuts is designed to help you get that shredded look. Animal Cuts is not just a fat burner and is designed to help you achieve the ultimate body shape. As well as helping to burn fat, Animal cuts also helps to clear excess water as this can still keep you looking soft even at a low body fat percentage. This no-nonsense approach has helped earn animal cuts a reputation as one of the best fat burners on the market. you can currently purchase Animal cuts from Discount supplements for £36.00. There are also regular offers to keep a look out for which could see you saving on your purchase.

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That was our list of the top ten fat burners on the market 2017. losing fat is not something that happens instantly and fat burners alone will not be enough to help you lose body fat. Managing to successfully lose body weight will take dedication time. Take a look at some of these tips for helping to lose weight.

  • Drink more water – Water is calorie free and will keep you feeling fuller. Swapping fizzy drinks for water will see you consuming considerably fewer calories. Drinking more water also helps flush out toxins from the body.
  • Burn more calories – Put simply, if you burn more calories than you consume then you will burn fat. Try doing more throughout the day that will help increase your calorie consuming. Walking and getting about more will allow you to keep active and keep your metabolism burn more calories.
  • Consume more protein – Protein is essential for muscle-building and repairing the body. Protein is also more filling than other nutrients and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. A high protein low carb diet will allow you to maintain muscle mass whilst burning body fat for energy.
  • Workout right – If you want to burn fat you need to be focusing your workouts towards that. This does not mean spending all day doing cardio. Lifting weights is actually great when looking to burning fat as it will increase your calorie consumption for hours later as your body repairs the damaged muscles. HIIT cardio is also ideal for fat burning as it will increase your calorie consumption for hours after.
  • Eat more meals – When people think about losing weight they often start trying to eat less meals. However eating less meals will slow your metabolism down and stop the fat burning process. Eating six smaller meals each day will keep your metabolism working fast and stop it from slowing down.

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