The Best Fat Burners for Cutting in 2022

Fat burner supplements are designed to help you lose weight by providing you sufficient energy to burn more fat. They are a dietary supplement to support your fat loss journey. Finding the best fat burners for cutting can be a hard choice. With lots online, we have highlighted our favourites in this post.

Many of us have the goal to get into shape and burn some excess fat. Theres nothing better than a good diet and plenty of exercise to achieve this. But fat burners claim to help you along the way. The key to losing fat is to burn more calories than you consume.

This way, your body is forced to burn the fat it has stored to get enough energy. It’s key to understand that just consuming fat burners, while keeping a bad diet will not help you burn fat. With that being said, if you are looking to change your lifestyle, fat burners can help support you.

With lots of choice online, take a look at the best fat burners for cutting that are our favourite online.

The Protein Works Red Cell

Red cell best fat burner for cutting

Products from The Protein Works seem to be booming in popularity in recent times. Their huge range of products continues to expand, with unique takes on some common supplements. They launched in 2012 and now distribute to over 30 countries throughout Europe.

Red Cell has been designed to change the diet industry. With the use of break-through technology, they have been able to combine 2 popular ingredients. Combining both Thermopro and CLA creates creates a superior fitness supplement. CLA is an Omega-6 fatty acid known for its many benefits including supporting weight loss. There is also some more common ingredients you expect to find in fat burners.

This includes caffeine from Green coffee extract and also Vitamin B6. This supplement is designed for those looking to take their workouts to the next level. There is the option to purchase 3 different size boxes including 90 capsules for £34.99. Red cell is our favourite option when looking at the best fat burners for cutting.

MyProtein The Thermo-X

Thermo X from MyProtein for cutting

MyProtein offers a wide range of supplements, with everything from protein to pre-workout. Their website allows you to buy directly and get all the supplements you need from one place. I also like that you can regularly find discounts for MyProtein, making this supplement even better value for money.

Thermo-X is part of their Pro series which includes a wide range of potent supplements. Described as the ultimate weight-loss formula, Thermo-X contains 160mg of caffeine. Thats enough for plenty of energy and to turbo charge your fat burning efforts. Further ingredients to promote fat burning include cayenne pepper and Korean ginseng.

I love that theres added vitamins in this supplement, including vitamin B6. There is also the very popular BioPerine. The RRP for a 90 capsule tub is £25.99. This can often be found for slightly less.

Bulk Powders Cutting Edge

You may recognise Bulk Powders if you have been on this website before. We love their supplements and they are frequently recommended. Founded back in 2005, Bulk Powders is dedicated to providing great, award winning supplement products. You can see Bulk Powders linked to many famous athletes including world champion boxer Anthony Joshua. As well as supplements, their huge range includes food and clothing.

Cutting edge is part of Bulk Powders pro series of powerful supplements. There are 10 key ingredients for promoting fat loss, all at the perfect levels. Its great that Bulk Powders are completely transparent about their ingredients and exactly how much of each is inside. Theres 3g of Glucomannan per serving to contribute to weight loss.

Theres also a range of other exciting ingredients including Cinnamon extract, Peppermint leaf powder and BioPerine. Cutting edge is currently available in a 180 capsule box with an RRP of £37.99. This supplement is another great option as one of the best fat burners for cutting.

Grenade Thermo Detonator

No products found.

Grenade are the sports nutrition brand best known for their Carb Killa protein bars. But they actually have a huge range of supplements and clothing available. The aim of Grenade is simple, to inspire everyone to get more out of life. Grenade cares about doing things properly and this leads to a no compromise approach to their supplements. It’s these details that make Grenade really stand out, with some of the hardest hitting supplements on the market.

The first thing that strikes you about Thermo Detonator is the bottle, it literally comes in a grenade shape. The supplement has won multiple awards for its key goal of declaring war on fat. Thermo detonator contains caffeine to increase your energy levels and provide sufficient energy to push further during workouts.

Further ingredients include Cayenne and bitter orange powder. A 100 capsule container is £44.99 from the Grenade website. You can purchase from Discount Supplements for £28.99 though.

Reflex Nutrition Thermo Fusion

No products found.

Reflex Nutrition is a popular supplement manufacturer, particularly for their whey protein powders. They have been around for over 20 years, bringing a range of industry firsts to the supplement market. The aim of Reflex is perfection from start to finish. Unlike some other supplement companies, they manufacture nearly everything they use. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Brighton.

Thermo Fusion contains a range of key ingredients when looking for the best fat burners for cutting. This includes 160mg of caffeine. A huge amount to get your fat burning going and provide lots of energy. Theres also green tea extract to give the metabolism a boost. Theres over 10 active ingredients in this fat burner that are ideal for cutting. The price is roughly £20 and available from many retailers online.

Common ingredients in the best fat burners for cutting

Green tea extract

one of the most common ingredients in the majority of fat burners is green tea extract. There is lots of hype online around the health benefits surrounding green tea, particularly for weight loss. There are 2 ways which green tea helps. Firstly, there is natural caffeine inside. We will come onto this next, but it helps keep you energised.

The second is an antioxidant known as Catechin, which is also labelled as EGCG. The Catechin, along with the caffeine increase the bodies metabolism. An increased metabolism will mean the body is burning more calories, hence promoting fat loss if you are burning more calories than consumed.


Perhaps the most important ingredient in any of the best fat burners for cutting. Caffeine is found naturally in the drinks some of us consume everyday. This includes tea and coffee.

Caffeine works to boost the metabolism in the body, leading us to burn more calories. Another benefit of caffeine is that it makes us feel as if we have more energy by reducing our Perceived Rate of exertion. This is great for tough workouts as it supports us when we are pushing harder for longer.

The amount of caffeine will vary widely between different fat burner supplements for cutting. At high doses, caffeine can be dangerous and it’s important we don’t consume too much of it. Caffeine should always be consumed in moderation. If you are using a fat burner with a high caffeine content, you should cut back caffeine from other sources in your diet.

Cayenne Pepper

You may not think of pepper as a supplement ingredient, but it is actually found in some fat burners. Firstly, cayenne pepper helps to raise your metabolism which helps with the amount of calories you burn. Also, because it’s spicy, it causes the bodies temperature to rise. This forces the body to cool you back down, which burns more calories.


This is an important ingredient for the process of breaking down fatty acids into energy. When used, L-Carnitine improves the process by helping the fatty acids reach the correct part of the cell. This allows the cell to generate the enough energy to power through a hard workout.

The Carnitine component is actually made by the body. However, during frequent and heavy workouts it can become depleted. For example several heavy weight training sessions in the gym each week. This may reduce your performance if participating in a lot of high intensity workouts when trying to burn fat. Supplementing can support your body to ensure it has enough energy.


A collection of types of plants which are hot and spicy. They are common in the best fat burners for cutting for this reason. The spice is know to increase thermogenesis in the body. This increases the amount of energy your body is consuming and helps promote greater fat burning.


This is an amino acid that is used by the body for the creation of adrenaline and noradrenaline. It is also used to make thyroid hormones that are essential to the metabolism.

Where it gets interesting is in the creation of adrenaline and noradrenaline. When the body produces these, your heart-rate and body temperature rises. This increase causes your body to burn more calories, which in turn helps to burn more fat. L-Tyrosine can also play a role in reducing appetite. Studies have shown Tyrosine to have a positive effect on fat burning.


CLA, short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a commmon feature on supplement websites. There are many uses that CLA is promoted for, one of them being fat loss. CLA is important for our health and is also an omega-6 fatty acid. We cannot produce CLA naturally so must get it from our diet. This includes foods such as beef.

Some of the many potential benefits of CLA include as an anti-oxident and an anti-catabolite. Using CLA has been shown to improve muscle to body fat ratio. It works by enhancing insulin sensitivity. This allows fatty acids to pass through the cell tissue in the muscles and away from fat tissue.

Furthermore there is the added benefit of increasing the metabolism. CLA is often supplemented separately but can be included as part of a fat burner.

Green coffee extract

Many of us like a cup of coffee in the morning, but did you know that green coffee extract is often found in fat burners? The green coffee extract actually comes from the coffee beans before they have been roasted. Before being roasted they contain more chlorogenic acids. It’s this chlorogenic acid thats claimed to help lower blood pressure and help weight loss.

So far there has not been many studies on green coffee extract. As the studies have not been long-term there is not enough evidence yet to say how effective it is. As with any supplement, you should take the time to look into the details & effectiveness of each of the key ingredients before purchasing.

The benefits of fat burners for cutting

A fat burner is a dietary supplement that aims to increase fat loss. There are different active ingredients inside each fat burning product so take the time to understand each of them. There are many claims made by supplement manufacturers. While they may sound great, they are often a lot harder to achieve in reality.

Boosting the metabolism

As you can probably tell after reading the list of common ingredients, one of the main aims of fat burners is to boost the metabolism. Many of them contain stimulants such as caffeine. These are the ingredients that can help boost the metabolism. Other ingredients such as green coffee extract and cayenne pepper also claim to boost the metabolism.

With an increased metabolism, you burn more calories at any one time. With fat loss, we need to burn more calories compared to the amount we consume. If we are burning more with a higher metabolism, it should be easier to achieve the calorie deficit required.

A source of energy

One of the biggest challenges when trying to burn fat is the loss of energy. When we are usually eating well, we have a good constant source of energy from the food we eat. But when reducing food intake to burn fat, the body does not have the usual amount of energy source that it’s expecting.

This can cause you to feel tired and may reduce the amount of physical activity you do. The caffeine in fat burners should provide you an energy source to keep you feeling awake and alert. Therefore continuing with exercise and other physical activities.

Appetite suppressant

One of the biggest challenges when looking to burn fat, is our appetite. If you are eating less and still hungry, this may lead you to eat more. An appetite suppressant keeps it at bay so you feel less hungry.

Side effects

As with any supplement, there is always the possibility for side effects to occur. The different ingredients in each product could potentially cause different side effects, take a look below.

Lack of sleep

Fat burners are full of energy enhancing ingredients such as caffeine. This has the potential to keep us awake and may make it harder to sleep at night. You can look to reduce this by not taking fat burners later in the evening.

Also make sure that you are not consuming any other drinks that may contain caffeine such as coffee. Too much can be bad for you and may lead to further side effects. We would recommend cutting out the coffee and energy drinks for a while when using these supplements.

Other side effects

There are the potential for further and less common side effects to occur. Before taking any fat burning supplement you should fully understand the ingredients. Take time to understand the potential benefits and side effects for each ingredient.

Further tips to burn fat

On their own, fat burners are no miracle pill that will instantly reduce your body fat. To successfully do this, it will take time for you to focus on your diet and exercise. Remember that it’s a journey and do not expect instant results overnight. Take a look at our top tips below to help.

High protein diet

What’s great about protein is that is keeps us feeling fuller for longer. If you feel full, you are less likely to snack and may also consume less food in total. There are lots of high quality protein sources such as Chicken and other meats. I aim to keep protein as the main focus of my meals and find I eat a lot cleaner when focusing on a high protein diet. There is a huge amount of recipes that can be found online for high protein and low fat diets.

Build more muscle

Strength training in the gym is a great way to increase the amount of calories you burn. A heavy session can burn hundreds of calories at once. Strength training is great because you also continue to burn more calories for up to 48 hours after. When you lift heavy weights, this damages your muscles and they need to repair. This is how they grow. That repair process takes place after you have left the gym, so you continue burning more calories for an extended period.

Furthermore, muscle take more energy to maintain. If you have bigger muscles, you are going to need more calories to maintain your current body weight. This means you need to eat more in one day just for maintenance.

Drink healthier

As well as eating well, it’s also key to look at the drinks we consume. Many of our favourite soft drinks such as Coke are full of calories. There are any easy ways to reduce the amount of calories from drinks. Firstly, switch to the sugar free versions of your favourite drinks. These have the same great taste but often a lot less calories. Some of them even have zero calorie options. Another option is to drink more water instead. Water is a great calorie free alternative and keeps us hydrated.

Get more sleep

This may sound like the opposite when trying to burn fat. But when we sleep it gives our body time to rest and repair. There are several studies which show the positive benefits between enough sleep and weight loss. This could be due to sleep affecting our hunger hormones and decreasing our appetite.

Also, when we get enough sleep we feel a lot better the next day and more energised. This increased energy can be used to focus on working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Increase cardio

Cardio exercises such as running, walking and cycling are a great way to increase calorie consumption. Aim to increase the amount of cardio that you do each day. It could just be simple changes such as getting up and walking more often. A run in the morning or evening is also a great idea. There are many fitness tracking apps available to provide motivation and track your progress. These are a great idea to stay focused and on track.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best fat burners for cutting in 2022. There is a lot of choice online and its key to understand the benefits and the ingredients of each. Please note this post is not meant to replace any medical advice. You should always consult a medical professional before consuming any new supplements.

Let us know in the comments your recommendations on the best fat burners for cutting!

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