Best Green Tea UK: Which is best?

The hot drinks market has seen a surge in popularity in the UK in recent years. But while many attribute this to coffee, green tea is fast becoming a go to choice. In the UK it is black tea that we all know and love. This is the standard that can be found in supermarkets and restaurants everywhere.

The best green tea may have been a secret for years but there is now a huge choice available. Green tea is very flexible when it comes to flavours. Unlike black tea, there are lots of combinations available from leading brands. Some of them include Jasmin and lemon.

Our favourite is mint flavour. This is a great refreshing choice to be consumed after a meal. If you are wondering how green tea is made, it is actually extracted from Camellia sinensis, the same plant species that black tea is made from. How the tea is processed and the exact plant variety decide whether a black or green tea is produced.

To produce green tea, the tea leaves are harvested and then quickly heated e.g. by steaming. They are then dried, which stops too much oxidisation. This could lead to the leaves turning darker. Green tea maintains this light colour and will look green or slightly yellow once brewed.

Despite all green tea being extracted from the same plant series, the exact origin of each can come from different locations. Popular countries to grow green tea include India, China and Sri Lanka. China produces a huge amount and it is believed to be where green tea was originally extracted.

There are actually several different types of green tea available, which produce a different flavour. Pan-fired green teas are produced by heating the green tea in a pan to stop oxidisation. Sometimes the pan firing can take place more than once. The taste of this is the common earthy flavour that you get from a lot of green teas.

The other types of green tea are (Japaneese) steamed green teas. The leaves are treated using steam not long after being picked. This stops the oxidisation process and shows that green colour. The flavour of these styles are often slightly different and sweeter. Matcha is a popular type of steamed green tea.

Compared with coffee, the best green tea has much less caffeine in each serving. It also has less caffeine compared with black tea. You may notice that you do not get that buzz that is sometimes reached after consuming a coffee. There is roughly between 30-50mg of caffeine in each cup of green tea. Many coffees will have upto 200mg of caffeine in each cup. If you are not looking to consume any more caffeine, there are also decaf options available which remove the caffeine content.

Best green tea uk

When it comes to finding the best green tea, there is a huge amount to pick from. A lot of new brands have entered the market in recent years. Often, they feature new blends that differentiate their tea even further. Different considerations may lead to finding the best option for you. Take a look at our favourite green teas for 2021 below.

Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Pure Green Tea 320 Tea Bags (Multipack of 4 x 80 Tea Bags)
At Twinings, we carefully select our leaves from the best tea gardens around the world

When it comes to a tea brand we all instantly recognise, it is Twinings. Dating back to 1706, quality tea has always been the focus of everything that Twinings do. They are renowned for creating some unique and aromatic blends that can be enjoyed by everyone. There is a whole host of green teas available from Twinings. I also love that all their products are widely available.

Pure green tea from Twinings features a natural and refreshing taste of quality. The recommenced maximum brew time for this is approximately two minutes. There are many size boxes available including larger 80 tea bag boxes. Inside the box, the tea bags are contained in a foil bag to help maintain freshness. A great choice of flavours is also available. The choice really is unbeatable with everything from cherry bakewell to apple & pear.

Teapigs Green Tea Mao Feng Green Tea

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Teapigs was launched in 2006 with the mission to get the nation drinking tea again. The founders had previously worked at larger tea companies and knew exactly what is required to make a great cup of tea. Similar to the coffee trend, the aim was to make great quality teas available to all of us. Not just the standard black tea we find on the supermarket shelf. This Mao Feng Green Tea features big leaf flavour.

There is a delicate natural taste of fresh summer air. The colour is also a pale green infusion, compared with the brown colour found in some lower quality green teas. This tea is purchased in bags which makes it convenient. Each box contains 50 tea bags, a good months supply we hope. There is also the useful option to subscribe and save which makes it super easy to stock up.

Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea

Taylors of Harrogate has had a fascination with flavour for over 130 years. The independent coffee and tea company is based in Harrogate, in Yorkshire. The company is focused around strong family values including quality. Taylors dates back to 1886 and has grown vastly since then. To maintain their focus on quality, Taylors regularly test up to 1000 samples a day to ensure they are up to their regular taste satisfaction.

There are a lot of different blends available of green Tea from Taylors. This includes different flavour infusions such as Mint. Some of the finest green tea leaves are used to provide the best flavour possible. There are also several variety boxes available which include a selection of different flavours.

Clippers Organic Green Tea

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Founded in 1984, Clippers has rose in popularity from its Dorset kitchen to a well known tea brand. The focus has always been to share the love of great tea with everyone. Clippers have a great ethical story. All their tea products feature both ethical sourcing and natural production. These days there are over 150 products available across 50 countries. Organic pure green tea features a light and delicate taste and is some of the best green tea.

The colour is golden green and the taste is as good as it looks. Clippers use unbleached tea bags and also Fairtrade tea. This refreshing green tea is one of my favourites and the story behind it is great. There are several size boxes available and they can also be purchased as a pack of 6 from Amazon. The subscribe and save option also bring the price down for regular tea drinkers.

Pukka Supreme matcha Green Tea

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Pukka is a tea brand you may not have heard of but is becoming increasingly popular. The purpose of Pukka is to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. The collection of herbal creations are designed to connect as any people as possible through the power of nature. Pukka creates relationships with farmers that are mutually benevolent to work for everyone.

This blend of supreme matcha green tea is a great choice for those looking for a refreshing drink. The tea is ethically sourced with 100% organic ingredients. The infusion time with this green tea is slightly longer at 3-5 minutes. Each pack contains 20 sachets of green tea. They can also be purchased as several packs at once.

Top benefits of green tea

One of the main reasons for drinking the best green tea, as well as the great taste, is the health benefits. The internet is full of reports online featuring the benefits of green tea. Furthermore, green tea is increasingly found in many popular sports supplements.

Fat burning increases

Green tea has been shown to increase the metabolic rate in the body. For this reason it is found in pretty much all fat burner supplements. An increase in metabolism can can burn more fat. The reason for this is due to the body burning calories at a higher rate. When looking to burn fat, the aim is to burn more calories compared with those consumed each day.

If you have a higher metabolism, but consuming the same calories, you can create a higher calorie deficit. This can lead to an increase in fat loss. However, the amount of green tea found in fat burner supplements is often a lot more concentrated compared with a cup of your favourite beverage.

Energy boost from caffeine

As we discussed earlier, the best green tea contains caffeine. The amount it contains less compared with coffee. Therefore you will not get the same boost as you would with coffee. But it does still contain enough caffeine to give you an energy boost. Depending on how much caffeine you usually consume, your caffeine tolerance may be at a different level. If you have a lower tolerance, you will feel the effect from green tea more.

Caffeine is great as it lowers our perceived rate of exertion. This allows us to complete the same activities, feeling as though it has not taken as much effort. Furthermore, caffeine increases our alertness and levels of concentration. Consuming your favourite green tea before a workout or piece of work where you need to focus is a great idea.

May reduce the risk of cancers

It is well known that green tea contains many antioxidants. These antioxidants have been promoted for their health benefits, including the possibility of helping to fight cancer. It is the Polyphenols found inside green tea that are thought to suppress certain cancer cells in the body. There have been several studies that support this theory.

However there is research that all plant-based diets can lead to this same reduction. Therefore vegetables or potentially even coffee could lead to some of the same benefits.

May reduce heart disease risk

Another claimed benefit when it comes to green tea is the reduction of heart disease. There have been studies which show those that those who drink green tea are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases later on. The beverages consumed were unsweetened, so don’t go loading up on sugar filled drinks containing a bit of green tea.

There is though the idea that the reason could be due to drinking green tea in place of other sugary fizzy drinks. Therefore that the benefit is due to consuming less amounts of sugary drinks, rather than more green tea.

How to pick the best green tea

When it comes to finding the best green tea for you, there is a huge variety to pick from. Your exact favourite will depend on your preferred flavour and other factors. Take a look at our top tips below for finding the best green teas for you.

The brands

There are lots of brands available when it comes to green tea. Which one you choose will depend on several factors. Firstly, you may wish to stick with one you have used before. This could include Twinnings, Tetley or another popular brand that is widely available. Sticking with the brands you know is a safe option.

The brand of a green tea is often a sign of both its quality and price. There are several premium brands available including Taylors of Harrogate. The price consideration is also another factor when it comes to the brand. Remember, if you are consuming green tea every day, the price can soon start to add up. Granted, it will be less compared with restaurant prices. The cost of some premium brands can soon add up after several months of consumption


One of the biggest benefits of green tea, compared with black tea is the huge choice of flavours available. Green tea is very flexible and versatile. It can be paired with loads of different flavours. Some of these include Berry and Mango. When looking for a suitable green tea, take a look at which flavours it is offered in. Many popular products will feature a collection of different flavours to pick from.

I do find that sometimes the same flavour can get too much. This is especially common with some of the stronger flavours. For example some of the berry flavours are very strong. A top tip is to purchase several different flavours. This way you can consume a different flavour at different times of the day. I find this is a great option to stop getting tired of the same flavour and also create some variety.

Type of green tea

There are different types of green tea to pick from. Each type will have its own unique flavour and other characteristics. The type can also be a further indicator of price and quality. Pan fired green teas such as dragonwell are common and a good choice for those looking for that authentic and earthy flavour.

Steamed green teas offer more choice. These include Matcha and Sencha. Steamed green teas are also known as Japanese style green teas. Each product will usually detail the type that is contained, providing you with details of the flavour.

Further information

There is so much to say about the best green tea. We thought sharing these important points of further information may be useful for you.

How to prepare

Ensuring you prepare green tea correctly is key to getting the best taste. The first step is to boil your water in a kettle. After this it is time to place your loose green tea (usually one soon) or your tea bag into a mug. The correct temperature of when to put the green tea may be different, so take a look at the packet.

After this its important to steep and let the green tea cool. Some manufacturers recommendations are slightly different. Always take a look for the extact instructions for your green tea.

Do I need to add sugar and milk?

Unlike black tea, green tea is not consumed with sugar or milk. The addition of any of these would spoil the naturally earthy taste that can be found. This is also one of the benefits. adding sugar and milk both increase the calories and fat content of the beverage. For example some other hot drinks such as coffees from stores can contain a lot of calories. This is due to the added sugars and milk rather than the natural coffee.

How long will green tea keep fresh?

Often the best green tea is sold in a sealed packet inside a box. This is designed to maintain freshness for longer. But you only mainly feel the benefits of this before the packet has been opened. Once opened the air is able to get to eat and the freshness starts to fade. Despite still tasting okay, we find it states fresh for a 2-3 months for maximum fresh taste. Any longer than this and the quality and taste can begin to degrade. Therefore it may not be the best idea to buy in bulk.


Overall, there are now a huge amount of green tea products to pick from. Maybe too much for those looking for the best green tea for 2021. Some of my favourites include those from Teapig & Twinings. The benefits from consuming green tea are vast. This includes the potential fat burning properties. The caffeine contained inside green tea is ideal to provide an energy boost before an intense activity. Some of the key factors when finding the best green tea include the brand and also your favourite flavour.

Let us know in the comments which green tea is your favourite.

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