Best Spin Bikes at Home UK for 2022

In recent years, many of us have been turning to home fitness equipment to keep in shape. There are some great examples including ab wheels and running machines that allow you to work out while you work from home. One of my favourite pieces of equipment for a home workout is the spin machine.

But they are not all equal. Keep reading for our choice of the best spin bikes for home workouts. When I am cutting I like to start the day with a quick spin bike session in the morning. This is a great way to get some fasted cardio in and kick-start the body as soon as you wake up.

The convenience of a home spin bike though is that it can be used whenever you choose. That could be with a laptop stand when working from home or in the evening to hit your daily exercise goals.

Getting a home spin bike does not have to be expensive, there are many available online for under £100 that are great for beginners or if you only plan on using it for light exercise. Take a look below at some of our favourite spin bikes for any budget.

Best Spin Bikes Under £100

Getting into home fitness and spin bikes does not have to be super expensive. Take a look at our favourite choices of spin bikes in the sub £100 range.

Ultrasport F-Bike Machine

Whilst not 100 percent a spin bike, the Ultrasport F-Bike is a great choice for beginners to start home cycling. The standard model sells for around £95 on Amazon, although the price can vary and if you are lucky it could be on offer. The bike machine features 8 resistance levels which you can slowly increase as you get more experience. I did find the resistance to be a bit on the lighter side but fine for a beginner level.

I like that this bike machine is collapsable which makes it easy to tuck away in small spaces and where space is at a premium. Despite the screen looking very basic is does provide some useful information. This includes time, distance, heart rate and calories. The maximum supported weight for this machine is £100kg but there is an upgraded version available for 110kg.

Olympic 2000 Fit4home Spin Bike

FIT4HOME Exercise Bike Spin Bike Spinning Bikes For Home Use Exercise Equipment Fitness Gym Cardio Cycling Workout Training | 18KG Flywheel LCD Monitor Pulse Sensors Phone Holder | TFS760 Black
10 Kg Fly Wheel, Chain Transmission. Maximum User Weight: 100 Kg; Adjustable Seat and Adjustable Handle Bars with Pulse Sensors

If you still want the actual spin bike but for under £100, the Olympic 2000 is a great beginners machine. While basic compared with some of the more premium models, it still has everything someone just starting out spinning needs. The Flywheel is 10kg and it can support a maximum user weight of £110kg.

Both the handlebars and seat are adjustable and the handlebars also have pulse sensors for measuring heart rate during a workout. The frame is solid and although it does not have wheels to move, its still great value at this price.

Ativafit foldable Exercise Bike

Although this is not actually a spin bike, it also makes a great choice if you are looking to spend under £100. The Ativafit foldable exercise bike has an X-type design frame which makes it both stable in use and also easy to store. There is also a padded comfort seat which features adjustment.

The digital display shows all the basic information you would expect including time and distance. I like theres a phone holder for convenience, something that the Ultrasport lacks. At the time of writing the price is roughly £90 which seems great value for money.

Best Spin Bikes Under £300

If you are looking for a mid-range spin bike with a good set of features and still good value for money, take a look at our choices below.

JLL IC300 Indoor Spin Bike

No products found.

JLL produce a full range of exercise bikes, many with great reviews online. The IC300 is the stand out model for us in offering a great balance between features and affordability. The 18kg flywheel produces a smooth riding experience to closely imitate road cycling. The 3 piece crank system allows for comfortable pedalling both forward and backwards.

The maximum weight for this machine is 130kg and the trip computer has a solid range of features including heart rate, calories & speed. There are lots of reviews of this spin bike online. Whilst some find it slightly loud, the IC300 seems well built and a solid machine for the price.

Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike

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While more expensive than the last machine, the Bodymax B2 offers a great set of features for the price and looks stylish in the process. The new design on the B2 features an easy to read LCD screen for displaying key information such as calories and RPM. It can also display telemetric pulse with the optional chest strap.

The 13kg flywheel provides a comfortable and consistent motion. I like the water bottle holder feature on this machine which some low cost models miss out on. The transport wheels on the bottom also make it easy to move around if you plan on taking it outdoors in the summer.

Best Spin Bikes Above £300

Once you get above £300 there is still a great range of premium home spin bikes to choose from. As well as the more expensive models you usually find in a professional gym. Many spin bikes in this price range come with a choice of extra features including better displays and increased resistance.

JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise Bike

The Cyclo 6 exercise bike from JTX has a great range of features and premium design. The gym quality exercise bike features a 22kg flywheel for a smooth workout with a solid resistance. There is also an intuitive adjustment system to get into your perfect position before starting a workout.

The computer screen is also larger compared to other models and offers a variety on information on screen at the same time. There is also a 2 year warranty included for piece of mind.

JTX Cyclo Studio

No products found.

If you are really looking for a commercial grade professional gym quality spin bike, the JTX cyclo studio is a great option. The heavy duty build quality offers an intensive workout similar to going to a spin class at the gym. The flywheel is a huge 25kg for maximum performance.

The advanced trip computer can provide a significant amount of information at once including a wireless heart rate measurement. Maximum user weight for this spin bike is 135kg and the machine itself weights 71kg.

Features of the best spin bikes

There are lots of features to choose from when purchasing a spin bike. We have documented the key features to look out for when making a decision. Low cost spin bikes tend to not have as much features to choose from, but some still offer great value for money.


The screen is your source of information when it comes to tracking your workout on a spin bike. Better screens are able to display more information at once and also have more functions available. For example some will allow you to set goals to achieve and provide detailed information on stats such as heart rate. Even basic spin bikes tend to come with a screen now that can provide a wide range of information


Its important to ensure you have the correct space to both store and use your spin bike. If you have lots of space available then this may be less of a concern. However, if you are looking to store your spin bike somewhere such as a bedroom, it a good idea to opt for a foldable bike that you can easily tuck away when not using. There are many spin bikes that are very compact when not in use which is great for smaller environments.


By their nature, spin bikes have many moving parts inside. This means they could be prone to break, particularly under heavy use. Its important to ensure your spin bike comes with a good warranty. Nearly all come with 1 year but some premium models will extend further. Some manufacturers also sell spare parts. this is great if a part wears out after several years as you have the ability to repair it yourself.

Handlebars and Seat comfort

Remember you are going to be spending a lot of time on your spin bike. Even just 30 minutes a day adds up to over 3 hours per week. Make sure that the seat and handlebars are going to be comfortable when in use for long periods. Furthermore check the adjustability of both these components to ensure you can get them into a comfortable position to begin with.

Weight and size Limits

Each spin machine will be designed for a range of weights and heights. Check them out before purchasing to ensure you fit inside the correct range for your machine. This will ensure you get the longest life out of your spin bike

Top Tips when working out on the best spin bikes at home

The key benefit of getting a spin bike is being able to workout at home. Instead of travelling to the gym, you can have a short walk to the next room. This is both super convenient and also practical. There is no more waiting around for the gym equipment in busy periods. However, to make the most of working out at home we need to stay motivated and stick to best practices. Take a look at our top tips below.

Set a schedule

For some, working out at home is very easy. However, for others it can be difficult to find the time and also stay motivated. When you come home from a long day at work, it may not sound like a good idea to get on your spin bike. If you are always feeling like this, it is going to get little use. To ensure you make the most out of your spin bike and use it regularly, set a schedule.

Following a schedule does not have to be a boring task. For example you may decide the best time to use your spin bike is as soon as you wake up. It could also be at the same time each evening. I also like to set reminders to keep me focus. A proper plan for when you are going to workout helps you stick to your fitness goals.

Set-up your own fitness space

One of the worst problems about working out at home is having the fitness equipment next to all your comfort items. When it’s easy to choose between a workout and the TV, many of us will not pick the workout. We can end up surrounded by distractions. Furthermore we may not have the fitness equipment out all the time and instead have it hidden in a cupboard. This makes it less motivating to get on the spin bike if we have to set it back up every time.

A great idea is to create your own fitness space. A spare room is ideal, but you could also use the corner of another room. This way you have somewhere to go where you always workout. Also your equipement is always ready to go. You can effectively turn it into your own mini gym. Putting all your fitness equipment together makes it easier to use more in the same workout.

Focus on your form

When you can feel yourself being watched in the gym, you often feel as if you have to maintain good form. The last one anyone wants to be is the person not working out correctly. However, when we are at home, there is no one watching us and it can be easy to cut corners. It could be not squatting as low or cutting a spin bike session early.

But it all adds up and overtime this is going to lead to not getting such a good workout. When at home it’s important to keep yourself focused on maintaining your form. A tip I have found is to follow along with workout videos. This way you can copy them as they go and if you cut corners you will not be in time with the video.

Home workouts are another great chance to try out new moves. There are plenty of guides that can be followed online to learn new workouts. Take advantage of websites like YouTube to learn something new. You can keep your workouts constantly being improved and making progress.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of our favourite spin bikes for 2022. Leave a comment below to let us know which is your favourite.

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