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The increase in multivitamin use has been vast in recent years. We all get how important it is to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. But for many of us with a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to hit our daily nutrient goal. Convenience foods often lack the key vitamins we need and provide little nutritious value. Fortunately, a multivitamin can be used to provide a daily boost of a full range of vitamins and minerals. While they are not a replacement for a healthy balanced diet, they can provide a supplemental boost to increase vitamin intake. During this post, we look at the best multivitamin for women in the UK.

Multivitamin supplements work by providing a convenient source of vitamins and minerals. These can be consumed quickly at any time of the day. Many of them are recommended to be consumed with food for maximum results. Some of the key ingredients in the best multivitamins for women include vitamin B, iron and zinc. Many are now available with a regular subscription service to allow for ultimate convenience. Websites such as Amazon offer a subscribe and save service which provides a discount with a regular subscription.

A multivitamin supplement is actually the most commonly used supplement in the world, and women are more likely to use a multivitamin as they age. The needs of a multivitamin supplement are different for women compared with man. For this reason, multivitamin supplements are targetted specifically for women. Some go even further and will target specific age groups or even your goals. To get the best results, we recommend finding a multivitamin supplement which fits your goals best. Many vitamins and minerals can be consumed by filling up on veggies and other healthy foods as part of a balanced diet. You should take the time first to understand which vitamins you get enough already from your diet and where there may be a gap. Many mobile apps such as MyFitnessPal will provide details of the different nutrients you are consuming.

Best multivitamin for women

Below you can find our favourite recommendations for the best multivitamin for women. All of the supplements below are in no particular order and provide a selection of our favourite choices. We always recommend consulting a medical professional before consuming a new supplement. 

MyVitamins A-Z Multivitamin

The MyVitamins brand is the vitamin and minerals part of MyProtein. Whilst MyProtein focuses on protein and similar supplements, MyVitamins caters for the ever-increasing range of vitamin supplements. We are big fans of the MyVitamins supplements and their male multivitamin is also one of our favourite choices. All of the supplements can be purchased directly from the MyVitamins website, this makes it extremely easy to pick up all your supplement requirements at the same time. There are also regular promotions on the site which can provide even better value for money.

A-Z Multivitamin tablets are a multivitamin supplement for active women and designed to support maintaining a healthy body and mind. The unique blend includes a unique blend of vitamins and minerals. There are B vitamins to keep us energised and also vitamin D to support a healthy immune system. Vitamin K and calcium also help protect the bones. For those of us living a busy lifestyle, these make a great choice to boost daily vitamin intake and keep feeling at our best. The A-Z multivitamin is available in a 90 tablet tub.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

Optimum nutrition product some of the best multivitamin supplements

When it comes to premium quality supplements, we struggle to find anything better than some of the high-quality products from Optimum Nutrition. Since launching over 30 years ago, the brand has gone on to set the bar when it comes to the gold standard in sports nutrition. Optimum Nutrition is based out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Middlesbrough and is one of the only sports supplements nutrition companies to manufacture something in every category.

Opti-women combines 23 vitamins and essential minerals with 17 ingredients to create a powerful multivitamin for active women. This supplement is tailored for women, as Optimum Nutrition have a different multivitamin supplement for men. Each serving contains 600 micrograms of folic acid, as well as 18 milligrams of iron. Vegetarian Society approved Vcaps are also used.  Optimum Nutrition supplements are widely available directly from the manufacturer’s website and also many online supplement stores.

Wellwoman Original Woman

Wellwomen great vitamin supplements

The Vitabiotics brand is a UK based company which specialises in a huge range of vitamin and mineral supplements. In fact, when we first think of multivitamins, they are often the first brand which comes to mind. The huge collection is extensive, with multivitamin products targeted at specific genders and also requirements. Our favourites are the Wellwoman Original which provides a solid set of vitamins for most users. This multivitamin supplement includes evening primrose oil and starflower oil which is specifically formulated for women. Vitamins B6 & B12 are included to contribute to normal energy release. Selenium and Zinc also contribute to the function of the immune system. Wellwoman Original is available in boxes of both 30 and 90 capsules. This supplement is available widely, including from the Vitabiotics website and also in some high-street stores.

Centrum Women

Centrum is known worldwide for their full range of high-quality multivitamin products. The full collection includes lots of exciting and unique vitamin supplements to cover every requirement. This Centrum multivitamin is specifically created for women to meet their needs. The tailored formula contains 24 nutrients to support your diet with high-quality micronutrients. This supplement comes from over 35 years of nutritional science expertise and is free from gluten and nuts. Some of the nutrients include vitamin B6 & 12, vitamin D, folic acid and calcium. The tablets are also a pink colour, some may find them to be slightly large compared with other multivitamin supplements. This Centrum multivitamin is available widely online from a number of health and vitamin stores. Packs of both 30 and 60 tablets are available.

Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals

Vutravita best multivitamin supplements for women

You may not have heard of Nutravita before but you only need to look at their thousands of positive reviews on Amazon to understand why they are becoming increasingly popular. The brands full range of supplements are sourced and blended from the highest quality ingredients and are manufactured in the UK to ensure high-quality. Nutravita was established in 2014 and has been continually updating its product ranges. This multivitamin contains 26 vitamins and minerals that have been carefully selected to support you every day. This includes vitamin A, vitamin D, folic acid and vitamin B6 plus many more. Benefits include the reduction of fatigue and maintenance of normal immunity. We love that each tub contains a full years supply with 365 tablets, which are also small and easy to consume. These are great value at roughly £20 on Amazon for a full years supply.  

How to find the best Multivitamin for women

With so many options now available, it can be difficult to find the best multivitamin for women. Above you can five of our favourites, but what should you be looking out for? Below are some of the key features we look for when selecting our favourite

The manufacturer

A common oversight when picking a supplement is the brand by which it is made by. But the brand actually tells us a lot more about the supplement than you may initially think. Firstly the brand is a sign of quality. By looking at the brand, it gives us a great indication of how high the quality of the supplement is going to be. For example, some brands including Vitabiotics are known for their high-quality supplements and we can be confident we are buying a high-quality product. There are many multivitamin supplements online from brands you may not have heard of, and while they may look great, it is difficult to assess the quality. Looking at the reviews for the manufacturer and also the multivitamin supplement should provide plenty of information on what to expect.


The price of multivitamin supplements can vary widely between products. We have seen some multivitamin supplements cost as low as 10p per serving, whilst others can be more than double that. It’s important to remember that a multivitamin is usually consumed daily, and therefore the price can quickly add up over the period of several months. This should be kept in mind when making a decision if you plan on using a multivitamin every day for the foreseeable future. There is no set amount for how many tablets are included with each product. Some multivitamins come in tubs containing several months worth of supplements, and others contain just enough for a single month. Bigger tubs are usually more economical in the long-run.

Several supplement manufacturers and also Amazon now have a subscribe and save service. This allows for convenient delivery every month of supplements. There is also a saving of 5% upwards for signing up for a regular supply.


Another commonly overlooked feature when purchasing supplements is their availability. Many manufacturers sell directly from their website. This is great as often they pass the price savings on to the consumer. However, it also means that when they are out of stock, we are left with no option but to wait to try another supplement instead. Luckily, many supplements are available from a number of retailers online. Key brands such as Vitabiotics and Centrum can easily be purchased from a wide variety of retailers. Before you decide on a multivitamin, check that it is available from more than one retailer.

Key ingredients & vitamins

The amount and quality of ingredients vary widely between different brands. Some multivitamin supplements contain over 30 vitamins and minerals. The label for each will detail the exact amounts and also the nutrient reference value of each vitamin and mineral.

Vitamin B

There are several types of B vitamin, which each play a different role in the body. Vitamin B6 is common in multivitamin supplements and also found in foods including pork and fish. This vitamin helps the body to use and also store energy from protein and carbohydrates consumed from our diet. It can also help the body form haemoglobin, which helps carry oxygen around the body.

Vitamin B12 is also commonly found in nearly all multivitamin supplements. The role of B12 is creating and sustaining energy in the body. B12 helps to release energy from the food we eat and can also support keeping the nervous system healthy. We can find this nutrient naturally in goods including meat and fish. 

Vitamin D

This vitamin helps the body absorb calcium and is key for bone health. Those who do not get enough vitamin D can increase the likelihood of getting sick with conditions including rickets. The body gets vitamin D mostly from the sun. In the UK we can often get all of the vitamin D we need from sunlight between April and September. However, during the winter months, we may not get enough from sunlight alone. Vitamin D is found in some foods but not many. These include red meat and egg yolks. The recommended amount an adult requires each day is 10 micrograms. 


Zinc is involved in multiple aspects of metabolism and naturally present in some foods. The benefits of zinc include its ability to improve immune function and it is often found in over the counter cold relief medications. Only very small amounts are needed for human health and it is, therefore, a trace mineral. Common foods which contain zinc include red meat and fish. It is recommended women need 7mg of zinc a day and should be able to support all their zinc needs through a balanced and healthy diet.

Conclusion of the best multivitamin supplements for women

Overall, there is a huge choice available when it comes to picking the best multivitamin for women. All of them contain lots of exciting nutrients to boost health. Our favourites include those from brands such as MyVitamins and Vitabiotics. We always recommend carrying out your own research and speaking with a health professional before making a decision on supplements.

Many multivitamin supplements will include common vitamins including vitamin B6 and B12 for the reduction of fatigue. There are many good value choices available including Nutravita multivitamins which include a full years supply. Many subscribe and save services are available which provide both convenience and lower costs for regular purchases.

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