Best MyProtein Flavour: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are just starting to workout or even an experienced gym go-er, protein supplements often come highly recommended. And there’s good reason, with a huge number of benefits that can be achieved through regular consumption of protein shakes. We are regular protein shake users ourselves and usually take a shake with us to every gym session. There is so much choice available for the best MyProtein flavour.

The number one reason to consume a protein shake is to increase protein intake. Protein is found naturally in the diet in a range of foods including meat, cheese, nuts and more. But achieving a significant amount of protein through foods can sometimes be difficult when trying to fit in with other macronutrient goals.

Protein shakes allow a quick and convenient way to boost protein intake without consuming an additional large meal. Protein shakes provide the building blocks of muscle. Both protein and BCAAs are the key nutrients required for protein synthesis to take place and muscle growth to occur.

Many studies have some the best time to consume whey protein for muscle growth is just before or after an intense training session. This is due to whey proteins ability to be absorbed very quickly by the body compared with other proteins. After an intense workout, muscles are in need of protein for growth & repair, making this the optimal time to consume a protein shake.

About MyProtein

If you have searched online or even spoke to someone about protein supplements, I’m confident you will have heard of MyProtein before. Since launch in 2004, MyProtein has gone on to be the worlds number one online sports nutrition brand. The website features a full range of high-quality supplements which go way further than just protein.

The enormous collection now includes everything from pre-workout supplements, protein snacks and even clothing. The brand operates from offices near Manchester in the UK and ships to over 70 countries worldwide, with the number of customers expanding all the time.

The aim of MyProtein is making the best sports nutrition available to everyone. In fact, the pricing for many supplements is often some of the best value available online. We are big fans of many Myprotein supplements for not just great flavour, but also really good value.

Everything can be purchased from the website at once, making it extremely convenient to pick up all your supplement needs with one order. The community around MyProtein is also big too. With a massive following across social media and many reviews available online. This allows for lots of feedback of different flavours to find out which is best.

Best MyProtein Flavour: Top 10

When it comes to reviewing protein shakes, one of the most important factors missed out is often the taste and mixability of each flavour. If you are going to be using a supplement regularly, it should taste great so you can enjoy it every time. The best MyProtein flavour is the ideal choice.

Luckily MyProtein has the largest collection of flavours available from any supplement brand we can find online. There are over a whopping 50 flavours available, so everyone should be able to find something they like. This can make the decision seem impossible on which flavour to go for. Luckily we have put together our guide to picking a flavour to help you make the decision. 

To select our favourites we used several metrics including taste, mixability, reviews and nutritional value. All of our samples are based on the Impact whey protein. As with all foods, everyone has their own favourite flavours, you can find details on ours below.

1. Chocolate Mint

Best MyProtein flavour - MInt chocolate

Our number one choice for the best MyProtein flavour is Chocolate Mint. Despite many of the others tasting great, we always come back to Chocolate Mint in the end. The taste reminds us of the Aero Bubble chocolates which can be found in supermarkets. A combination of both chocolate & mint works extremely well. The mint taste is noticeable, but not too overpowering, the balance is just right for a great taste.

The chocolate is also very pleasant, avoiding any sickly tastes which can often be found in chocolate protein supplements. This flavour is light & refreshing. It is easy to consume every day without ever getting tired of it. This shake also mixes great, leaving no bits left unmixed to achieve a smooth consistency.

2. Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie flavour of whey protein is an absolute delight to consume and delivers a noticeable yet not overpowering difference compared with the standard chocolate flavour. A very strong second place as the best MyProtein flavour. The taste takes us straight back to the real thing when you bite into a freshly cooked warm brownie.

The chocolate flavour is rich and strong and we can see this being a great option for everyone who is a fan of chocolate protein shakes. Chocolate brownie provides a subtle difference to try something new whilst not going too far from home. For best results with this flavour, we actually mixed with slightly less water compared to normal. This produces a slightly thicker shake where the texture better matches the taste.

3. Unflavoured

You may be wondering why unflavoured would be making it near the top of our list for the best MyProtein flavour. This is due to the complete flexibility to make it with whichever flavour you like. Not many supplement brands offer an unflavoured version and its great to see MyProtein with this option available. With unflavoured, you can mix with many different ingredients to create an instant high protein food.

We have mixed with different fruits and milk to make a great tasting high protein shake. There is also the possibility to add to different food recipes to increase the protein content. The unflavoured version also has the highest protein content at 21g per serving. For those who don’t care about the flavour and want maximum protein, this flavour could also be consumed on its own, although we would not recommend it.

4. Salted Caramel

If you are a fan of desserts such as ice creams in salted caramel flavour, this one could be for you. Overall the salted caramel flavour ranked high in everyone’s opinion for great taste. It is slightly sweet compared with some other flavours so for those who are not a fan of sweet desserts, this one may not be for you.

If you do find it too sweet, more water or milk can always be added to overcome this. The taste is strong but not too overpowering, a very enjoyable flavour that can be looked forward to enjoying each day. If you are consuming a protein shake after a meal, this would be our ideal choice.

5. Vanilla

The vanilla flavour instantly sounds a bit boring compared with many of the other fancy flavours in our list, but that’s actually part of the reason it made the list. The taste is solid and exactly how you would expect vanilla to taste, without any overly artificial taste that would not go down well. But if you were consuming just vanilla every day, it is easy to see how one could become tired with it.

In fact, vanilla ranks highly because of its versatility to mix with additional ingredients to create an incredible tasting an exciting shake. Vanilla can mix with a lot of different fruits including bananas and berries very easily.

6. Mocha

For those who like the taste of coffee but worry some of the other coffee-based flavours available may be too overpowering, mocha makes a solid choice. This combination of chocolate & coffee is bold and full of flavour and works very well in our opinion. The taste of coffee after an intense workout is incredibly refreshing and we find ourselves often heading towards this flavour.

This flavour can be quite difficult to mix compared with some other flavours and so a good quality shaker or even electric blender is required. A good shake seems to also produce a good froth which produces an even better coffee experience. If you are looking for the quickest option possible without the time to give a good mix, there are other flavours which are quicker to get a good taste.

7. Strawberry Cream

When it comes to protein shakes, strawberry is often a flavour that is difficult to get right and tastes different from every brand. For this reason, we often avoid strawberry flavours but this strawberry cream supplement tastes great and deserves a mention when finding the best MyProtein flavour. The taste reminds us of a strawberry ice cream, with a light and refreshing taste.

The flavour is not too overpowering and you won’t find any of that artificial flavour which can be found with other brands. This shake is very light when mixed with water, adding milk makes it thicker and in our opinion adds to the taste even further.

8. Chocolate Smooth

You may have noticed by now but we are big fans of the chocolate-based flavours from MyProtein. It must be that base chocolate flavour which goes so well as a combination with additional flavours to create a great tasting shake. Chocolate Smooth is perhaps the most simple and one of the best MyProtein flavours available.

The taste is of rich chocolate which is extremely smooth and a joy to consume. There is no overpowering taste or texture and no artificial taste. For those looking for a simple great tasting flavour which can be consumed day after day, this is our recommendation.

9.  Rocky Road

In short, this is a delicious flavour when consuming small amounts. The taste of Rocky Road from MyProtein is surprisingly good considering how hard it is to try and reproduce the full dessert flavour in just a shake. The taste is sweeter compared with the other chocolate flavours available.

A slight taste of marshmallow is where you realise it tastes like a Rocky Road. As an occasional protein shake, we really enjoy this flavour. But due to being very sweet we probably would not want to consume it every day. If you are looking for a second flavour, this does make a great option. But not as a several kg pouch.

10. Natural Banana

The final flavour to make it onto our list is natural banana. Although we prefer the chocolate shakes, banana made it as we couldn’t fault the taste and felt it had a lot to offer. The taste itself is not too strong or over the top, its natural and not too sweet. This combination makes it very easy to consume and another flavour we would be happy to use regularly.

If you are a fan of banana supplements in general and are looking for a flavour which is not too strong, this can make a good choice. MyProtein produces several other banana flavours, but our opinion was to keep it simple with this natural banana flavour.

Flavours by category

With over 50 flavours available, it’s impossible to cover them all in loads of detail. An approach to finding your ideal flavour is to split them into flavours you like. Despite the huge amount, it’s daily easy to group them together.

The Chocolates

Chocolate is a flavour that works really well as a protein shake and this is no exception with MyProtein. A fantastic job has been done to get a really great base flavour which all of the chocolate flavours can work off to create many great chocolate blends.

Chocolate banana – An ideal combination hybrid between chocolate smooth and banana flavours for those looking for a twist on the options of just banana or chocolate.

Chocolate caramel – A sweet chocolate flavour which reminds up partly of the salted caramel flavour. Enjoyable but could be too sweet after some time.

Chocolate Coconut – For them rare people who actually like the taste of a Bounty chocolate this one is for you.

Chocolate nut – The chocolate flavour but with a nutty twist. We would only recommend this for those who are big fans of nuts with chocolate.

Chocolate orange – This is a surprisingly enjoyable flavour which actually tastes very good without an artificial taste. A great option for like chocolate orange flavour chocolates.

There are several more further flavours and also dark chocolate flavours. For us we found the dark chocolate flavours to be quite rich and potentially not the best option for a protein shake to be consumed regularly. Some of the flavours include dark chocolate chilli and dark chocolate salted caramel.

The fruits

Fruit flavoured protein shakes can often be very refreshing and a pleasant drink for after an intense workout. But do be careful that some can have particularly strong or artificial flavours. MyProtein has a large selection of fruit flavours available.

Banana – One of the best-tasting banana protein shakes available. There’s not much to complain about here for those who are fans of banana flavours protein.

Pineapple – An exotic tasting protein shake which may not be to everyone’s taste. Although tasting okay, we can see ourselves soon going off this flavour.

Vanilla & Raspberry – A nice twist on a vanilla protein shake and a good candidate to mix additional fruit into a shake with.

Plenty of additional fruit flavours are available. Many of these are flavours of whey protein are exclusive to MyProtein and won’t be found elsewhere. Some of them include plum, blueberry and summer fruits 


One area MyProtein puts particular effort in, is creating dessert flavours for protein shakes. Nowhere else can there be found such a large number of dessert flavours available as shakes. The issue with desserts is that they are a combination of both different flavours and textures.

This makes it incredibly hard to reproduce in a single shake. They also do not tend to go with water that great, being better suited to mixing with milk. We would be most likely to avoid these flavours an stick with the chocolate flavours instead.

Banoffee – A better than expected shake, tasting the banana is clear, as well as the tastes of toffee. If looking for a dessert flavour, this is one of the best available.

Sticky toffee pudding – Another better choice in the desserts option, but we could imagine the sweet taste of this being too much after a while.

Other choices for dessert flavoured protein shakes include: Apple crumble & custard, blueberry cheesecake and tiramisu.

Hot Drinks

A slightly more unusual category for protein shakes is the hot drink category. There are now various flavours available aiming to reproduce the taste of a selection of hot drinks. Bear in mind that whey protein is not suitable to use with hot water as it will curdle. Some of the flavours are good but do take a bit of getting used to compared with the real versions.

Latte – Our favourite flavour from all the hot drink options. The latte flavour is subtle and creamy, and easy to drink option with a pleasant taste.

Coffee Caramel – This flavour combines the bold flavour of coffee with the sweet caramel flavour. Maybe overly sweet for some, a good choice for coffee fans with a sweet tooth.

More options are available for hot drink flavoured protein shakes including matcha and milk tea.


The ingredient stevia is a sweetener used as a sugar substitute and derived from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant. The compounds are between 30 and 150 times the sweetness of sugar. Stevia in a protein shake flavour is seen as a potentially healthier option compared with sugar-based sweeteners.

We are not big fans of the stevia flavours, they don’t make the shakes taste any better. A number of stevia flavours are available including chocolate mint, strawberry, banana and vanilla.

Ones to avoid

With such a huge choice of flavours, there is always going to be some to avoid. Keep in mind that these are our own opinions so let us know below if you love some of these flavours.

You may have guessed it but some of our least favourite flavours are the ones you typically don’t find as protein shakes. The key top reasons for them being voted ones to avoid included overpowering tastes, lack of taste or a taste not similar to the real thing. The ones to avoid include Plum, golden syrup (very sweet as you can probably imagine) and Marzipan which we would not want to consume more than once.

Top tips on using whey protein

With all these incredible flavours available, it’s easy to find a whey protein shake to suit anyone’s taste. But optimising your use of protein shakes can see the maximum results achieved. Here are some simple tips to get the most from your latest purchase of protein.

How to pick the best flavour

As you can probably tell by now, there is potentially too much choice available, making it difficult to find the best flavour. We recommend looking for a flavour that will not be too sweet or too overpowering. Instead, opt for one that is going to have a subtle taste. The reason for this is how often you are likely to be consuming your new whey protein powder.

If using daily, the time when it comes to consuming a flavour you no longer like is going to become your least favourite time of the day. Another top tip is to order 2 smaller pouches of different flavours, instead of one larger pouch. This will allow you to switch between them each time instead of repeating the same flavour over and over.

How to mix ingredients

One of the easiest mistakes to make it to put too much water into a whey protein shake. This quickly makes the shake very thing and also completely ruin the taste of even the best MyProtein flavour. Imagine a watered-down squash, this is how a protein shake with too much water can taste. We often prefer to use slightly less water than recommended.

Milk is another common ingredient to mix with whey protein. This is a popular choice to combine with dessert and chocolate flavours. Mixing with milk produces a thicker and creamy shake which can taste great. But if you are counting macros tightly, water may be the better option.

Any additional ingredients can be used to create a great tasting shake. Fruit is particularly popular including strawberries, banana and blueberries. Fruit goes great with vanilla protein powder to create a shake which is packed with protein and vitamins. Many recipes can be found online for fruit shakes that can be combined with protein.

How to find the best shaker

Don’t try mixing whey protein with a glass and spoon, believe us, it’s one of the worst experiences possible. The correct shaker should mix the protein shake and additional ingredients without too much effort to result in a smooth drink without and bumps and bits. There are actually a number of different style shakers available. Some have metal balls inside which act to mix while being shaken.

We prefer these as they work well but can be quite loud. Another shaker design is to contain a removable plastic mesh which should break up and big lumps and stop them from getting through. When mixing with additional ingredients such as fruits, a blender can be a great idea to ensure a smooth and consistent mixture.

Summary: The best MyProtein flavour

Overall, protein shakes are great for those completing intense workouts. A protein shake supports muscle growth and recovery through supplementing additional protein into your diet. Finding the best MyProtein flavour can be hard. Some may argue there are too many flavours to pick from.

Our favourites include chocolate mint and chocolate brownie. We would avoid some of the more exotic flavours. While they may taste good as a one of, we couldn’t imagine consuming them over and over again. It’s great that MyProtein has such an extensive choice of flavours available that is unbeatable online. We recommend purchasing a smaller or even sample size when testing a new flavour for the first time. 

Which flavours will you be trying next? Let us know in the comments below. 

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