Best Protein Shaker Bottle To Buy In 2022

Many of us love a whey protein shake, and this leads us to look for the best protein shaker. Whether it’s straight after the gym or first thing in the morning; a shake can supplement your diet with a convenient source of protein.  In fact, whey protein shakes are often the number one supplement when it comes to building muscle.

This is due to their high protein content (roughly 80%) and ease of use. There are now more flavours than ever to choose from, with MyProtein producing over 50 different flavours of whey protein. To consume a protein shake, the correct shaker is essential.

If you have ever tried to use just a glass to mix protein powder and water, you will know that it just does not work. To get that smooth and creamy texture, a protein shaker is the best option. A few years ago, there was only one type of protein shaker that would be widely available for supplement users.

This would be the traditional transparent plastic shaker with the mesh blender inside to smooth out any lumps of protein. These work well, but in the year 2022, there are now a lot more options available. Recent additions to protein shakers include features such as metal designs and also additional compartments to store further supplements including multivitamins and even another powdered supplement.

Best protein shaker

The internet is full of protein shakers from every supplement brand you can think of. With so many options to pick from, here are our favourite protein shakers.

Best budget shaker: Bulk Powders 600ml Mixer Bottle

The Bulk Powders brand regularly features on this site for producing some of the best value protein supplements on the market. Since launching in 2006, Bulk Powders has gone on to sell a huge range of sports supplements, directly from their website. Protein shakers do not have to be expensive and Bulk Powders proves this, with this great value mixer shaker bottle. 

The bottle features a stylish design consisting of a transparent body, and a green lid, synonymous with the Bulk Powders brand. The lid contains a secure screw-top for leakproof mixing and the bottle is made from high-quality plastic. With a capacity of 600ml, there’s plenty of room to fit several scoops of protein powder.

Best mini shaker: MyProtein Mini Shaker

The mini shaker is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to picking the best protein shaker. For many of us, we only use one scoop at a time and rarely fill the shaker up past half-way. If that’s you, a smaller mini shaker can actually be the ideal solution. We find a mini shaker is far more portable and easy to leave in a bag for after the gym.

This mini shaker from MyProtein provides great value with everything you would expect from a good quality protein shaker. The capacity is 400ml which is plenty for mixing a protein shake with water. The design uses the familiar metal ball to achieve great results every time, without leaving lumps. The plastic design is robust and makes for easy cleaning, it’s dishwasher friendly.

Best premium shaker: The Protein Works Matte Black Shaker

Not all protein shakers are created equal, and this black metal design is a premium choice, which looks great. Metal protein shakers have seen a surge in popularity in recent months, due to their stylish looks. But they are also extremely hardwearing and ideal for use every day, without wearing away over time.

The Protein Works produce some of the most exciting supplements on the market and now have a range of premium shakers to go with them. This shaker features a stainless steel design, coloured in matte black for a stylish and classy finish. The design gets personal with “feed the machine” across the side, instead of the usual The Protein Works logo.

The capacity of this bottle is large, featuring 700ml, which could also make it suitable for use with some mass gainers. A mixing grid is used to ensure there will be no lumps leftover and produce a great tasting shake every time. A leak-free ergonomic design ensures no protein shake is going to leak when in use.

Best compartment shaker: MyProtein Pro Smartshake Slim

Compartment shakers are extremely useful for those going to the gym after work. They allow for pre-workout or protein powder to be easily stored and then consumed at a suitable time. When it comes to shakers with added storage, there’s a lot of choices. Lots of sizes are available and some even contain several compartments. We do find some of these to be too large and not the most practical to carry around. 

This slim compartment shaker from MyProtein ticks all the boxes for us. The black design looks stylish and features the MyProtein logo on the side. This shaker bottle is slimmer and provides greater portability compared with similar options. The capacity is 400ml which is fine for one scoop at a time. The storage compartment easily attaches to the bottom of the bottle for convenience. There is also a clip to attach to the side of a bag when on the go.

Most unique shaker: Shakesphere tumbler

If you are looking to treat yourself with your next protein shaker purchase, this tumbler designed shaker from Shakesphere makes a great choice. Most shakers use a metal ball or mesh grid to mix protein and water. The unique design of this shaker ensures that you get a great drink without the need for either of these.

This produces a smooth shake, without the loud mixing noise found with metal ball shakers. The unique design is easy to clean thanks to not containing any corners. This stops any protein powder from getting in those hard to reach places which add to the cleanup time.

For those looking for the ultimate convenience, this is easily the best protein shaker bottle. The lid features a unique slide cap which stops any unwanted liquid leaking from the bottle. Lots of colours are available including black, pink and blue. We are big fans of the black bottle design with the black logo.

Best protein shaker features

It’s official that it is now a lot harder to pick a protein shaker than it was a few years ago. With so many new features, it can often get confusing which one is right for you. Depending on your requirements, there a range of features to look out for when choosing your next protein shaker.

Storage Compartments

Many shaker bottles now come with additional storage, as well as the main compartment. These are ideal to carry additional supplements with you on the go. We are a big fan of these for those going to the gym straight from work. Separate sections mean the ability to carry both a pre-workout and post-workout supplement inside the same bottle.


There are a number of different mixers available inside of protein shakers. Most popular is the stainless-steel ball system which is contained inside the bottle. The ball works by moving around when shaking the bottle to mix the ingredients inside. The plastic mesh at the top of the shaker is another popular mixing system.

This tends to be quieter, whilst still producing very good results. We have noticed that some have different sized holes inside the mesh, too large and you could end up with lumps in a protein shake.

Manual or electric

Several electric protein shakers are now available. These claim to produce superior results by using high-speed motors to create a powerful vortex inside the shaker. They will usually work off battery power and use blades inside to mix the protein and water. While they may be a good option, we can’t see them replacing manual shakers for many any time soon.

Protein shaker materials

When it comes to protein shaker material, the choice is fairly simple, it’s between plastic and metal. The most common is plastic. The big benefit of plastic protein shakers is their cost. The plastic version will often cost under half the price of its metal equivalent.

We love plastic shakers due to being transparent, which allows you to easily measure out exactly how much you need. The issue with metal shakers if that it can be difficult to get just the right amount of protein and water when you can only see in from the top. If you are going to a plastic protein shaker, make sure its BPA free. BPA is a chemical which was used in the creation of plastics for years, but research has found it can potentially seep into food or beverages. 

Metal protein shakers are all the rage lately, with more available now than ever before. Metal protein shakers benefit from being extremely durable and hard-wearing. If you want a protein shaker which is going to last a long-time, without being replaced every 6 months, a stainless steel metal shaker makes a great choice.

Best protein shaker size

A number of different sizes are now available when it comes to finding the best protein shaker. The most popular sizes are 600ml and 700ml shakers. Both of these are known as stand size shakers and work great when using with several scoops of protein at once. If you plan on filling up with several scoops of protein to consume throughout the day, these make a great choice.  For those using mass gainer shakes, there are larger shakers available in 1L sizes which are great to pack as much into one shaker as possible.

In reality, many of us will only be filling up with one shake at a time.  The average recommended amount of water with one serving of whey protein is 200ml. This leaves a lot of spare capacity inside the shaker. Recently, there has been a rise in popularity in mini shaker bottles. These often have a capacity of 400ml and are ideal to carry around in your gym bag to consumer straight after a workout.

We also find them incredibly useful for taking a pre-workout powder to work so we can just add water at the end of the day and head straight to the gym. Just remember there still needs to be room to mix the powder inside the shaker and these are best suited to just one scoop of a supplement at a time. 

How to clean a protein shaker

There is nothing worse than the smell when coming back to a protein shaker if it has not been washed properly. The smell of whey protein tends to linger around for a long period and is very unpleasant. Keeping your protein shaker clean will prevent this and ensure it’s always ready for use, whenever you need it next.

If you are consuming a shake on the go, for example at the gym, ensure you give the shake a quick swill before you leave. This will at least lift away some of the protein and make it easier to clean when you get home. We find hot water works best to clean out a shaker, but it can take several minutes to ensure it’s properly clean.

Protein powder gets everywhere, including inside the small crevices and the lid. These need to be cleaned out with a scrubber to ensure no protein residue is left sitting behind. We always wash our shakers as soon as possible, the longer its left, the worse it’s going to smell.

How to get the best results

To get the best results from a shaker bottle, firstly make sure it is suitable for the supplement you are using. For example with a thick mass gainer supplement, there are specific shakers designed for them. Mass gainer shakes often take more work to get to a smooth drinkable consistency. Also, ensure the size is adequate for the amount of supplement you are consuming, 1 scoop and a mini shaker could be fine, but anything more and you will definitely need a larger shaker.

How the shaker mixes the protein and removes lumps is also key. Some shakers use a plastic mesh that sits inside, near the top of the shaker. Others will use a stainless-steel metal ball which moves around when you are mixing, to smooth out the supplement inside. We find both of these tend to work very well. Our favourite is the metal ball system and this tends to produce slightly better results. However, it can also be louder when shaking, which could put some people off.

Which protein powders to use?

A protein shaker bottle is suitable for use with many different protein shakes. The most popular is whey protein concentrate. This contains roughly 80% protein and tends to mix well. Whey concentrate is widely available in a huge amount of flavours, so it’s easy to find a flavour that tastes great and mixes well.

For those looking for the smoothest shake possible, whey protein isolate makes the ideal choice. Whey isolate is roughly 90% protein and we find it to be even smoother, compared with whey concentrate. The isolates will be more expensive due to the additional processing steps they go through.

Casein protein is a slow-release protein which is popular to use before going to bed. Casein does not mix as well as whey protein. We have tried with several different shakers and the results when mixing casein protein shake are never great. Adding additional water can often be the best solution.


With so many options to choose from, finding the best protein shaker is now more difficult than ever. In the last few years, many new shakers have been created including mini shakers and designs with separate compartments to store supplements. We really like the stainless steel metal designs for their durability and premium designs. But they can make it difficult to see exactly how much water is being added to a protein supplement.

With many of us only consuming one scoop of protein powder at a time, the mini shakers make a great choice. These are ideal to put in your gym bag and take with you for straight after a workout. We find ourselves using 2 shakers, a mini one for a pre-workout formula and a larger one for when we are at home. 

Which is your favourite protein shaker? Let us know below.

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