TOP 10: Best Reusable Water Bottles for Gym & Work

We’ve all seen it in the news, the effect single use plastic is having on the environment. Particularly in the ocean where it can end up interfering with animals’ natural habitats. Many of us saw the effects of this in David Attenborough’s recent TV series highlighting the effects of single use plastic.

In the UK alone, over 35 Million bottles are consumed each day, with under half of these ending up at recycling centres. If you are looking for a simple change to make in 2019, switch from single use plastic water bottles to a reusable bottle. You could save both the environment and yourself some money in the process.

Our increased awareness of the environment and also looking to save on spending has lead to a rise in popularity of using refillable water bottles. This is a trend that’s only going to continue in 2019. There is a huge range to choose from, including insulating bottles and those with lids that make them easy to use when working out.

There are some that are also insulated to keep your drink cool or warm when you are travelling. Take a look below at our 10 favourite reusable water bottles for 2019 that are available online right now. There are some great choices available for the gym, work or just taking out with you. There is a huge variety to choose from, let us know in the comments below which bottle is your favourite:

24Bottles Urban Bottle

The 24Bottles journey began in 2013 with the mission of unburdening the planet of disposable single use plastic bottles. They do this through providing high quality and easy to carry bottles that are ideal for on the move. One of the key features of 24Bottles are their stylish designs which really stand out. They have proved that a water bottle can also be stylish and the collaboration with Vivienne Westwood creates an exciting Green & red bottle that will catch anyone’s eye.

There are two models available. The Urban Bottle features an extra lightweight stainless-steel design which we think is great for ultra-portability. This also makes it easy to carry in your bag. The Clima model features double wall insulation to keep your drink cool for 24 hours.

There are also a range of stylish colours available including Black, Blue, Green & Pink. There is however, a range of unique designs on the bottles that can really make them stand out. Our favourite is the Urban Eclipse design that features a black base that fades into white.

Chilly’s Water Bottle 500ml

You’ve most likely already seen a Chillys water bottle and wondered what they are actually called. The Chilly’s water bottle design is one of the most synonymous and most widely used reusable water bottles both in the office and when working out. Everywhere we go now, someone seems to have a Chilly’s water bottle and all with a different design.

The range to pick from on their website is huge – firstly you have to pick your size from either 260ml, 500ml or 750ml on most designs. We prefer the 500ml size as it’s a nice size to not fill up too often. It also remains practical and portable when carrying around in a bag or holding in your hand.

Once you have picked your size it’s then time to find a design – there’s a huge amount of choice. The Chilly’s range boasts some wild design patterns including Floral, Matte, tropical and abstract designs. We went for the matte blue design but were very tempted to go for the monochrome black.  

The quality of the bottle feels great, with an all metal design and high-quality plastic lid, which has a rubber seal going around where it slots into the bottle. The bottle uses double wall vacuum technology which means it can keep your drink cool for up to 24 hours.

We also love the idea and mission behind Chilly’s bottles. The mission to accelerate the adoption of everyday reusable products is an important one that we should all get behind. There is also over 25,000 reviews of Chilly’s bottles on Trust Pilot where you can check out what others are saying.

Hydro Flask – Standard & Sport Cap

The Hydro Flask bottles are great for those with an active lifestyle or on the move a lot. Designed to be your perfect travel buddy, the bottles feature bright bold colours including: Lemon, Mint & Flamingo. There are also less conspicuous colours available such as Black.

The bottle features TempShield technology which is designed to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and can also keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours. There is also extra insulation inside of the lid to help maintain the temperature. The design is made of a high-quality stainless-steel construction that is then powder coated. This ensures the bottle is durable and wont risk transferring colours.

We love that the Hydro Flask had different lid options available. The standard lid allows you to easily screw the lid off to drink from. However, for those who use bottles in the gym like me, the sports cap allows you to easily sip from the bottle during a workout without the need to take off the lid. The bottle also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Camelbak Eddy Outdoor Water Bottle

The Camelbak Eddy brand was born in 1989 with the motivation of keeping cyclists hydrated on the go. Since then they have released loads of great water bottles that are ideal for workouts in the gym or even at work in the office. The outdoor bottle is our favourite model and it comes in a range of different colours including: Blue, Charcoal & Limeade. There are now also some patterned designs available including a feathered and floral design.

The bottle features a bite valve which makes it really easy to use during a workout as there’s no need to take the lid off. The valve features a straw which reaches down to the bottom of the bottle.

What we really liked about the Camelback Eddy bottle is the simple design. The translucent colour also allows you to easily see how much liquid you have left before you have to refill. At under £15 on Amazon, this bottle is also cheaper than some of the other bottles we have reviewed.

The Dopper Bottle

Featuring one of the most unique names and designs for a bottle we have seen, The Dopper Bottle makes a great choice if you want your bottle to stand out. The mission behind The Dopper Bottle is to actively reduce plastic waste and ensure everyone has access to fresh, clean drinking water. If you visit the Dopper website you can learn more about their mission and also view information about the work they are doing – did you know, only 1% of plastic worldwide is recycled? 

The sustainable and stylish design of the bottle features 3 pieces. There is a range of cool colours available including Pure White & Pacific Blue. Our personal favourite is the Sea Green, which looks great with the white top section of the bottle. Dopper does not ship to the UK from their website but there is plenty of retailers that sell them in the UK including John Lewis and Amazon.

There is even some extra accessories that you can purchase to go along with the bottle including a Carabiner and a sports top – perfect for using during your fitness routine.

The S’well Bottle

With a similar goal to other manufacturers in this list, S’well was also started with the mission of ridding the world of plastic water bottles. The S’well bottle is a combination of both fashion and function. This aims to tempt everyone away from plastic bottles and towards their reusable designs. They also partner with Unicef and various other charities.

The designs of the S’well bottles are great and feature some of the most unique and cool patterns we have seen on a reusable water bottle. There is a huge range of both patterned bottles and plain coloured bottles. A personal favourite of ours is the ‘Elan’ design which looks like something you would expect to see in a high-end house décor store.

The bottles feature a Triple walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel build. Most bottles feature a selection of sizes to choose from. We really like some of the Sip bottles by S’well which feature a slightly different shape but stand out against other reusable water bottles.

Nike Sport Water Bottle

Since it was founded in 1964, Nike has become a sportswear icon for everyone from professional athletes to those looking to get back into shape. The brand is well known for making great quality products for pretty much everything related to sports and sportswear. The Nike sports water is no exception. The design of the bottle is fairly simple and the suction cap at the top allows you to take a drink and not have to worry about putting the cap back after.

This is the bottle that I prefer to use and use most days for a weight’s session in the gym. The metal and rubber design feels high quality and durable. There are a number of colours available including Black, Violet, and green. There’s also a clear version available if you prefer to see the liquid inside. The capacity of the bottle is 590ml which I find lasts me for most of a workout with the need to keep refilling. The bottle is available fairly cheap on Amazon and can also be purchased at a range of sports shops.

BRITA Fill & Go

If you live in a hard water area, then you probably know Brita for creating the filters that you use in jugs to filter through the water. If you are not a fan of tap water, then the BRITA Fill & Go bottle could be a great choice for you to drink great tasting water without the need to buy bottled water. The MicroDisk filters in this bottle filter the the water while you drink. This removes the bad taste and leaves you with great tasting fresh water.

The bottle features a simple and clean design. This means you can see the liquid inside of the bottle and it’s small enough to take anywhere with you. We love that this bottle can filter tap water on the go and remove the need to buy single-use plastic bottles if you do not like the taste of tap water. The filters are also pretty economical.

Drinkfinity Bottle

Looking for a really unique water bottle? Drinkfinity could be the answer. The Drinkfinity bottle is not just a normal water bottle. It actually features a pod system that allows you to make great tasting drinks that you can take with you. If you are not a fan of water on its own and want to protect the environment, then this is a solid option.

As well as buying the bottle, you can also buy Pods which are available in a range of different flavours. Some include Blackberry Acai, Grapefruit & Lemon. The flavours are made using very few ingredients to give you the ultimate taste without the need for all those added extras you find in a lot of low-cost sports drinks. It would have been nice to also see some multivitamin options available.

First you need to fill the bottle up with water. After this you Pop the pod at the top of the bottle and the flavour is unleashed into the water, making a convenient drink that you can take with you anywhere. There are a range of options on the Drinkfinity website including a starter kit and several flavours to try out. The bottle is transparent and only comes with a white top. But the idea is that you can see the different colours from the various pods you use inside.

Ion8 Slim Leak Proof Water Bottle

The Ion8 leak proof bottles are a perfect choice for the gym and intense workouts. They have even won an award for their excellent design. One of the key features of this bottle is the leak proof design. This means you won’t have to worry about leaving it in your bag. Theres no risk of your drink getting over your gym gear. There’s also a lock to stop the lid from being opened by accident. Despite this, the bottle also features an easy fill design and fast flow for drinking with ease.

We really like the ease of use of this bottle for a workout. The design makes it simple and easy to drink from on the go. The strap on the bottle also makes it easy to hold or attach on to something such as the side of a bag.

Key Features to look for in a water bottle:

Material – The material of the water bottle that you require will depend on your main use case. For example, if you are using it for a lot of travelling and also like to keep your drinks cool then a stainless-steel bottle will be your best bet. If you really care about the environment, steel is a lot more easily recycled. Meaning if you are replacing your bottle, the steel can be melted down and reused easily. If you are just looking for a convenient bottle to keep water in at the office, a plastic bottle will be fine. 

BPA Free – BPA is a potentially nasty chemical that could be found in some cheap plastic bottles. BPA has the potential to leak into the liquid inside your bottle over time and so should be avoided.

Insulation or not – Some bottles feature double wall technology which allow them to insulate your drinks temperature from the ambient temperature outside. If you prefer your drink to stay cold for a long duration, insulated is better. Also, if you are even planning on using the reusable bottle for hot drinks, an insulated bottle is ideal.

Lid type – some bottles have twist on lids, whereas others have caps and similar design. If you are using the bottle in the gym when working out, a capped bottle will normally make it a lot easier to drink from without having to unscrew the lid. We tend to favour a capped bottle for a workout.

We hope you found our list of the best reusable bottles for 2019 useful. If you did, feel free to share on Twitter or leave a comment below.

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