Best Vitamin B12 Supplement UK [Easy Guide]

When it comes to exploring new supplements and vitamins, we regularly get asked for our recommendations. In recent months, we have been asked several times which is the best vitamin B12 supplement in the UK. With such a wide range to pick from, we decided to explore this topic further and break down the benefits of consuming vitamin B12 as a supplement.

You may hear several terms for vitamin B12 and it is commonly known as Cobalamin. This vitamin is classed as an essential vitamin, meaning that it is required by the body but cannot be produced naturally. Therefore it must be obtained from our diet.

This could come in the form of some foods where it is found naturally, or also from supplements. There are many foods which contain high levels of vitamin B12 including beef, fish and chicken. The amount that can be achieved from supplementation is often far greater.

The role of B12 in the body is to support keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and maintain normal function. It is also needed for red blood cell formation and known to prevent a certain type of anemia.

The claimed benefits of vitamin B12 are exciting, including the ability to boost energy and prevent heart disease.

Best vitamin B12 supplement

When it comes to finding the best vitamin B12 supplement, there is a lot to choose from. Luckily, we have taken the time to research and you can see our favourite results below.

MyProtein Vitamin B12 Tablets

Our favourite best vitamin B12 supplement.

As you may know, we are big fans of MyProtein on this website. The brand launched in 2004 and has come a long way to become the worlds number one online sports nutrition brand. From the MyProtein website, you can find a huge range of proteins.

While initially focused around protein supplements, the range now includes everything from pre-workout formulas to clothing. A recent addition has been the ever-increasing range of MyVitamins products. This features a large number of vitamin and mineral-based products which can all be ordered conveniently from the MyProtein website.

The MyProtein vitamin B12 tablets contain 1000µg of B12 in each serving, plenty to meet your daily requirements. Being in tablet form makes them super easy to consume. Ideal for those consuming a plant-based diet who may struggle to get adequate amounts of B12 from their diet. 

The high-strength B12 is sourced from cyanocobalamin and is perfect to top up the daily intake. Two quantities are available, both a 60 tablet and 180 tablet tub. The current price for 60 tablets is £4.99. These can easily be purchased from the MyProtein website at the same time as purchasing further supplements including protein.

Nutravita B12

The Nutravita range features a full range of vitamins and health products which are made in Britain. We love that this supplement features a full years supply, containing 365 tablets in every tub. Ideal for those who wish to purchase once and not worry about it again for another year. 

Each searing contains a huge 1000µg of B12, which is obtained from methylcobalamin for efficient absorption. These B vitamin supplements provide a full range of benefits, including potentially reducing tiredness and fatigue by supporting normal energy-yielding metabolism. 

Nutravita features a dedicated team, including research scientists, to produce high-quality UK made supplements. A tub can be purchased directly from Amazon. While they may seem more expensive than competitors, this is due to containing a full years supply.

Nutri-Ark Vitamin B12

This high-quality B12 supplement from Nutri-Ark stands out for its premium quality.  This supplement is made in the UK to ensure rigorous quality and safety standard are met. Furthermore, it is vegan-friendly, perfect for vegans looking to increase their daily intake of vitamin B12.

This product features the active form of B12 known as Methylcobalamin, as opposed to other supplements which feature the man-made version. As with other B12 supplements, this contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. A tub features a 6 month supply, containing 180 tablets. The supplement is part of a full range of vitamin and mineral products from Nutri-Ark.

Bulk Powders Vitamin B12 Tablets 1000MCG

Bulk Powders produce some of the best vitamin B12 supplements

Products from Bulk Powders regularly feature on this website and we are big fans of their pre-workout formula. In fact, the full supplement range features many superbly high-quality products at an excellent price. This vitamin B12 supplement features easy to consume tablets in quantities of both 60 and 180 per tub. The tablets are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Vitamin B12 has a full range of benefits including the reduction of tiredness and contributing to normal red blood cell formation. A 6 month supply can be purchased for £11.99. As with all Bulk Powders products, this supplement can be purchased directly from the Bulk Powders website This is very convenient for those purchasing multiple supplements at the same time. 

Betteryou Boost B12 Oral Spray

For those who are not a fan of consuming supplements in tablet form, there are always more options available. This Betteryou B12 product features an oral spray to create a convenient alternative to tablets. Four sprays deliver a very large dose of 1200µg of vitamin B12. Each spay contains 48 daily doses.

This supplement is even flavoured and features a natural apricot flavour. As well as reducing fatigue, the vitamin B12 supplement also contributes to a healthy heart and aids concentration. There are no stimulants in this oral spray, which contains B12, green tea and chromium.

It is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The spray is available on its own on Amazon and can also be purchased in a multi-pack.  We do find this product to be more expensive compared with other B12 supplements, but a great option for those not wanting tablet form.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

The benefits of vitamin B12 include the ability to increase energy and prevent a type of anemia known as megaloblastic anemia. Most vitamin B12 supplements come in tablet form. This ensures they are easy to consume with no mess or fuss.

While there are many dedicated B12 supplements, this vitamin can also be found in multivitamin supplements. If you already use a multivitamin each day, you could already be supplementing with vitamin B12.

Providing an energy boost

Everyone loves an energy boost. But when we are working long hours and life is getting in the way, it can be difficult to stay focused and maintain energy. B vitamins, including B12 have long been promoted for their ability to reduce tiredness and provide a boost of energy.

Vitamin B12 is involved in energy production in the body. Some of the common signs of lack of vitamin B12 include tiredness and fatigue. Supplementing when deficient can improve energy levels, as sufficient amounts are restored.

Red blood cell formation

When it comes to producing red blood cells, vitamin B12 plays a key role. When levels are low, the production of red blood cells is impacted. This prevents them from entering the bloodstream at the appropriate rate, causing megaloblastic anemia. When anemic, the body does not have enough red blood cells for transporting oxygen to key organs. Therefore leading to symptoms including fatigue.


As adults get older, some could go on to develop dementia. These people often have high levels of homocysteine found in their blood. Vitamin B12, along with folic acid & vitamin B6 has been shown to lower levels of homocysteine. But at the moment it is not known if these vitamins actually help to prevent dementia.

Vitamins also play a key role in the loss of neurons which is typically associated with memory loss. But more research is required to understand whether B12 has any effect on improving memory.

How much do I need & where is it found?

The amount of vitamin B12 you require each day depends on age. For adults, 2.4mcg is the recommended amount. For pregnant women, the amount increases to 2.6 mcg. Many dedicated B12 supplements provide far greater amounts, with most providing 1000µg per serving.

Luckily, you can’t overdose on vitamin B12. As it is water-soluble, any excess is eliminated from the body in urine. Many of us will get enough vitamin B12 from the foods we eat, particularly if consuming lots of meat and dairy. Certain groups may not get enough and this is where supplementing can help. Vegans and vegetarians who only consume plant-based foods may be getting little vitamin B12 from their diet. 

Vitamin B12 is found very widely in many different foods. The best source is beef liver, which is high in vitamin B12. Meats and fish are great sources, as well as dairy products including eggs.  Unfortunately, it’s just animal-based foods which contain vitamin B12 naturally, so you won’t be able to get vitamin B12 from plant-based food sources.

Some of the most noticeable effects from a vitamin B12 deficiency include tiredness, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite. For some, nerve problems can also occur. We always recommend consulting a health professional relating to any health issues and before taking a new supplement.

Finding the best vitamin B12 supplement

We regularly publish round-ups of our favourite supplements. Each post contains a lot of research to produce our favourite results. The supplements listed above are not in any particular order. But are a collection of the best vitamin B12 supplements that we favour. The supplement brand is a key ranking factor for us.

A supplement brand provides lots of information about the quality, price and availability of a supplement. A well-known and highly reviewed supplement brand provides confidence in a high-quality supplement. The availability of the brand is also essential for ensuring a great purchasing experience and easy, fast delivery once ordered.

We favour supplements which contain recommend amounts of high-quality ingredients. For vitamin B12 supplements, the best quality products generally contain 1000µg of vitamin B12. There are several different methods to consume B12 supplements. Our favourite is the tablet form. The tablets are easier and more convenient to consume. They also ensure the exact amount is being consumed every time. 


Overall, vitamin B12 is a powerful vitamin with a whole host of benefits. You may also hear it described as Cobalamin, which can be used interchangeably. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin which cannot be produced by the body naturally, so much be obtained from our diet.

There are many great supplements available online. Our favourites include the MyProtein vitamin B12 capsules. Vitamin B12 supplements are most commonly found in tablet form, which is easy to consume and measure exactly how much is being used. For those not a fan of tablets, oral sprays are a great alternative.

Vitamin B12 can be great for providing an energy boost. In fact, fatigue and tiredness is often a symptom associated with being deficient in B12. This vitamin is found naturally in animal-based foods including meat, fish and eggs. For those on a plant-based vegan diet, this could mean not consuming enough naturally in the diet. 

Will you be using a vitamin B12 supplement this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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