Best Weighted Vest 2022: Buyers Guide

If you are looking to increase the intensity of your workout, or take your conditioning to the next level, the best weighted vest can be a great training accessory. While common workout activities such as jogging or walking can increase calorie consumption, they may not be the most intensive. Wearing a weighted vest has several key benefits including improving strength and calorie consumption.

Switching up your workout with different training accessories ensures a regular workout for different muscles and keeps each routine exciting. A weighted vest is exactly what you would expect, a vest for working out which contains small weights. With varying levels of weight, a heavier vest can result in a higher intensity workout.

Some weighted vests can come with different accessories and features to supplement with further weight as you require increased resistance. They are usually made out of heavy-duty materials such as vinyl and can use many different materials for the weights including sandbags and metal balls.

Weighted vests are a general fitness accessory which are not tied to a specific workout. They can be used for many routines to put additional strain on the muscles and respiratory system, with the aim to increase intensity. Some common workouts include jogging, pull-ups, rope climbing and walking.

Using a weighted vest has many benefits. Firstly, they can help with developing strength. Particularly on bodyweight exercises by allowing for increased resistance. Another benefit is the increased calorie consumption. Lifting more weight required the body to utilise more calories to achieve the same workout. Further benefits include adding variety into your workout. Accessories such as weighted vests provide the ability to change up your routine and achieve a full-body workout.

Best weighted vests

There is a huge amount of choice for weighted vests online, but it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Take a look below at our favourites for the best weighted vest in 2022.

Adidas Weighted Vest

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When it comes to a fitness brand we all know we can rely on, it’s Adidas. Since being founded in Germany over 70 years ago, Adidas has gone on to be one of the most successful fitness brands in the world. This weighted vest was designed with Adidas athletes to produce a premium high-quality training accessory.

The vest is designed to last, having been built from an extremely durable and robust material. This is ideal for regular use, with the ability to withstand even the harshest training routines. We love the clean design on this vest, featuring a clean black look with red highlights. The Adidas logo is clearly displayed on both the front and back of the vest.

The vest features a tailored fit, courtesy of both the elasticated buckle and velcro straps. 10kg of weight packs are ergonomically placed throughout the vest. A huge benefit is the weight packs can be individually removed to adjust the resistance for different workouts.

Gravity Fitness Weighted Vest

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This weighted vest from Gravity Fitness is ideal for a range of different training routines and provides great value. The nylon material is very hard-wearing but remains breathable. The materials used for weights can vary with different vests, but this uses cast iron metal with support for 20KG. Weights can also be removed easily to decrease resistance. The adjustment is very good with velcro straps that also contain foam padding for maximum comfort.

You may notice this vest contains a slightly shorter profile compared with other weighted vests. This provides for more movement without the vest getting in the way. For example with bodyweight exercises and callisthenics. A great choice for many different fitness activities.

Surreal weighted vest

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The Surreal fitness vest makes a great choice for those looking for an extremely clean design. The vest actually reminds us of a puffer coat, with its padded design and minimalist look. Unlike other fitness vests in this list, there is a range of different weights to choose from. The weight needs to be selected when purchasing.

5 sizes are available from 5 to 25kg which will be suitable for most users. The weight is made up of sandbags which can be removed to adjust the resistance. They are spread evenly throughout the vest to equal balance. A large velcro strap near the bottom of the vest provides a tight and comfortable fit whilst working out.

Extreme Fitness Weighted Vest

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This Extreme Fitness weighted vest makes a great training accessory for those looking to increase resistance. The vest is suitable for both men and women, with one size fitting all. The weights are fitted in the jacket, so purchasing the correct weight is essential.

The options include 5, 10 and 15kg. The heavy-duty stitching on this vest makes it ideal for a range of workouts such as jogging and walking. The vest does have a zip on the front which some reviewers have had issues with. We really like the modern design of this vest, featuring a black colour scheme with light-grey highlights.

Sveltus weighted training vest Pro – 15kg

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Sveltus is a French fitness brand producing a full range of fitness accessories. This includes everything from dumbbells to resistance bands. The brand is not sold that widely in the UK but many items in the range are available on Amazon. This vest is made out a strong neoprene material to survive intense workouts. The 15kg weight can be adjusted with the supplied plates.

This allows for easy adjustment to a range of different workout activities. Both the shoulder and waist contains straps. This can also be adjusted to provide a tight and comfortable fit during workouts. This vest is more expensive compared with other options available but does provide a premium quality training vest.

Different features of a weighted vest

There can be a substantial difference between the weighted vests online. To find the best one for you, it’s important to understand the key features to look for. As with any fitness accessory, the increased features often lead to a higher price. We like to select a few key features what are important to us and focus on them.


Perhaps the number one most important feature is the actual weight of the vest. When comparing, there is a large choice available when it comes to finding a suitable weight. Most weighted vests will offer the same model in a number of weights.

This often starts from 5KG but can go up to 30 or even more. We would recommend finding a weight which is most suitable depending on the type of workout you will be doing. For example, if running for an extended period, a lighter weighted vest will be better suited. For short bursts of high intensity, a higher weighted vest will be appropriate.

While most weighted vests are a fixed weight, some models are adjustable. These are great as they give the user the ability to adjust the weight for every workout. If you plan to use the vest for a variety of different workout routines, an adjustable option will be best.

Colour & appearance

The overall design of weighted vests can vary hugely between brands. Many will feature a black design, but some are much bolder, featuring patterns and bright colours. Remember you could be working out where others will see you and you want to feel confident whenever wearing it. We recommend going for a simple and minimalistic design where possible, this is suited to any use case and will not stand out.

The design of the vest can also change where the weights are positioned. For example, some vests feature weights all over, whilst others may only have them on the back. This could be important for different workout routines. We prefer vests where the weights are evenly weighted throughout all sides of the vest.

Wearability and comfort

An important aspect to consider is how to comfortable the weighted vest is. If you are wearing the vest for an entire workout, even a slight rubbing could become uncomfortable after a while. Padded areas can overcome this. We look for padding to be where the vest will be putting pressure up against the body such as on the shoulders. The quality of the materials on the interior of the best can also affect the comfort, high-quality material is likely to be less harsh.

How flexible and adjustable the vest is can also affect comfort. Most vests will have a combination of velcro strips and separate plastic clips. These ensure the vest is comfortably in position. Better quality weighted vests usually offer increased levels of adjustment.

Benefits of using weights vests for workouts

Utilising a weighted vest during your workout can bring a range of benefits. These include increases in performance and improved results during workouts.

Increasing strength and endurance

A weighted vest adds more weight to the body during a workout. Therefore the body needs to work harder and push the muscles further to accommodate for this weight increase. Increasing resistance is key to building muscle and strength. An intense workout will break down muscles, which will grow back bigger and stronger to cope with the intensity of the workout.

Increased strength benefits can be particularly true for bodyweight exercises. This includes sit-ups, pull-ups and dips. Using a 10kg weighted vest for example now means the muscles need to work harder to account for this. Therefore leading to increased strength. 

Increased calorie burn

Burning more calories during a workout can also be another reason to use a weighted vest. As there is now more weight for the body to carry, more calories are consumed while doing the same tasks. Exercises such as jogging where you could be carrying the additional weight for an extended period could provide an increased benefit.

The increased exertion during a workout requires more energy and leads the body to work harder. Heavier people burn more calories during the same exercise, and the same concept applies here. The body needs to work harder to complete the same exercise and utilises more energy to do so.

Workout variety

Completing the same workout on a regular basis can become mundane and is a very easy way to lose motivation fast. Fitness accessories such as weighted vests are a great way to increase variety during a workout and change up the routine. For example, when using a weighted vest, simple routines may become increasingly challenging, resulting in adapting the workout and changing the exercises.

The variety can also come in the form of working different muscles. The increased weight can change where the strain is put on muscles and allow for muscles to be worked harder. Regularly changing and adapting a workout is great to keep the body performing a full range of different motion.

In Summary

Overall, weighted vests make a great addition to many workouts. With so many available online, there is a lot of choice for the best weighted vest in the UK for 2022. You can find our favourites above. When purchasing, there are several key features to look out for. The comfort of the weighted vest is key for regular users and many will have padding in place for this.

The colour and design if an often overlooked feature which can affect your confidence in wearing the weighted vest out in public during a workout. There are many benefits of weighted vests including the increased calorie burn and increasing resistance during bodyweight exercises.  Regular workouts are just part of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy high protein diet is also a valuable part.

Which weighted vest will you be using? Let us know in the comments below.

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