The Best Whey Protein for Cutting in 2022

From those just starting out at the gym, to very experienced trainers, whey protein is always a popular supplement. In fact, for a large variety of different goals and aims, whey protein makes a great supplement choice. There are many benefits we will discuss of how you can boost your physique with protein shakes.

Today we are focusing on the best whey protein for cutting in 2022. When it comes to protein supplements, it can be sometimes thought of as just suitable for those looking to pack on serious muscle. But this is mis-informed and whey protein is a great choice for those on cutting diets as well.

Protein keeps us feeling fuller for longer, leading to the likelihood of snacking being a lot less. Furthermore, protein shakes make it easy for us to keep track of calories by tracking the exact amounts we are consuming. When cutting, it’s important to ensure we get enough protein to promote fat loss, rather than muscle loss.

To find out more about the benefits when cutting, skip to further down the post. Take a look at our choice for the best whey protein for cutting below.

The Protein Works Diet Whey Isolate 95

The best whey protein for cutting - our favourite is The Protein Works diet whey isolate 95.

The huge range from The Protein Works includes everything from protein to pre-workout supplements. The large choice provides lots of options for supplement users. Everything can be purchased in one place from their website with ease. This is great if you are using multiple supplements and wish to be able to purchase them all at once.

Diet whey Isolate 95 is an ultra-pure whey protein supplement. Per serving there is a huge 28.2g of protein. As this is isolate, there is very little of both carbs and fat. There is actually just 0.6g of fat and 0.1g of carbohydrates. This formula has been specifically designed for those on a cutting diet that need to restrict their calorie intake.

Theres a range of flavours available including Chocolate Silk and strawberries ‘n’ Cream. An unflavoured option is also available for those who like to add their own. Theres several size bags available including 500g, 1kg & 2kg. A 1kg bag costs £41.49.

Simply put, diet whey isolate 95 is our favourite choice as the best whey protein for cutting.

Bulk Powders Informed Whey

Informed whey is a great choice for cutting diets

When creating Informed Whey, the aim was to ignore the cost and create the best whey protein possible. This is a theme we see across many Bulk Powders supplements. With a huge selection available online, Bulk Powders supplements are some of the highest quality available. They also feature a very good price and there are frequent discounts available across the website.

Informed Whey is promoted as being the UK’s best whey protein shake. This supplement uses a blend of whey and amino acids. I always like with Bulk Powders, that they are totally transparent with the amount of each ingredient inside their supplements. Per serving there is over 24g of protein.

This is made from a combination of isolate and concentrate whey. There is a good choice of flavours available including Double Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream. A 900g bag is available for £26.99 and theres also a larger 2.27kg bag available.

MyProtein Diet Protein Blend

diet whey blend makes a low cost choice for cutting with additional ingredients

There are a range of whey proteins labelled as diet blends, but very often there is not really much difference. This diet blend from MyProtein has some nice additions for those cutting. MyProtein is a popular choice for us and very easy to recommend a number of their supplements. I have always been a fan of the big selection of flavours available on the Impact whey protein.

Furthermore, the website makes it easy to purchase everything at once and in one place. Diet Protein Blend is specifically designed to help growth and maintaining muscle when cutting. It’s a great tasting shake with some important ingredients to boost metabolism. This includes both choline and niacin.

These are ingredients often found in fat burners, rather than whey protein. Unfortunately there is only a limited number of flavours of this protein available. This includes Strawberries & Cream and Natural Vanilla. The value is good at £11.99 for 500g, but there are no larger sizes available.

Amfit Nutrition Advanced Whey

Amazon Brand- Amfit Nutrition - Advanced Whey Protein Powder Strawberry, 32 Servings, 992 g
No added sugar *contains naturally occurring sugars; Suitable for vegetarians; High in protein which contributes to growth in muscle mass

Amfit is a new fitness brand thats high energy to support fitness goals. The brand is actually part of Amazon. Knowing Amazon, you get a great quality product, at a low price. Advanced whey is a blend of both whey isolate and concentrate protein. This is a nice combination between the price of a concentrate but the nutritional benefits of an isolate.

Per serving, there is over 24g of protein. There is also just 1.1g of fat and 1.1g of sugars. This is a great macronutrient make up and ideal for those on a cutting diet. There is also 4g of Glutamine and 5.5g of BCAAs. Amino acids are the essential building blocks for our muscles.

Getting enough during a cutting diet can help maintain muscle mass. Theres a large variety of flavours available including Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate Mint. A 992g pouch is available for £16.50 and there is also a larger 1.9kg pouch available. With Prime delivery from Amazon there is the option for next-day delivery.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Protein

No products found.

PhD Nutrition is a sports supplement brand founded in 2006 with a mission to change the supplement landscape. These days, PhD is sold in over 45 countries and a well-known brand. I love the quality of all PhD nutrition products. I consider them a premium brand, but a great choice for those looking for some of the very best supplements on the market. Diet whey is promoted as the original and best diet whey protein supplement.

The serving size for this supplement is larger. Per serving there is over 34g of protein and just 91 calories. Also, there is only 1.3g of sugars. As well as protein, there is several other ingredients that you often find in diet supplements. This includes CLA, an omega-6 fatty acid, often promoted for weight loss. There is also flaxseed and L-Carnitine.

The taste is also great with PhD supplements. The choice of flavours is vast, including Cherry bakewell and Salted caramel. There is also a Birthday cake flavour available! The RRP is often expensive with PhD, but I have found it can often be purchased from Amazon for less.

Benefits of the best whey protein for cutting

As we mentioned earlier, there is a range of benefits to using whey protein shakes when cutting. They make a great choice for calorie controlled diets and times when you need to increase your protein consumption. But firstly its important to understand the types of whey protein that are common in shakes.

What exactly is whey protein?

Whey protein is sourced from dairy and derived from milk. When it is processed for popular food items such as yoghurt, whey protein is left behind. Milk also contains casein protein, which we cover in a separate post. Whey protein gets to the muscles fast and is ideal for use after a workout when your muscles need protein to repair. There are two types of whey protein, caused by different processing methods. This leads to slightly different properties when it comes to nutrition.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Concentrate whey protein is made from the processing that takes place after it is left behind from production of e.g. yoghurt. Several processes are undertaken to achieve a protein content of roughly 80%. This is a large amount of protein and higher than found in typical food items in the diet.

Whey concentrate is a lower cost to produce, compared with whey isolate. This makes it cost less for us to purchase. When looking for the best value, concentrate is always the best option. It’s also the most common. For most users, whey concentrate is fine and ideal for their needs.

Whey Protein Isolate

The isolate whey protein undergoes some additional processes to achieve a higher level of protein content. This is roughly 90% protein, compared with concentrate at 80%. With a higher protein content, there is less fat and carbohydrates.

Due to the additional processes and higher protein content, isolate is more expensive. For some, the cost does not justify the additional benefit from using an isolate protein. However, for those following a strict macronutrient diet, isolate allows for slightly less carbs and fat.

Take a look at why you should be using the best whey protein for cutting.

Promoting muscle maintenance (or growth)

One of the biggest worries when cutting is losing muscle mass. You may spend months bulking to build up muscle, only to risk some of it wasting away when you begin a cutting diet.

The balance of protein in our diet can be the difference between muscle growth or loss. When we have adequate protein, synthesis can take place. This is where the protein is used to build muscle. However, when there’s not enough, muscle protein breakdown takes place.

To maintain muscle mass when cutting, it’s important to keep the protein balance positive. Using a protein shake gives an easy way to tip that balance in our favour. As protein shakes are easy to consume, they can be used any time in the day to give the body a protein boost.

Affects on performance & recovery

When changing from a bulking, to a cutting diet, one of the first steps we take is to increase exercise. This could come in the form of increased cardio or just adapting our weights workout. For this increase in exercise, the body needs additional time to recover. We also need more energy to maximise our performance, due to burning more calories. This is where the challenge is.

During a cutting diet we often restrict our calories. This means the body may not be able to get the adequate nutrition required for both repair and performance. This leads to additional time that the body needs to recover before you are able to workout that hard again. Also, performance takes a hit. The longer a cutting diet goes on, this becomes increasingly noticeable.

Getting the correct amount of whey protein allows our body to get enough protein to recover properly. As they are low in carbs and fat, it means getting enough protein, and being able to exactly track macronutrients.

Curbing the diet cravings

One of the worst parts of a cutting diet is the cravings for the unhealthy foods we all want. Managing cravings takes a lot of dedication to stick to, especially if following a strict diet. Many people manage cravings differently, including cheat days and planned unhealthy meals each week. If you have a sweet tooth, this can be particularly hard.

One of the benefits I and many others have found is, protein shakes are great to curb cravings. There are many great flavours available, including chocolate and toffee. So consuming a protein shake each day, gives the sensation of getting that taste. Furthermore a lot of protein shakes are sweet.

This is great to help satisfy cravings and I have found it makes cutting diets a lot easier. I have been known to often have a protein shake to replace unhealthy snacks.

Further benefits and conclusion of the best whey protein for cutting

As well as the benefits for cutting, mentioned above, whey protein has a number of additional benefits. It’s key to pick the best whey protein for cutting. For this reason, whey is recommended for a wide selection of different sporting activities and goals.

Keeping us feeling fuller for longer

Protein requires more calories to be broken down, compared with carbs and fat. This can have a slight boost to our metabolism. Also, protein makes us feel a lot fuller. If you wanted to get a high amount of protein from your diet at once, you would have to eat a lot of e.g. meat. This would come with additional fats and carbs. However, in a whey protein shake, there is very little carbs & fat, due to the high protein content.

Low cost

Often, a healthy diet when cutting comes with increased costs. The cost of lots of healthy food can soon begin to add up. Furthermore, as well as the monetary cost, there is also the time cost. Food for cutting can often take a long time to prepare from fresh. For those with busy lifestyles, this is often hard to achieve.

Whey protein has a low cost to buy. For that amount of protein, you would often have to eat a lot more food. Also, the time cost to prepare is relatively low. Shakes are easy to consume and ideal to carry around e.g. to work.

In summary

Overall, using the best whey protein for cutting is a great idea. There are a range of benefits including promoting muscle growth. This is key to ensure you maintain muscle and your bulking has not gone to waste. Furthermore, keeping that sweet tooth satisfied is key to a successful cut.

Overall, our favourite whey protein for cutting includes those from The Protein Works and Bulk Powders. We love The Protein Works Diet Whey Isolate. The superb macronutrient content is ideal for cutting diets. Let us know in the comments your favourite!

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