Best Whey Protein for Women

Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements used by gym goers and those working out. But with so much choice available online it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best whey protein for women, there are even more options. During this post we will discuss the best whey protein for women to pick and why a woman specific protein does not matter so much.

Whey protein shakes provide a fast-digesting protein source that is ideal to be consumed when you need to increase your protein intake. This could be after an intense workout or even for breakfast. By consuming a whey protein shake, the muscles can be provided with an additional protein source. This protein can then be used for building lean muscle mass and aiding recovery. This is particularly important after an intense workout when the muscles will be fatigued.

When it comes to searching for whey protein, you may end up searching for whey protein for women. This will result in lots of different results compared to just searching for whey protein. But the truth is that whey protein is still whey protein. Don’t be fooled by the packaging. Often, whey protein for women more expensive with little actual benefit. This can be a marketing tactic used by some supplement producers to get you to spend more. Instead, you just need a high quality no nonsense whey protein powder without the additional branding.

Best whey protein for woman

Take a look below at our favourite high quality whey protein supplements suitable for both woman and men. Further down the post you can find ore details about using whey protein supplements.

Best whey concentrate: MyProtein Impact Whey

When it comes to great value protein supplements, MyProtein have you covered. Now the worlds number 1 online sports nutrition brand, the wide range includes everything from protein to clothing. Since launching in 2005, the brand has gone on to become one of them key brands synonymous with whey protein. You can also find them with a huge presence on social media and promoted by any fitness influencers online. MyProtein is a no nonsense brand when it comes to looking for just high quality protein and a wide range of supplements.

Impact Whey from MyProtein is a supplement which I have been consuming for years. This is regularly my go to protein supplement and i’m not alone as it’s the UK’s number 1 protein powder for every day nutrition. Each serving contains 21g of high quality protein. This is 82 percent of protein in each serving, higher than many other whey protein concentrate supplements. What I love with Impact Whey is the huge choice of flavours available. Currently there is over 40 flavours to choose from including flavours such as sticky toffee pudding, rocky road and strawberry cream. This huge choice means everyone should be able to find a suitable flavour. I highly recommend the mint chocolate which is my favourite. The flavours also taste great too; i do find them slightly sweeter than other brands. Several size pouches are available starting at 250g and going up to a 5kg pouch. We recommend 1kg is a good amount to start with to see if you like the flavour.

Best whey isolate: Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate 90

Bulk Powders are well known for their wide range of protein supplements that are sold through the Bulk Powders online store. This large product selection goes even further and includes a full range of sports supplements & food. As a regular user of Bulk Powders supplements, I really appreciate how transparent they are with all the ingredients inside each supplement. The clear breakdown tells you exactly what is in each supplement; without hiding behind proprietary blends. Most Bulk Powders products are sold through their own website, where everything it available at competitive prices.

Whey Protein Isolate 90 is some of the best quality whey isolate you will find at this price point. For those unfamiliar, isolate has a higher level of protein compared with concentrate whey. This 90% protein content means there is less room for carbohydrates and fats and a good choice for those following strict macros. It can also be easier to mix as well. Isolate whey is always more expensive, but this is one of the best value isolate supplements on the market. Each 30g serving provides 27g of protein. A fairly large choice of flavours are available including chocolate and banana. An unflavoured version is also available which is a good choice for those looking to mix into smoothies etc. Several size pouches can be purchased starting at 500g and going up to 5kg.

Best whey blend: The Protein Works Whey Protein 360

Since launching in 2012, The Protein Works have produced some of the most unique blends when it comes to protein supplements. From The Protein Works website you can find a huge range of protein supplements including a lot of unique blends that can not be found anywhere else. This innovative sports brand now create a huge range of supplements that go a lot further than just protein. I often use The Protein Works due to a lot of their blends really standing out compared with other manufacturers. The protein Works online store offers fast delivery and allows for a wide range to be purchased at the same time. This is ideal if you are looking to order from one brand for all your supplement needs.

Whey Protein 360 is no exception from The Protein Works and makes a great choice for those looking for a whey protein blend. This unique formulation contains high quality protein from a combination of different sources including whey concentrate, whey isolate, soy protein and hydrolysed whey. Each serving contains 23g of high quality protein while just containing just 2g of fat. The great tasing flavours mean this supplement can be mixed into a mny different shake combinations. Some of the flavours include banana milkshake and birthday cake. Different size pouches are available with the largest being 4.8kg.

Best premium whey: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Impact Whey

musclePlus - ON Whey Protein

A brand synonymous with high quality whey protein is Optimum Nutrition. Since their launch in 1986, the Optimum Nutrition brand has been setting the standard when it comes to premium quality protein. ON is based in Middlesbrough and now produces a massive range of supplements including creatine and pre workout. A key focus of Optimum Nutrition is uncompromising quality; a feature that is popular with supplement users. Another benefit is the wide availability of this brand products. Optimum Nutrition is stocked at a huge range of supplement stores and is very easy to get hold of.

Gold Standard whey protein is one of the best known whey proteins out there. It sometimes seams that everyone has used Gold Standard at some point or another. Per serving there is 24g of high quality whey protein. This supplement is also high in BCAAs with 5g in every serving. All of this with just 1g of fat; making it great for a range of fitness goals. Gold Standard is a blend which includes a combination of both whey concentrate and whey isolates. Plenty of flavours are available including chocolate mint and vanilla ice cream.

Best whey protein bar: Grenade Carb Killa

When it comes to getting whey protein, bars are a great idea. A whey protein bar can often be more convenient to carry with you compared to a shake, for example when going to work. A lot of protein bars are available now and they often contain a similar amount of protein compared to a shake. Protein bars are often more expensive per serving but a good idea for those who need the convenience.

My favourite protein bars are Grenade Carb Killa. Grenade is one of the hardest hitting supplement brands on the market, with a wide range of powerful supplements including protein and pre-workout formulas. Carb Killa is a triple layered bar which is high in protein and low in fat. Each bar contains roughly 20g of protein depending on the flavour. The taste of these are superb and the best tasting protein bars I have found. A large selection of flavours are available including birthday cake and caramel.

Finding the best whey protein for woman

When it comes to whey protein, there is often too many options out there. This can lead to hours of wasted research to make up your mind on which is best. The protein supplements we have recommended about are all of the highest quality and make a great choice. But when it comes to finding the best whey protein for woman, understanding some top tips can help you make the best choice.

Understanding types of whey protein

Whey protein is sourced from milk, which actually contains 2 proteins called casein and whey. Casein is for another post, but is a slow release protein which is ideal for consumption before bed time. This is due its ability to slowly provide muscles with protein over a longer period of time. Whey protein is formed as a by-product of cheese making and contains a range of amino acids. Whey protein goes through several processes to become the protein that we see available from out favourite supplement retailers.

When you are looking for whey protein online, you may see two different types of whey listed. These are both whey concentrate and whey isolate and they both have some slight differences.

Whey concentrate is the most common form of whey protein with the biggest choice to pick from. For the majority of users, whey concentrate is the perfect solution and offers a good balance. Whey concentrate is the ‘standard’ whey that is found in most supplements. The benefits of whey concentrate are a high 80% of protein and also a great price point.

Whey Isolate goes through extra processes after whey concentrate to become whey isolate. This leads to a higher protein percentage of roughly 90% or sometimes higher. This higher percentage of protein means there is less room for both carbohydrates and fats. Whey isolate is a good choice for them following very strict macros in their diet or those cutting. But this higher protein leads to a higher price. Whey isolate supplements are more expensive than their concentrate rivals and for many, the benefits may not be worth the added expense.

Don’t be fooled by the marketing

Many whey protein supplements that can be found online today are branded as being for women. They may even come in different colour packaging such as pink. But in reality, there is no such thing as protein for women. Whey protein is whey protein and it does not matter who is consuming it. Furthermore some proteins may also promote special blends for women with additional added ingredients.

We always recommend that a unique women’s protein blend is not needed. Instead, they are a marketing tactic used by some protein manufactures to try and get you to buy their supplement. These supplements often come at a higher price point for no reason and no clear benefit. Instead, stick with a popular and highly rated supplement brand. You will not find them marketing the best whey protein for woman and instead promoting their usual whey protein blends.

Brand & flavours

When it comes to finding the best whey protein, the brand and flavours available are two areas I find others tend to overlook. The brand can give you loads of information about the supplement itself. Firstly, look if the brand is only available from their own website. If it is, there could be times when it is out of stock and with it not being available elsewhere you may be stuck. Furthermore the brand is often an indicator of a supplements quality and price. Some supplement brands are aimed at the premium end of the market. This may mean the quality is higher but also the price will be. If you are going to be consuming whey protein regularly, the price can soon begin to add up. I find many brands with a lower price such as The Protein Works can still offer great quality. Be sure to look into the brand first.

The flavour is also overlooked. If you are not consuming the supplement very often then it may not matter as much. But with whey protein, it can be consumed regularly. If you do not like the flavour, it can soon become off putting and this could lead to using it less. Luckily a huge variety of flavours is available for whey protein. I really like the huge choice of flavours available from MyProtein who have an incredible number of flavours with their Instant Whey. Another good idea is to purchase two different flavours and to rotate between them instead of constantly consuming the same flavour.

Myths for women consuming whey protein supplements

There are many myths which can potentially put women off taking advantage of whey protein supplements. One of these is high protein intake increasing testosterone levels. Women naturally have lower testosterone levels compared with men. Consuming whey protein does not interfere with testosterone levels unless consumed in very high amounts. In fact, testosterone levels are mostly increased due to a high fat and carbohydrates diet.

Another common misconception is that whey protein is only required for those bodybuilding or looking to build massive muscles. But whey protein is actually a great supplement for a wide range of uses. Firstly remember that protein should be consumed naturally in your diet every day. If you are not able to consume enough naturally from your diet, whey protein is an easy way to boost consumption. Furthermore, protein is also key for muscle recovery and repair after an intense workout. Ensuring an adequate supply of protein can allow your muscles to repair and keep them primed for optimum performance.

There are a wide range of additional further myths online related to protein consumption. We recommend you do your own independent research into protein and make your own mind up.


Finding the best whey protein for women can be hard. Firstly there is a huge range of whey protein supplements available. To make it harder, many supplement brands market protein blends just for women. But we recommend to just stick with a whey protein blend suitable for anyone. These are often a lower cost and can have a higher percentage of protein. Some of our favourite whey proteins come from reputable brands including MyProtein and Bulk Powders. Let us know your favourite whey protein supplements for women.

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