Best ZMA UK: 5 of Our Favourite ZMA Supplements

ZMA, as a nutrition supplement has been praised by bodybuilders for years. Many of them claim that it has helped with muscle growth and aided recovery. ZMA as a supplement is Zinc Magnesium Aspartate. A formulation that contains zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6.

Zinc supports your immune system and muscles. Zinc is not stored by the body, you must replenish through your diet. It is essential for humans in trace amounts. Magnesium is required in larger amounts and helps your metabolism.

Interestingly, Magnesium is becoming an increasingly common nutrient deficiency. Vitamin B6 helps a number of body functions and may increase energy. The key reason for using the best ZMA supplements is because they may help improve your performance and strength. There have not been much studies on ZMA which make it difficult to prove any of the suggested benefits.

There are some studies showing the benefits of magnesium supplement increasing athletic performance [1]. Other studies of ZMA supplements have shown no significant improvements for trained men [2]. Overall, there could be benefits to using ZMA supplements. From a science perspective though, there is simply not enough information available. More research is needed to prove whether there are any benefits.

ZMA supplements usually come in tablet form which means they are easy to consume. There is no messing about with a shaker. The recommended usage suggestion will vary by manufacturer. Its always important to read the manufacturers instructions before taking any supplement.

There is a huge choice of ZMA supplements available in the UK. Lots of brands have launched ZMA products in recent years. In this post I will be sharing my favourite ZMA supplements for 2019.


BULK POWDERS is one of my favourite UK supplements brands and was founded back in 2006. They often feature on this website and their Pro Series supplements are particularly good. The idea behind BULK POWDERS was to make single supplements available to everyone. Allowing people to make their own supplement combinations e.g. Whey & Creatine.

In 2019, BULK POWDERS are one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing sports nutrition brands. The BULK POWDERS products are all available direct through their website. This makes it easy to buy all the different supplements in your stack from the same place. The ZMA capsules contain a patented ZMA formula which is claimed to be superior to many other cheaper blends.

This is the original ZMA supplement that was patented by SNAC Systems, Inc. You can find 810mg in a tub. The price of a tub is £14.99 which works out as 50p per serving. There are also often offers on the BULK POWDERS website so you may be able to find them for a lower price at times. If you use the website a lot, you can collect points which can be used against your next purchase.


MYVITAMINS is a new brand of supplements from MyProtein. The new brand features a range of vitamin and mineral supplements, as MyProtein looks to offer more than their traditional protein supplements. MyProtein is perhaps the most well known supplement brand online in the UK. Their huge social presence means they are hard to miss.

As well as Whey Protein, they also offer a range of suppelments for building muscle. These include pre workout, BCAAs and mass gainers. MyProtein are great for offering amazing value supplements. Their prices are low and theres often offers on. A lot of their supplements also have a huge variety of flavours available.

The ZMA capsules from MyProtein cost an impressive £12.49 for 90 capsules. There is also a larger tub available for £29.99. The suggested use is to take two capsules a day on an empty stomach.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA

Optimum Nutrition is a premium supplement brand, best known for their Gold Standard Whey Protein supplement. A lot of the Optimum Nutrition supplements cost slightly more compared with other brands such as MyProtein. However, this is due to the premium quality behind their full range.

The Optimum Nutrition brand has been making supplements for over 30 years and has a great reputation in the body building industry. If you are looking to purchase ZMA from a brand trusted worldwide, Optimum Nutrition ZMA should be a top contender.

The price of Optimum Nutrition ZMA varies online and it is best to look to see where you can find it for the best value. The RRP is £21.99 but it can often be purchased for as low as £16.99 on websites such as Amazon. Each tub contains 90 capsules.

Optimum Nutrition On ZMA New EU Produced Capsules - Pack of 90
3 capsule serving; May also help to increase endurance, muscle healing and growth, and restful sleep

Sci MX ZMA Plus Hardcore

Sci MX make some of the most exciting and unique supplement blends on the market. There is a huge range on their website including exciting protein blends and BCAA supplements. Whatever your fitness goal, Sci MX have supplements that can help. They can all be purchased direct from the Sci MX website which offers premium supplements at surprisingly good value.

Sci MX was launched in 2007 with a focus on sports supplements. Since then they have grown to offer one of the fullest high quality supplement ranges online. The ZMA Plus Hardcore supplement formulation is different to other ZMA supplements. As well as ZMA, it also features a unique Vit-MX-T support complex to optimise the performance. The price varies online but the supplement can be purchased from both Amazon and Discount Supplements.

PhD Nutrition ZMA Capsules

PhD Nutrition is about sports supplements that make a difference. Since launching in 2005, PhD have made some of my favourite supplements on the market. PhD know that high quality nutrition makes a difference and their supplements reflect that.

Whether you are in the gym or playing sports, PhD supplements make a great choice. As well as ZMA, you can also purchase protein, BCAAs, pre workout and more. The PhD diet whey protein is particularly popular with those on a cutting diet or looking to build lean muscle.

the PhD Nutrition ZMA capsules are available direct through their website, where you can also purchase all their other supplements. As well as direct, you can also purchase from lots of other websites online and I have also seen them available offline. You can get 90 capsules for £9.99 direct from the PhD Nutrition website. They are also available on Amazon where they are slightly more expensive.

Overall ZMA supplements are widely available online from a lot of reputable supplement brands. Many of them use the same patented ZMA formulation which means there is not much difference with which one you chose. Its great that ZMA is fairly in expensive and widely available compared with other supplements. If the supplement brand you already favour sells ZMA it may be easier for you to to purchase from them.

Zinc is found naturally in foods

As well as supplements, Zinc is also found naturally in some foods. Its important to remember zinc is not stored in the body and so needs to be consumed regularly ensure you get enough of it.

  • Meat – Particularly red meat contains a lot of Zinc.
  • Shellfish – A great source of Zinc that is also low in calories
  • Seeds – A great healthy addition to your diet and also contain Zinc.
  • Nuts – Contain Zinc as well as healthy fats.
  • Eggs – Contain some Zinc to help increase your intake.

ZMA supplements usually come in a tablet/capsule form. This makes them easy to consume. Most manufacturers recommend taking them on an empty stomach before bed. It is important to check the individual manufacturers guidelines.

WebMD reports that there have been no major side effects reported from those using ZMA supplements. If they are being consumed more than the amount recommended, there could be some health concerns. It has been reported that Zinc and Magnesium can make it harder for your body to absorb some prescription medicines and antibiotics.

We hope you found our list of favourite ZMA supplements useful. Feel fee to leave a comment below and let us know which supplements are your favourite.

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