COCO WHITE Review & Discount- Oil Pulling For Whiter teeth

CocoWhite is the latest teeth whitening product that the health and fitness world has been going mad about. For this reason we thought we should test it out and see as the results are as good as claimed.

The idea behind Coco White is to use oil pulling to whiten your teeth. Oil Pulling has been around for years and involves swilling oil around in your mouth. By doing this it is claimed that you are able to remove the plaque and kill bacteria around your teeth.

Oil pulling has apparently been around for hundreds of years and was used in asia as a form of detox for the body. There are thousands of bacteria in your mouth. It is claimed that oil pulling with CocoWhite will reduce the amount of bacteria that is in your mouth and around your teeth.

By doing swilling the oil around your mouth you are pulling the bacteria from your teeth, promoting better dental health and cleaner teeth. One of our favourite things about Coco white is that it is 100% natural ingredients, unlike other teeth whitening products that are full of chemicals. The active ingredient is Coconut Oil which is a natural antibacterial.

Our Experience

We ordered the fourteen day pack of CocoWhite online for £19.99 plus delivery. The delivery is tracked by DPD.  The price may seem expensive but it is worth paying the extra for natural products. For the last 14 days we have been using CocoWhite in the evening for 15 minutes at a time.

We ordered the mint flavour which is pleasant. We couldn’t imagine what the lemon flavour would taste like but mint seemed better considering it was staying in our mouths for 15 minutes at a time.

If you use Coco white straight after delivery then it may seem more solid. This is due to the temperature outdoor from the delivery. We left it inside for a few hours first and it had gone back to liquid by then. However it is fine to use as it heats up in your mouth anyway.

At first swilling the oil around your mouth for a full 15 minutes without stopping does seem like a long time and it is definitely giving your mouth muscles a workout.By the time you have finished it does seem as if there is a lot more in your mouth than what you actually started with. This is presumably down to saliva etc from your mouth.

At first it did take a few days for us to see the results. However after a week they we clearly noticeable. CocoWhite makes your teeth look whiter and your whole mouth looks cleaner in general After the second week the results only increased further and we would recommend using Coco white.

Unlike when trying other teeth whitening products, Coco white actually feels as if it is cleaning your mouth out and removing the plaque.

We have decided to buy some more and will continue using twice a week to maintain our whiter teeth.

Overall Coco white is a great product. We loved that it only uses natural ingredients. The results also speak for themselves and are clearly visible within days of using. If you are thinking of giving Coco white a try then go for it and see the results for yourselves. You only have to see others posts on Instagram and Twitter to see people’s results.

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