Healthy Bodybuilding Tuna Burgers Recipe – Simple & Quick

Many of us usually eat tuna on a sandwich but it actually makes a great burger. Healthy eating should not be difficult or time-consuming. Tuna burgers are a simple recipe that you can easily cook at home.

As well as being simple, they are also relatively cheap and can be served with a wide range of sides. We like to use tuna burgers as a post workout meal. They provide a good source of protein and the bun and sides can also be great for your post workout carbs.

After a long workout, these tuna burgers make a fast recovery meal that’s full of flavour.



Canned Tuna – Depending on how large you make the burgers you will either be able to get one or two burgers per can. If you like your burgers big like us then you are going to be needing one can per burger

Whole Egg – To get the burgers to stick together you need to add a whole egg for each burger.  Egg also makes a great natural source of protein.

Additional – Tuna and egg are the essential ingredients to make the burger. To make a great burger though you are going to add some extras to give ti a great taste. Which extras you are up to you and you are free to tweak with this recipe to create your own great tasting tuna burgers.

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice – to add to the flavour.

Herbs and seasonings – There are a range of different herbs that you can add to your burgers to give them more flavour.

Finely slices onions – Common in most burgers, onions will add to the taste and help bulk your burgers up.

Freshly ground black pepper – We like to put these on top of our burgers while they are cooking.

Burger Bun – or you can eat the burgers without the bun

There are many other ingredients that you can add into you burgers. We like to keep them as simple and lean as possible though.


1) Drain the liquid from the canned tuna. After this put the tuna into your mixing bowel and add in your eggs.

2) Add in your additional ingredients that you chose to put in your burger.

3) Using a fork mix the ingredients together in the bowel. They should start to form a mixture that can be moulded into a burger shape.

4) Using your hands or a burger shaper, mould out your burgers from the mixture.

4) You can cook your Tuna Burgers in a pan or a George Forman grill. Add some low-fat cooking spray into your grill or pan. After this place your burgers in. They will not take very long to cook and should be done within 4-5 minutes. We like to toast our bun as well and they taste great !

You can adapt the recipe and your sides depending on whether you are cutting or bulking. When we are cutting they are served great with a wholemeal bun and a side of spinach. When bulking they go great  with rice and you can also add extras into the bun including sources.

Depending on the ingredients you have used, the main macro from this recipe will be protein. The recipe is relatively low in both fat and carbs.

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