High Protein Foods: The Ultimate List For Body Building

High protein foods are an essential part of everyone’s diet. protein allows us to grow and repair which essential for getting stronger and building muscle.

If you are looking to build muscle then you should be eating at least 1g of protein for each pound of body weight. There are many foods thar are high in protein and eating the right ones will easily allow you to consume enough protein each day. You should also note that proteins from some foods are released faster than others so the best time to consume them may vary.

There are crucial times to consumer protein for body building. As soon as you wake up your body has not had any food for hours so you need to start the day with some protein. Also after a workout is a key time to consume protein. After a workout your muscles are damaged and are looking to absorb nutrients such as protein quickly to repair and grow.

After a workout a Whey Protein shake is usually better than food as it will allow for more fast release protein with less carbs. Before you go to bed is also an important time to take protein as your body needs enough protein for overnight growth and repair. Take a look at this list of some high protein foods that you can include into your diet to increase the amount of protein you consume.


A common source of protein for most, chicken is high in protein and goes great with many dishes. Chicken is great for both lunch and dinner. If you are looking to eat clean then you can prepare a meal such as chicken pasta the night before, ready for work the next day.

Peanut Butter

Spreading peanut butter is like spreading protein over your food. This spread is lower in fat than some other spreads and contains a good amount of protein.


Tuna makes a great choice if you are looking to eat healthy and still pack a lot of protein into your diet. We love to use tuna for lunch as it is low in carbs whilst high in protein. A great lunchtime meal to keep you full until dinner.

Cottage Cheese

Unlike some other foods in this list, cottage cheese contains slow release casein protein. This will give your muscles a steady supply of protein and aminos for hours. You can eat cottage cheese in the morning to keep your muscles supplied with protein until lunch. However cottage cheese would be less effective after a workout when your body wants protein fast. It should be noted that cottage cheese is often high in sodium.

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Greek Yoghurt

A popular choice for many looking to eat healthy, Greek Yoghurt is high in protein. There is also healthy bacteria which is great for your digestive system.


As with other meats lamb is high in protein. However many people cook lamb with high fat and carbs meals so it may not be great if you are looking to lose fat as well.

Cashew Nuts

Just like other nuts, cashew nuts are a great source of protein and will make a good snack throughout the day. They are also high in antioxidants which is good for your overall health.


Just like chicken, Turkey is a great source of protein that can be served with many dished.  Turkey is also high in vitamin B6. Despite being popular at Christmas, turkey is great all year round for high protein meals.


With well over 20g of protein per serving, salmon is another high protein food. It can often be used by people to replace foods such as bacon in the morning.


As well as being extremely high in protein, there are also a wide range of other benefits of you including Tofu into your diet.


Eaten by many body builders for breakfast, eggs make a great source of protein in the morning.

Pork Chops

pork contains protein which means you can pig out for your main meal of the day and allow you to build muscle.

Corned beef

A salt-cured beef that is prefered by some, corned beef contains generous amounts of protein that give you a reason to eat it.

Protein Snack Bars

Protein bars make a great snack and are also high in protein. if you are looking for a snack that contains a lot protein without some of the more unhealthy stuff then we recommend protein bars. Our favourite are from MyProtein as they taste great and have a good nutritional value.


As well as containing protein, this fish is also high in vitamin D and Omega 3.


A delicious spanish sausage, chorizo is high in protein and can be a great additions to many dished. However it can also often contain a lot of carbs and fat which is not good if you are looking at losing fat.


As well as making a tasty snack, Jerky is also high in protein. Great if you are looking to consume protein in snacks as well as meals.


If you are looking to consume more protein on a healthy diet then why not make a protein smoothie. As well as blending fruits you could also add a scoop of whey protein.  A protein smoothie will provide loads of vitamins and also a lot of protein. A great choice that you can take on the move with you.

Here was our list of some popular high protein foods. If you are looking to take building muscle seriously then you should also consider taking supplements. Protein supplements can allow you to easily up your protein intake without the need to eat loads of food.

Furthermore protein shake can often be a better option straight after a work out in the crucial 20 minutes where your muscles are primed to absorbing protein. There are a wide range of supplements available from shakes to bars and snacks. All of these are going to help you bulk up without the need to keep cooking meals.

Just remember that increasing your protein intake is not going to help you build muscles on its own. The work you put in the gym is equally important. Putting effort into both of these should soon have you seeing some progress. If you are struggling to find time to eat high protein meals throughout the week then try preparing them in advance.

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