How To Lose Weight – 30 Expert Tips

Managing to lose weight and belly fat correctly will save you time and help you achieve your goals faster. In principle loosing weight is as easy as burning more calories than you are consuming. However it is often a lot harder done in reality and in this post we will share some expert tips to help you get rid of that excess weight.

Time your carbs

One of the most important factors to losing weight is consuming carbohydrates at the right time. The time that you eat carbs at can make a big difference to how your body uses them. If you eat carbs late a night when you are not doing much then your body is much more likely to store them. However after a workout your muscles are often damaged and in need of repair. As well as protein, your body needs the energy from carbohydrates to repair the muscles. Consuming your highest carb meal right after a workout will see your body putting them to the best use.

Drink more water

Most of us do not consider the hundreds of calories we are consuming each day in fizzy drinks and juices. Just by changing these for water you are already reducing your calorie intake without even eating any less. furthermore increasing your water intake will help the body flush toxins out the body and also keep you feeling fuller. At zero calories, there is no excuse to not drink more water.

Record what you are eating

Keeping a record of that you are eating will tel you about what you are consuming and how much of it. Keeping a record each week will also allow you to see the difference in your diet each week and can often be very motivating. There are now a lot of mobile applications available that you can use to keep track or just pen and paper will work fine.

Find a training partner

Whether you are joining the gym or just planning on increasing the amount of exercise you do, find a partner to workout with. Training with someone is a proven way to keep motivated. Furthermore you will find yourself being pushed further than when working out on your own.

Eat more often

Eating more often may sound liker the opposite than you want to do when trying to lose weight but it is actually beneficial. If you eat 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 larger meals you will keep your metabolism working fast all day. This will see you burning more calories instead of storing food as fat. When you start eating less often your metabolism slows down and this leads to you burning fewer calories and it becoming harder to lose weight.

Eat more protein

Protein is an essential part of our diet and used by the body to repair and grow. A lean diet should consist of high protein and low carbs which will encourage muscle growth and fat loss. Furthermore when compared with other nutrients, protein makes the body feeling fuller and so you actually end up consuming less.

To lose weight try to focus your diet around high protein meals. Leans meats such as chicken and turkey make a great choice of meals. As well as this protein shakes are also a great idea to increase your protein intake. Whey protein shakes can be consumed at any time of the day and make a great snack.
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Cook food instead of ready meals

Ready prepared foods are often full of salt and fat. If you are serious about loosing weight, you need to keep away from these foods and focus on of freshly prepared foods. Cooking meals yourself will allow you to see how much you are actually eating and avoid unhealthy ready meals

Prepare meals the night before

If you are busy at work and do not have time to eat a healthy meal at work then cook them the night before. You can take them to work in plastic tubs and this will allow you to eating a healthy meal even with limited time.

Get yourself a pedometer 

Buying s pedometer will allow you to see how many steps that you are walking a day which will probably be a lot less than you think. Set a target to reach each day and make sure that you achieve it. A good target is to walk 10,000 steps everyday. Once you have set this target then make sure you achieve it each day, even if this involves going for an extra walk in the evening to reach the target.

Fill your plate with vegetables

Vegetables are full of nutrients and have little fats. Consuming a lot of veggies each day will soon help you in losing weight. You can put them with nearly every meal and they can make a great healthy alternative to fries. Veggies are often better than fruit when loosing weight because they contain less sugar and carbs.

Lift weights

Even if you are not trying to put on muscle then you should still be lifting weights. When you are doing cardio you burn calories during your workout. However when lifting weights you break down your muscles. For hours after your body will then be burning a lot more calories repairing your muscles. So lifting weights will see your body burning more calories and keep your metabolism going for the rest of the day.

Lower the amount of dairy that you eat

Dairy products such as cheese are often full of fat. Cutting the amount of dairy products that you are consuming will see the amount of fat you consume reduce a lot ! Dairy products are often not your friend when trying to lose weight. If you drink a lot of milk then trying keep away from full fat milks and stick to skimmed milks instead.

Eat most of your calories before the evening

After the evening we generally tend not to do a lot compared with other times in the day. So that your body does not store the food you are eating, try to eat your largest meals earlier on in the day. This way you have a lot more time to burn it off again before going to bed.

Do not skip meals

If we skip meals we tend to snack more. If we are snacking it is usually high calorie and unhealthy foods such as chocolates. Therefore we are missing out on a nutritious meals for an unhealthy snack. Ensure that you never skip a meal, especially breakfast. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast find it harder to lose weight and tend to snack more often.

Eat whole grains instead of refined foods

Whole grains are far better than refined foods when losing weight. Try  and cut out refined foods for whole grains. For example try eating wholemeal bread and cut out the white bread.

Avoid fast food

This may seem obvious  but fast food is often very fatty and has little nutritional value. If you are serious about losing weight then try to avoid fast food completely.

Try some homemade smoothies

If you are struggling to find freshly prepared and healthy goods then give some homemade smoothies a go. You can make them out of fruits and vegetables you already eat. All you need to get started is a blender. The internet is full of delicious recipes for healthy homemade smoothies.

Give HIIT cardio a go

In recent years high intensity interval training has become very popular. High intensity interval training involves a standard rate cardio and then a short interval of high intensity. For example jogging for 2 minutes and then running for 30 seconds and repeating. HIIT cardio takes less time than standard cardio such as jogging and is often better for losing weight. The idea behind HIIT is that during the high intensity your muscles get damaged and need to be repaired. This will then increase your bodies calorie consumption for hours after while your muscles recover. HIIT allows you to work out for shorter periods and also burn more calories.

Take up a new sport

Try and take up a new sport, this could be anything from yoga to football. participating in a new sport will mean you are regularly working out and burning calories. furthermore a new sport is also a great way for you to meet positive people who are also working out.


Take before and after photo

Sometimes when trying to lose weight it can often be demotivating when you do not think you are actually making much difference. To see how you are really doing take a picture when you first begin. after this take a picture every month after. You will be able to compare them with the beginning photo and see how much weight you have actually managed to lose.

Drink green tea

Green tea has been shown to contain a number of health benefits and also contains little calories. Start drinking more green tea and it could help you lose weight. Furthermore green tea also contains caffeine to stop fatigue and help you burn more calories.

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Cycle instead of taking the car

If you really want to lose weight then ditch the car. Driving is not going to do anything to help you lose weight. If you only need to make a short journey then why not take a bike or even walk. By doing this you will be able to fit extra cardio sessions on throughout the day and also fit them around your lifestyle. Little changes like this can allow you to make a big difference in the long run.

Try mobile fitness apps

There are now thousands of applications available for your mobile that are great for fitness and losing weight. There are applications available for both your diet and also fitness workouts. If you need some inspiration or just some encouraging then try giving on of them ago.

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Eat less sugar

Sugar is your worst friend when trying to lose weight and contains little nutritional benefit. Cut down on the amount of sugar you eat and try to avoid sugary foods.

Have the occasional cheat meal

It is alright to have a cheat meal every now and then when losing weight. A cheat meal will help keep you motivated and allow you to stay on track with your diet. Furthermore a cheat meal can often be food for your metabolism by shocking it every now and them and keeping it working to keep up.

Do not ruin your training by eating more

You may need to eat a bit more when you have been working out. However it is not great to treat yourself to a large meal just because you have had a good workout. By doing this you are just going to undo all of the hard work that you have put into training and working out. Why not reward yourself with a healthy snack instead.

Start the day with some push ups

Why not start the day and kick-start your body by doing some push ups or sit ups in the morning. Doing this will get your body moving and get your metabolism moving straight away. They will only take a few minutes and allow you to start your day right.

Get enough sleep

When trying to lose weight it is important to get enough sleep in order to remain healthy and allow your body to repair and grow. Aim for at least six hours every night and if you can get more that is even better. Also getting enough sleep will keep you on peak physical form for working out the next day.

Eat slower

Studies have shown that by eating slower you tend to eat less. This is because when eating slower you actually start to feel fuller quicker. Therefore by eating slower you may actually end up consuming less food.

Keep Motivated

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do when trying to lose weight is to stay motivated. Think positive, stay motivated and you will eventually see the results.


Here are some of our top expert tips for losing weight. Just remember that losing weight does not happen overnight. if you are really serious about losing weight then it is going to take a lot of time and dedication. however the results will be worth it in the end.

Small improvements are the key to long-term results.

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