How To Lower Body Fat: 5 Simple Steps

As you probably already know, to see those six-pack abs you need to do more than just work your abdominals in the gym. The hardest but most important factor to get your abs to show is getting your body fat low enough. If you want your abs showing then you need to try get down to 12 percent body fat or lower.

A low-level of body fat will allow the skin to tighten over your muscles, giving you a ripped and bigger look. Reducing your body fat whilst trying to maintain muscle is not an easy task. Take a look at some of our top tips to reduce your body fat.

Time your carbs

Carbs are important for energy and are also used when repairing muscles. There are some times that are better to be eating a lot of carbs than other times. For example eating carbs late in the day before you go to sleep is not a great idea as you are not going to be consuming all of the energy they are providing. On the other hand carbs are great after a workout as they will go towards repairing muscles and not being stored as fat. Furthermore many people choose to have low carb days on days that they are not working out and are not going to be using as much energy.

Switch soft drinks for water

Water keeps us hydrated which is essential to maintain health. As well as this water is essential for processes such as fat burning in the body to take place so drinking enough water is great for a healthy lifestyle. Drinking a soft drink can contain hundreds of calories, as well as sugar and other added ingredients that are going to be doing no good for your health. However water is calorie free and will help keep you feeling fuller.

Burn more calories than you take in

Put in the most simplest terms, if you burn more calories than you take in then you are going to lose weight. This is because your body has to burn fat instead to substitute for the lack of calories. If you do not want to significantly cut the amount of calories that you are eating then look for ways that you can burn more calories. This could be as simple as doing an extra 30 minutes cardio each day.

Lift weights

Leading on from the last step, lifting weights is one of the best ways to increase the amount of calories you are burning. When you do cardio you are going to be burning extra calories during your workout. However when you are lifting weights you are damaging your muscles and your body needs to repair them. Therefore for hours after each workout your body is burning a lot more calories than usual as it repairs the damaged muscles. To maximise this, workout larger muscles such as leg muscles.

Eat more often

Many people when trying to lose body fat reduce the amount of times that they eat. This is bad for fat burning as it will just slow down your metabolism. Eating 5-6 smaller portions each day will keep your metabolism burning through food fast and will allow you to burn more calories in the same period of time. If you are struggling to eat at 6 times throughout the day then try a health snack or prepare your meals the night before.


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