Huel vs Bulk

Which one of these products can provide all of your daily recommended nutrients and vitamins to help you on your health journey?

Both Huel and Bulk contain most of your RDA requirements. Bulk is slightly ahead when it comes to the nutritional value of powders. Huel allows you to eat real food such as curries and pasta, which is a more sustainable dietary model for those trying to bulk up.

Below are a few frequently asked questions and comparisons. But here’s a quick overview of two of the most popular products.

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Who is behind Huel?

Julian Hearn is the founder and CEO of Huel. Huel started life as the epitome of the cottage industry, producing products in his home and distributing the products around the globe to dedicated sports people.

Eight years later, Huel has an impressive £200 million turnover making an even more impressive £2 + million per year profit.

Who is behind Bulk?

Adam Rossiter is the founder and CEO of Bulk. Founded in 2006, Bulk has achieved industry-leading growth in the active nutrition sector and wider eCommerce.

Bulk boasts one of the most extensive ranges of award-winning products with unrivalled formulations across sports nutrition, health & wellbeing, and functional foods.

Bulk has revenues in excess of £100 million.

Can you build muscle on Huel?

Yes, depending on your calorie intake. Huel is a high-protein product with decent levels of fats and carbs to sustain you throughout your workout.

However, if you are using Huel as a stand-alone diet, then you will need something more to keep you going. Each shake has two scoops of your chosen flavour protein powder. 

Each scoop is 200 calories, and you are recommended to add two scoops to 500ml of water. Making a total of 1200 calories per day is not sustainable for gaining muscle.

Although Huel is super convenient, you will need to be eating additional foods if you are working out.

Can you build muscle with Bulk?

Yes, depending on your calorie intake. Bulk is a great product with a lineup of products to prevent you from becoming bored with just protein shakes.

Bulk contains everything you need for your workout, but like Huel, you need to ensure you are not in a calorie deficit.

Bulk does have an array of ways of consuming proteins, but to be honest, there are only so many protein bars and flapjacks a person can eat in a day before becoming bored of the product.

Yes, you can build muscle with Bulk but you will need to add real food to your diet.

Does Huel make you gain weight?

Suppose used as part of a diet plan. The truth is Huel does have some great meals that are convenient, and when everything is taken into account, it is no more expensive than cooking your own food.

However, most people using Huel as an aid to gain muscle will find that Huel has some shortcomings, and using sodium in Huel may be too much for some users to cope with.

Huel should be used to supplement your diet and not as a replacement. If you are working out, it will give you the proteins and nutritional balance you need to make some reasonable gains in spending on your workout regime.

Conversely, if you are looking to drop some extra pounds to meet your ideal weight or drop pounds to become shredded for the beach or competition, then Huel can be your go-to meal.

Does Bulk make you gain weight?

Yes, if used as part of a diet plan. You should use Bulk as part of a balanced diet plan with the calorific value you need to gain weight.

The truth is a high protein diet of just 1200 calories per day is not enough to sustain your body weight even if you do not put a step inside a gym. This is assuming you are male with an average job.

High protein diets have been slated for years to lose weight, so when you use Bulk products, make sure it is part of a diet, a supplement to get you where you want to go.

If you want to drop weight, then high protein diets will see you drop the pounds in no time.

Can Huel replace all meals?

Only for a short time. Huel should not be viewed as a complete diet that can replace your daily food. It is a supplement that gives you proteins and amino acids that are the building blocks of producing muscle.

Yes, the Huel pasta meals and curries are great additions and may taste fantastic, but you will still need to be consuming animal proteins and vegan-based proteins to achieve your goals in the gym.

Varied diets are important to how your body functions, and while you can achieve short-term gains by being strict and only using Huel, you could ultimately see negative consequences.

Can Bulk replace all meals?

Bulk is the same as Huel in terms of being a supplement and not a meal plan on its own. Yes, it can deliver short-term gains and losses, but it will be detrimental in the long run to your desired goals. Again, only in the short term.

Is Huel and Bulk better than whey powder?

They are more expensive. Both products are refined to give the user a specific balance that whey may not give. But the balance is so fine it would be debatable if you could discern a real difference between the three products individually.

The bottom line

Huel and Bulk are truly great products that deserve their market position and success. The fact that these products are sold worldwide and have sports people such as Anthony Joshua endorsing them must speak volumes in terms of quality.

Which is better? It’s hard to say, you could well argue that Huel has the edge with its meal replacement products which are more convenient for the end-user, but most gym-goers are more interested in the protein side of the supplement.

Pricing is comparable with continual special deals to be had with both companies. 

It comes down to personal preference for these products.

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