Huel vs Herbalife

Is there a product that is more trustworthy than the other? Can you rely on money-making companies to deliver quality products?

Herbalife has been in business for the past 42 years, so it’s reasonable to expect they are doing something right. They have a turnover of $5.5 billion US dollars from its products worldwide. Huel has a turnover of £72 million and a valuation of £220 million, with an unrivalled reputation.

Where is Huel based?

The UK and New York. Essentially HIEL is a UK-based company with offices in Tring, Birmingham, London, and Hertfordshire with an office based in New York to penetrate the US protein foods market.

Huel has a manufacturing plant in Devon, UK, that supplies its products all around the globe.

Where does Huel source its ingredients?

All over the world. For instance, the coconut oil used in its products comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. Of course, it’s a native product to these countries and easily accessible due to its abundance.

The MCT (medium-length triglycerides) is a coconut and caprylic acid product. Why is MCT in food supplements such as Huel?

MCT powder is a dietary supplement containing medium-length triglycerides. Its popularity has grown swiftly in recent years, largely due to its many benefits, including weight loss, increased metabolism, reduced risk of heart disease, and more.

Can you live on just Huel?

It is possible. Huel and other protein drinks are essentially supplements. You can grab a Huel for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, but it is only a supplement, and the permanent use may negatively affect you.

It’s the perfect solution if you don’t want to cook or can’t be bothered to cook. If you are a professional dealing with people, you may not want to smell cooked food, so Huel is perfect for you.

However, if you want muscle gain or even weight loss, you may use Huel as your main diet for two weeks or more for the best results.

When taking Huel as your only food, you may experience gastric problems such as bloating and flatulence. This is normal and nothing to worry about other than being potentially socially excluded!

Is Huel ultra-processed?

Not ultra, just processed. The very nature of removing food elements requires processing, but Huel is processed enough to provide you with everything you need in a balanced diet in terms of carbs, proteins, fats and fibre.

There are no additional additives in Huel, and they meet the health-conscious clientele’s requirements entirely.

Is Huel FDA approved?

Yes. The manufacturing of Huel products is tightly regulated and frequently audited to comply with FDA guidelines. On top of the FDA guidance, Huel has stringent quality control systems.

Is Huel high in sugar?

No, but it does have sugars. Huel is considered to be a complete food source which includes giving energy.

Huel contains 4.6 grams of sugar for every 200 calories (a shake is 400 calories, two scoops). If you have diabetes, Huel is the perfect choice for you.

Who is behind Herbalife?

The founder was Mark R. Hughes back in 1980. Herbalife has gained a reputation over 42 years and has an enormous turnover of $5.5 billion in the nutritional sector.

They employ some 9,900 people worldwide.

Is Herbalife a leader in the protein shake business?

No. The company was once top of the pile back in the 90s, and pretty much everyone knew the Herbalife name.

However, when a company operates a dubious multi-level- marketing strategy for its sales, there is always a potential disaster looming around every corner.

Why? Because you are relying on the word of someone who may not have a background in nutrition and relies on brochures and handouts for information.

This may work for selling some products like cleaning products from Amway, which belong to the same group.

Is Herbalife FDA approved?

No, they lost their approval due to manufacturing practices not meeting the FDA standards. You know that FDA is not a UK approval, but it’s still relevant to the products and shows a level of duty and care when guaranteeing efficacy.

Cash is the lifeline of every business, and without cash, you sink. It’s simple maths. However, business ethics are also to be considered, and Herbalife doesn’t meet the basics of business ethics as they treat their clients as cash cows.

Is Herbalife under investigation?

Who knows! Herbalife has many problems and is constantly fighting class actions. It has recently agreed to pay $122 million to resolve a case of foreign corruption practices.

Do Herbalife products cause kidney damage?

There is a concern. If you decide to take Herbalife as a supplement, you may wish to consult your doctor first if you have any underlying condition, such as kidney disease.

Herbalife may exacerbate your conditions. If you take Herbalife and feel unwell, you should seek medical intervention without delay.

Has anyone died from using Herbalife?

You need to go back to November 1984, when there were four suspicious deaths. It was a long time ago, but time is no measure for the safety of a product.

There were 4 deaths associated with Herbalife.

What are the Dangers of Herbalife?

There are many potential dangers. Some of the sides effects of Herbalife are:

  • Liver injury
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea
  • Pale stool
  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pain

The bottom line

There should not even be a second thought about which is the better product, Huel or Herbalife.

Huel has everything you need in a complete meal replacement shake and has a whole range of products that include natural foods like pasta dishes and curry.

Opped to the dubious products potentially dangerous from Herbalife, represented by people with no interest in nutritional products, only a payday.

It is a great pity that a once global reputable player was allowed to fall by the wayside instead of dominating a burgeoning market.

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