[INFOGRAPHIC] Do’s and Don’ts Before The Gym

There are all sorts of fad-focused theories and pie-in-the-sky promises about getting in shape and losing weight. Many of them, though, aren’t based on science or on sound physical practice. Give people unhelpful advice and they may quickly lose the will or the devotion to physical well-being.

That can have long-term effects on more than just their muscles. Without regular exercise, people may end up having health conditions that require more medicine, more doctor intervention, and more chronic conditions.

This infographic easily describes several helpful aspects of establishing a workout routine.

For starters, there’s the science behind working out and coffee. Caffeine has a number of benefits, including the capacity to increase the amount of calories we burn. Even so, there are recommendations about what can complement caffeine and working out—including when to drink coffee.

Stretching before working out can also provide key benefits that, in the end, may help people continue an exercise routine. But dynamic stretching doesn’t have to be too long or overly complex.  A few exercises, such as a warrior stretch, a lateral squat, and arm circles, can warm important muscles.

Finally, there are things that exercise experts know that can be useful to non-professionals to maintain a workout routine. Those include monitoring weather conditions and dressing in clothing that improves comfort, especially during inclement seasons, such as extreme heat and cold. Sleep, too, is an important factor in promoting a sustainable exercise routine.

Take a look at the Infographic above from Health Perch of the do’s and don’ts before working out.

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