MyProtein Protein Gel Review

If you have ever looked at supplements online before, you will have most likely come across MyProtein. Starting life in 2004, MyProtein has grown to become the number one online sports nutrition brand in Europe. Their huge supplement range features a number of products that I use regularly including Impact Whey Protein and BCAA+.

MyProtein have recently launched the Energy & Endurance range and I had the chance to check it out. The range aims to maximise performance during long periods of exercise so that you can focus on training and recovery. If you are looking supplements to support long distance exercise or improve you endurance, these products should be your go to choice with MyProtein.

Being focused on the gym, I particularly liked that the products were a convenient energy source before a workout and the gels were fast and easy afterwards. There are a number of great products that I have tried and could recommend in the energy & Endurance range including Recovery Plus elite & Deluxe Energy.




When it comes to finishing a big workout, the first supplement I go for is a Whey Protein shake. This normally involves waiting until I have driven home and prepared a shake. When it comes to the best time to consume whey protein, it is within 20 minutes of finishing your workout.

During this time your muscles are depleted and effectively like a sponge when it comes to absorbing nutrients. Waiting until I am at home to consume a shake means it can sometimes take longer and therefore missing the best time to consume it. However with Protein Gel there is no mixing or carrying around a shaker bottle with you. I am able to consume Protein Gel straight after my workouts when my muscles need it most.

Per serving there is 20g of protein which is the same amount as consuming an actual protein shake. There is also only 0.1g of fat, making this a great option for including in a low-fat diet. Protein Gel does have more carbs at 6.1g compared with some protein shakes. If you are like me though, I always consume carbs after a workout when I would be taking this anyway to ensure my body has the energy for growth and repair.


You can buy Protein Gel directly from the MyProtein website and 12 servings cost £19.99. This works out at approximately £1.68 per serving. Looking on some of MyProteins competitor websites I could not find them selling any similar protein gels so it is difficult to compare to competitor products.

If you look at Protein Gel compared with using a protein shake, the serving cost is quite a bit higher, especially if you are buying 5kg bags of protein at once. However in regards to value and the convenience Protein Gel offers, I believe that it is good value if you require the convenience and ease of a Protein GEL sachet after a workout.


Protein Gel is available in a Tropical flavour and a Raspberry flavour. I tried the Tropical flavour and it was very enjoyable. Protein Gel tastes just like a normal yoghurt and there was no chemical taste what you get with some supplements. The texture was creamy and I would happy consume Protein Gel again and again.

Product Overview

Overall MyProtein Protein Gel makes a great source of protein that is convenient and perfect for straight after a workout. 20g of protein per serving means there is no need for another protein shake and it can easily be taken with you to the gym. The taste was also very enjoyable and I would buy the same flavour next time. The price is higher and using protein shakes but if you are looking for convenience, Protein Gel is your best option.

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