MyProtein Hurricane XS Review

MyProtein is one of the biggest supplement brands out there, offering a huge range of great value supplements. As well as proteins, there is a wide range of products including pre workouts, BCAAs and multivitamin supplements.  MyProtein products are targeted at a variety of goals from building muscle to burning fat.

We picked up a 2.5kg bag of Hurricane XS for £34.99 from the MyProtein website. We have often noticed offers on the MyProtein website throughout the year, so you may be able to purchase for slightly less.


Hurricane XS is designed as an all-in-one recovery shake for an intense workout. This means it is great for after a gym session where you need a combination of protein and carbohydrates to allow muscles to grow and repair. Per serving there is a huge 34g of protein, more than enough to consume after a workout when your muscles are like a sponge absorbing nutrients.

As well as this there is also 21g of carbs per serving. these are important after a workout because your body needs energy to use the protein you have consumed for muscle growth and repair. Fast release carbs in Hurricane XS help to refuel your body effectively. Furthermore there is creatine in the form of  Creapure®, the highest quality available.

Using creatine regularly can help provide your muscles with explosive energy during an intense workout. By consuming it in a recovery shake, you ensure the levels in your body are topped up. There is also HMB to help prevent muscle breakdown.


You can purchase a 2.5kg pouch of Hurricane XS for £34.99 on the MyProtein website which works out roughly £1 per serving using the recommend serving amount of 70g. This makes Hurricane XS nearly half the price of MaxiMuscle Cyclone. both of these products are very similar and so Hurricane XS provides great value for money.

If you choose to purchase the 5kg pouch the price per serving workouts out slightly cheaper, saving you money. With some of the regular offers that MyProtein have on their website, you may be able to pick this up at a lower cost. For the variety of ingredients in Hurricane XS, including Creapure®, Hurricane is very good value for money.

Taste & Mixability

There is a huge choice of flavours including Rocky Road and wild Strawberry Cream. We decided to try the chocolate Mint flavour. The taste was pleasant and reminded us of the chocolate Mint Impact Whey Protein. The consistency is also very similar to a protein shake, with virtually no difference. The MyProtein flavours always taste great and we would buy the Chocolate Mint flavour again. The shake also mixed with no problems. There was no lumps and the drink  was smooth.

Product Overview

If you are looking for a post workout shake that provides you with both great value & profile, we would recommend Hurricane XS.  The profile is one of the best on the market, with some great features such as HMB and Creapure®. We also like the well-balanced amount of protein and carbs for recovery after an intense workout. Hurricane XS is also great value for money and nearly half the price of main competition. The taste is also nice and reminds us of the MyProtein Impact Whey Protein.

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