MyProtein Impact Whey protein Review

MyProtein is one of the first supplement websites I discovered when first looking into supplements. When I first placed an order with them I was sceptical as the price seemed too good to be true and began to look into them more. Their website is full of positive reviews from customers so I thought I would try them out myself and see how good they are.

After paying a little extra for delivery a parcel arrived with the MyProtein logo on several days later.  The box was well packaged with air-filled plastic bags to protect the contents which was one Kilogram of Impact Whey Protein.


MyProtein’s impact Whey Protein contains 82 Grams of protein per 100 Grams. This is a little less on flavoured versions and our Mint Chocolate flavour contained 75 Grams. Per serving this works out to be 21 Grams or 19 Grams on the flavoured version.

For the price that we paid we could not contain at the level of protein in this and because we had the flavoured version we just increased the serving size after a workout to maximise the amount of protein we were taking in. The profile itself also contains some essential amino acids, compromising of over 2 Grams of Leucine per serving. The protein itself is a Whey Concentrate.

Being a concentrate rather than isolate means that it takes slightly longer to be absorbed by the body but MyProtein have still ensured premium quality protein is used throughout.


We brought 1 KG of Mint Chocolate flavour at £15.79. We also noted that a supersize 5 KG pouch was available at£57.19 which made for even better vale. We really could not find any protein on  the market that offered better value for the same high quality. Impact Whey offers great value compared to similar proteins from premium brands such as USN.

Furthermore MyProtein offer to beat any competitors price by 5%, giving us little reason to go elsewhere. If you are on a tight budget then the unflavored version is the cheapest and offers the highest protein content. However the taste could not be described as enjoyable.

Taste & Mixability

We tried the Mint Chocolate flavour and it was one of the best Mint Chocolate Whey Proteins that we have tasted. Unlike some other brands such as Reflex, Impact whey was not overly sweet. There is a huge choice for flavours with everything from Blueberry Cheesecake to Tiramisu. Next time we will be buying mint chocolate again as the taste was very enjoyable.

To Mix, we used a standard supplement shaker. Impact Whey mixed with no issues and not too much effort.

Product Overview

Overall MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is one of our favourite choices of protein for newbies and experienced supplement users. The high-profile of protein makes Impact Whey a great shake for any time of the day and mixes well with milk and water. The value was unbeatable by other supplement brands and appears to be the best value for money compared with other Whey proteins.

The taste was great and highly recommended. If we had to point out one downside it would be that Impact Whey does not appear to bring anything new to the market. However we would not be expecting anything too exciting for the price we paid.


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