MyProtein vs Bulk Powders Whey Protein

It can be a difficult decision choosing which Whey Protein to purchase, particularly if it’s your first time buying supplements. There is a huge variety of brands out there, including high street brand names such as PhD and also many internet only supplement brands such as both MyProtein and Bulk Powders.

Both MyProtein and Bulk Powders are some of my favourite supplement brands and feature regularly on this site as I actively use both of their supplements including their whey proteins. Both are extremely popular and it can often be hard to make a clear decision on which to choose. Unlike with many other brands, I find both of these compare very closely to each other which means it’s difficult to pick one that instantly stands out.

Let’s get started and take a deeper look into both MyProtein and Bulk Powders whey protein supplements.

The Whey

Whey Protein Concentrate is the choice of protein for most people. This is due to being fast releasing, which makes it ideal for use after a workout. It’s also great value. Unlike Whey Isolate, concentrate is lower cost while still providing roughly eighty percent protein per serving.

MyProtein Impact Whey vs Bulk Powders Pure whey

These are the competing whey protein concentrate proteins from both brands which are ideal for most.

About the brands

Launched in 2006, Bulk Powders has blossomed into one of the largest supplement powder producers in the UK. The idea came from only being able to buy ‘finished’ supplements, where as they wanted to be able to buy the different powders separately. This lead to the launch of Bulk Powders where you buy Whey Protein and creatine for example separately and mix them in your own shake. Therefore knowing there are no hidden ingredients.

Today, Bulk Powders has websites in over 13 countries and works from a state of the art manufacturing facility. Their website contains a huge amount of choice including Protein, Mass Gainers, BCAAs, Multi Vitamins and much more.

MyProtein was launched in 2004 and is perhaps the best know protein supplement brand in the UK. It’s often the go to choice for a lot of gym goers. In recent months MyProtein went through a rebranding which saw their colour scheme and logo receive an over hall to keep it looking fresh.

As with Bulk Powders, everything can be purchased from one place on MyProtein. Their website is full of a huge range of supplements including pre-workouts, creatine, casein and more. MyProtein has a massive social following online which is worth checking out for supplement advice.

Nutritional Values

25 g
MyProtein Impact WheyBulk Powders Pure Whey
Protein21 g20.1 g
Energy103 kcal102 kcal
Fat1.9 g1.7 g
Carbs1.0 g1.25 g
Price£21.99 1kg£21.99 1kg

We have compared the unflavoured version of each supplement from their respective websites.

Comparing the nutritional value of both Whey Proteins, they are very similar. Whilst Impact Whey has slightly more protein, Pure Whey has less carbs. In a real life scenario, unless you are extremely focused on measuring macros, I don’t believe the differences here are enough to sway me between each one alone.

Pricing is hard to judge on both of these supplements. Although they share the same RRP of £21.99 for 1kg unflavoured, there are nearly always offers on which means the price you pay will usually be different. To get the most accurate price its best to check on the day you plan to purchase.

Check lowest price on Bulk Powders Pure Whey

Choice of flavours

For me, the flavour of the protein can often weigh heavily on which supplement I choose if comparing very similar nutritional values.

Having used both Impact Whey & Pure Whey, they mix very easily in a shaker with no issues and the consistency of both is very good.

It’s great to see such a huge choice of flavours available from both brands. I tend to lean towards chocolate flavours of whey protein and Mint Chocolate is my favourite flavour, followed by Chocolate Orange. There are however some really unique flavours available from both brands including Pineapple and Birthday Cake.

In my personal opinion I find the myProtein products to be slightly sweeter than the Bulk Powders protein. As someone with a sweet tooth I do therefore prefer the taste of MyProtein Impact Whey, but this could vary depending on your preference.


An important factor to consider when choosing a supplement brand is the reviews. Luckily both MyProtein and Bulk powders have thousands of reviews on their website, particularly on their whey protein supplements. If you have not already, it’s worth checking them out yourself to see the most up to date opinions.

TrustPilot is a great resource for genuine customer reviews. MyProtein scores 8.7/10 on over 36,800 reviews.

Bulk Powders scores 9/10 from over 17,700 reviews.

It seems Bulk Powders does perform better in reviews from customers. Just like nutritional values though, the gap is only slight and both have thousands of positive reviews.

In Conclusion

In summary Bulk Powders Pure Whey and MyProtein Impact Whey both perform very similar. One does not haver a major compelling feature that make its stand out above the other.

My personal choice is to go for MyProtein Impact whey. This is due to preferring the sweeter taste over the taste of Pure Whey. Another reason for choosing this is because Im a big fan of MyProtein Alpha Man Multi Vitamins and will often order them and Whey Protein at the same time for convenience.

If Bulk Powders has a better offer on the day I plan to purchase, I would seriously consider also buying Pure Whey.

Check lowest price on MyProtein Impact Whey

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