PhD Diet Whey Review – The Best Diet Whey?

When it comes to finding a whey protein shake, it seems like there are endless options to pick from online. As well as the standard protein blends, there is an ever-increasing number of diet whey proteins. But is it really worth buying a diet product and if so, which one is the best? During this PhD Diet Whey review, we will take a look.

For most of us purchasing a whey protein supplement, it will generally be a typical powder of just whey protein concentrate. This is ideal for boosting the protein consumed in your diet, as whey protein provides a fast-acting and lean source of protein. In fact, the protein content is roughly 80%, far higher than the amount found in high protein food.

A diet whey protein typically contains several extra ingredients designed to support weight loss. These include ingredients such as green tea which raises the metabolism to support increased fat burning. For most users, we support using fat burner supplements separately to whey protein. But for those looking for convenience, a diet whey protein makes a great choice.

PhD Diet Whey Review

The PhD Nutrition brand was launched in 2006 with the mission to change the sports supplement landscape. Throughout their products, the goal to focus on honesty and reality has prevailed into a huge range of exciting supplements. The line-up includes a full range of protein-based products, including Smart Bars, which we are big fans of.

PhD Nutrition is now sold worldwide in over 45 countries and features thousands of positive reviews online. Diet Whey from PhD is widely marketed as the original and best diet whey protein. PhD was one of the first supplement manufacturers to bring a diet whey protein to the market and completely changed the game.

The shake features high protein and low carb blend to support fat loss. This supplement is suitable for both men and women looking to achieve greater fat loss results. To achieve this, PhD have combined protein with a range of ingredients to achieve increased fat burning including CLA, Flaxseed and L-Carnitine.  

Taste & flavour

We are often big fans of the flavour when it comes to PhD products. In fact, PhD smart bars are some of our favourite protein bars on the market. The difficulty with diet whey protein powders is that they often don’t taste as good as their standard whey protein alternatives. This is often due to the added ingredients which support weight loss but don’t help the taste of the protein shake.

Luckily, there is a huge number of flavours of this supplement available, so everyone should be able to find a flavour that works for them. Over 12 flavours are available including chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla cream. Some unusual flavours are also available including cherry Bakewell and birthday cake.

We always prefer to stick with chocolate flavour protein shakes for the best taste, but its great to see such a huge variety. For those looking to use PhD diet whey every day, a great idea is to purchase 2 different flavours. This way, the flavour can be rotated on a daily basis.

The overall taste is great and very impressive for a diet whey shake. We did find the texture to be slightly thicker compared with other shakes. This is likely due to the addition of flaxseed. We compensated for this with more liquid. The flavour actually tastes like the flavour purchased, with little artificial taste or bad after taste.

Our favourite is the chocolate mint flavour. This shake could be mixed with water or milk, we find cold water best to avoid adding additional calories from milk. To get the best results, a protein shaker should be used and the bag kept sealed to ensure the powder is kept fresh. 

We Love!

A high quality protein supplement containing a blend of three proteins for a constant supply of branched-chain amino acids. 34g protein per 50g serving.


Great macros are key for a diet protein shake and PhD diet whey delivers. Each 25g serving contains 91 calories. There is also 17g of protein and just 2.8g of carbohydrates. The low volume of carbs makes this supplement suitable for those following a keto diet.

The amount of protein in diet shakes is lower when compared with a standard whey protein shake. For example, MyProtein Impact Whey contains 21g of protein per serving. This is due to the additional ingredients which are a diet shake to support an increased fat loss.

PhD diet whey contains protein from multiple sources including whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and soya protein isolate. The combination of different protein sources allows for BCAAS to be released into the blood-stream and absorbed by the body at different rates. This creates a drip-feed effect which keeps the muscles supplied with BCAAs over an extended period of time. Great for those on a calorie deficit looking to maintain muscle mass.

Further ingredients include flaxseed. This is ideal for those looking to increase fibre in their diet and provides a source of essential fatty acids. Green-tea is also in this supplement to support fat loss. We have discussed green tea extract many times when looking at fat burner supplements.

Green tea contains caffeine and catechins which can enhance thermogenesis. Therefore increasing the body’s efficiency in burning calories. Finally, there is L-Carnitine which is another popular ingredient for fat burning supplements. This amino acid transports fatty acid into cells to be processed for energy. 

Overall, the macros for PhD diet whey are very impressive. The blend of protein is unique and ideal for ensuring muscles are supplied with amino acids. There are lots of great ingredients to support with fat loss.


The price of supplement can often be the difference in whether we recommend it a lot. For supplements such as diet whey protein, it’s important to remember that it is going to be used regularly. This could be every day for some. The PhD diet whey range starts with a 500g tub which is priced at £14.99 on the PhD website. We would only recommend this size for testing a flavour for the first time, as its small enough to run out very fast.

The next size is 1kg which is priced at £27.99. The largest size is a 2kg pouch which is priced at £47.99. We do find this to be slightly more expensive when compared with similar products. For example, MyProtein Impact Diet Whey is priced at £22.99 for a 1kg pouch. However, as with many supplements, the price can be found for less when shopping around online.

The best value website for PhD diet whey is Amazon. Being Amazon, the price will fluctuate, but when writing this post the current price for a 2kg pouch is £30. The 1kg pouch is also noticeably less compared with ordering directly from PhD.  When buying from Amazon, PhD is great value for money and contains much better ingredients compared with rivals at a similar price.


Overall, our PhD diet whey review has found it to be a great product that we would recommend. Diet whey proteins are becoming increasingly popular with those looking to increase fat loss, without necessarily consuming additional fat burning supplements. This protein actually contains many of the ingredients found separately in fat burners.

A good selection of over 12 flavours is available, ideal for those struggling to find a flavour they like. We love the idea of using two flavours if you will be consuming this supplement every day. The macros of this diet whey are good with 17g of protein in a 25g serving. Where PhD Diet whey stands out is the additional ingredients to support increase fat burning. These include green tea extract and L-carnitine. The price is expensive from the PhD website but is great value from Amazon where it can be found for less.

We hope you found our PhD diet whey review useful. Do you like PhD Diet Whey? Let us know in the comments.

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  • 7.5/10
    Taste - 7.5/10
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    Macros - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10

PhD Diet Whey Protein

Overall we are fans of PhD Diet Whey Protein. The triple protein blend ensures muscles are supplied with a constant stream of BCAAs to maintain muscle mass. A good selection of 12 flavours are available. While expensive from the PhD website, this supplement is good value from Amazon.

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