SCI-MX Recover 2:1 Isolate Review

SCI-MX  are a large supplement brand offering a great range of high performance products. Their product range contains many unique formulas including GRS 9™ Protein system and Omni mx hardcore. These blends often include exactly what you need for muscle growth including protein, creatine and BCAAs.

you can purchase a tub of 1.2kg Recover 2:1 Isolate for approximately £24 from the SCI-MX website . With any order over £15 you can get free next day delivery. we also noticed Recover 2:1 Isolate available on a number of other supplement stores including Discount Supplements.


Recover 2:1 is a post workout shake from the Advanced Muscle range. like with most post workout recovery shakes, the aim is to support muscle growth and avoid fatigue. Per serving there is a generous 24g of protein isolates, which get to your muscles quicker for growth and repair.

For the first 20 minutes after a workout, your muscles are essentially like a sponge absorbing nutrients such as protein. Fast absorbing protein isolates ensure they get to your muscle straight away. there is also BCAAs which are naturally occurring in protein. these are key after a workout to prevent muscle breakdown and help support protein synthesis.

Recover 2:1 also contains 51g of Carbohydrates per serving. To allow muscles to grow and repair, your body gets energy from carbohydrates. Fast absorbed carbohydrates such as dextrose allow your body to break them down to use as energy faster. Therefore helping to avoid muscle fatigue and providing energy for muscle growth right after your workout.

We really like that Recover 2:1 contains 19% RI of Magnesium, which helps contribute to energy production. Consuming magnesium after your workout can help with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


You can purchase a 1.2kg tub of Recover 2:1 for approximately £24 from the SCI-MX website which works out roughly £1.60 per 80g serving. This is quite a large serving size and you may wish to use slightly less per serving. This does make Recover 2:1 more expensive compared with some recovery shakes on the market including Hurricane XS from MyProtein.

However it still costs a lot less compared with some other premium recovery shakes such as MaxiMuscle Cyclone, which costs near £50 per 1.2kg tub. Looking at the supplements profile, you can see why it is priced higher than Hurricane XS from MyProtein. there are more ingredients in Recover 2:1 including Magnesium and Vitamin C.

Recover 2:1 is also available on other stores and you may be able to pick it up for less if there are any good offers on at the time you order. It is also worth noting that SCI-MX offer student discount.

Taste & Mixability

Recover 2:1 is available in an orange flavour. We were very surprised and impressed with how good the shake tasted. There is no chemical taste and the experience was very enjoyable, it could be compared to an orange juice drink. The shake is very easy to drink and definitely something to look forward to after a workout.

The shake mixed fine with no lumps or bits, it was slightly thinner than we expected from a protein shake, which was nice. The shake does go quite frothy after shaking so we left it for a few minutes before consuming.

Product Overview

The Recover 2:1 shake from SCI-MX is one of the best and most exciting recovery shakes that we have tried. We would definitely recommend this supplement to anyone looking for a post-workout shake to aid recovery. The profile is great, with a large amount of protein and some nice additions such as Magnesium and Vitamin C.

Despite only being available in one flavour, the taste was enjoyable and surprisingly nice. You can purchase cheaper good quality recovery shakes, but it is easy to see why you would be willing to pay more for Recover 2:1.

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