The Essential Supplements You Need For Building Muscle

Trying to Build Muscle without supplements could be the reason you are not seeing them gains in the gym and  still feeling the workout for days later. When you are looking to build muscle fast, supplements are your best friend. They can help push you further in the gym and also recover quicker. If you look on the market today there are huge number of supplements available but they are not all equal in effectiveness for building muscle.

Building muscle does not require you to keep taking lots of different supplements throughout the day. Instead it requires you to take the right supplements at the right time to see their greatest effect. Take a look below at our essential supplements for building muscle fast.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is the greatest supplement when it comes to repairing muscles. Protein is used by the body to repair damages muscles and help them grow back bigger. After a workout your muscles will be damaged and they need protein to allow them to repair and grow back stronger.Whey protein is a fast releasing protein that is digested quickly by the body. This makes is great for as soon as you come out the gym as you will be able to get the protein to your muscles as soon as they need them. The first 20 minutes after your workout are the best time to take whey protein as your muscles are like a sponge looking to soak up nutrients.

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Creatine is one of the most researched sports supplements in the world and is naturally occurring in our body. Creatine increases out ability to produce energy rapidly, which is what we need when lifting heavy weights in the gym. Creatine allows us to squeeze those last few reps out which in turn are going to help us build muscle and get stronger.You can buy creatine in a number of forms including powders and chewable tablets. We like to buy the powdered version as you can put it in your post workout shake when you creatine levels are going to need topping up.


Branched chain amino acids are commonly used by body builders and allow you to see increased results when used during your workouts.BCAA’s are amino acids that help to stimulate protein synthesis  & muscle-building in the body. They help drive nutrients to the muscle and can be used as an energy source for exercise. The best time to use Branched Chain Amino Acids is during your workout. Drinking them through a weight training session will help keep your muscles topped up with that nutrients that they may lose during a workout.


This is a supplement that is commonly found in pre workout formulas and also naturally in out diet from foods such as poultry. beta-Alanine works by increasing levels of intra-muscular carnosine. This stops lactic acid building up which is going to see us drop in performance and eventually muscle failure. increasing levels of Carnosine will allow you to delay the onset of lactic acid and therefore see increased endurance during workouts.

Casein Protein

Many people take advantage of whey protein but forget to use casein protein. Unlike whey, Casein is a slow digesting protein that is derived from milk. In the stomach it is absorbed slowly, meaning that it can continue to supply you with protein and nutrients for hours at a time. For this reason casein is great to take before you go to bed as your body will have a constant supply of nutrients throughout the night as it grows and repairs. Casein shakes themselves are often thicker than whey shakes and there is usually less choice of flavours.


If you are serious about putting on some mass then try using dextrose in your post workout shake. Dextrose is a high GI carbohydrate that provides quick energy for the body. This is exactly what you need after a workout to deliver the nutrients to your muscles. Dextrose is very cheap and will give a sweeter taste to your post workout shake.

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That was our essential supplements for building muscle. If you have any suggestions or questions then feel free to leave them in the comments.


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