The Protein Works vs MyProtein

How important is the sustainability of products and innovation in a market that is becoming saturated?

To keep the edge in eCommerce, continuous innovation is required to maintain market share and grow in line with stakeholder expectations. Finding biodegradable packaging and sustainable supplies are key to businesses staying at the forefront of their market sector.

Is Protein Works™ the number 1 supplier of protein powders?

No, the biggest suppliers are based in the US. While Protein Works may enjoy an enviable market position and turnover, it is not the number 1 supplier of Protein Powders.

The accolades for being number 1 in this market sector all go to US companies which is understandable given the size of the domestic market and the prevalence of patriotic purchasing power.

However, if you look at Trustpilot as a trustworthy source, then Protein Works™ is a leader in satisfaction of the products.

Is Protein Works a viable company?

Yes. In 2021 protein works had a turnover of £25.6 million, comparable with the leading businesses in this industry, so it should be considered a major player.

Protein Works™ have a unique business model for disrupting the industry. When their competition is doing well, they develop a new product that eclipses the competition.

How do Protein Works keep ahead of the competition?

Constant innovation/ You know, constant innovation does not mean you get a new product every week, innovation takes time, and this is a science-based industry supplying the best quality proteins to its clients.

Take the example of Raze Burn Preworkout. This can not be considered just another one of the run-of-the-mill pre-workout protein drinks.

It has been designed with your body composition in mind so you can achieve that chiselled physique.

They have taken the latest cutting-edge scientific research and combined that with pioneering Flavour Boost™ technology to create a pre-workout with its aim dead set on helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

What do customers expect from The Protein Works?

Excellent, consistent quality of products. Protein Works does not compromise on the quality of ingredients to ensure they deliver a top-quality product every time.

Delivering anything less is an invitation to your customers to look elsewhere.

Protein Works best sellers

Whey protein 360. Whey protein 360 has to be a number 1 seller. It can be considered a flagship product that has been developed to deliver every nutrient and mineral together with vitamins and protein from the whey.

Whey protein 360 can be used as a meal replacement because it is packed with everything needed to sustain health while working out.

Protein grazers are another best seller, a biscuit or cookie-type snack to help you through the day without overeating, perfect for those who are looking to shed a few pounds.

However, best sellers are driven by promotions. You can always find an incredible promotion on the protein Works website with incredible discounts.

Is Myprotein a good company?

Yes, it is owned by HUT Group. My protein-based in Manchester has grown from humble beginnings and is now part of the HUT group, whose portfolio is beauty products and healthcare.

The group’s mission is to manufacture sports nutrition drinks that are available to everyone at an affordable price.

The HUT group manufactures a wide spectrum of protein products aimed at ambitious sports people to help them achieve their personal goals.

Needs include vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free so that customers can enjoy the benefits of high-quality nutrition.

Where does MyProtein manufacture?

Warrington UK. My proteins manufacture everything for their sports protein products in-house in a tightly regulated environment.

Because they manufacture and control the process, Myprotein can bring products to the market at affordable prices and still deliver world-class products across the range.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing plant ensures promises of purity and quality of products are met and delivered to customers.

How does Myprotein stay in contact with its customers?

By building a community. MyProtein has built a community that keeps growing. They share tips and advice from nutritional facts to how to achieve your goals in the gym.

The MyProtein community on social media and blog are there with you on your journey to fitness and health.

So many times, the biggest barrier faced is motivation based on ignorance and just lack of knowledge., My protein breaks down the barriers and myths so you can enjoy your life fully.

Does MyProtein have vegan products?

Yes, lots. MyProtein has a range of vegan products that are suitable for use by anyone. The vegan products have excellent reviews such as “the best I ever tasted”, which is encouraging as vegan food is not known for exciting the taste buds.

Similarities between companies and products

MyproteinThe Protein Works
Year founded20042012
Products soldProtein powders and shakes, sports supplements, health & wellbeing supplements, health foods, superfoods, clothing and accessoriesPremium sports nutrition, protein shakes, protein snacks, vegan protein and supplements
Best SellersImpact Whey ProteinImpact Whey IsolateCreatine Monohydrate PowderProtein BrownieDiet Meal Replacement ExtremeWhey Protein 80Whey Protein 360Whey Protein 360 ExtremeVegan Protein ExtremeVegan Protein
Organic range?Yes – 17 productsNo
DeliveryFree UK delivery over £40Standard delivery £3.99Free UK delivery on orders over £50Standard delivery £3.99
Average Review Score (Trustpilot)4.4(over 51k reviews)4.6(over 17k reviews)

The bottom line

Are the corporate giants who buy up companies any better than those who choose to stand alone and compete in a market that appears to be saturated?

The truth i9s both of these companies do an outstanding job at supplying a wide range of protein products designed to help you reach your goals, be it gaining muscle bulk or shedding weight.

On the surface, it appears that Myprotein has the edge over The Protein Works based on price and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that guarantees consistency of products.

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