The Protein Works WHEY PROTEIN 80 Review

The Protein Works has been around for several years now and they offer some of the most competitive and high quality supplements on the market. Most of their products are protein based but they do sell other products such as Creatine and BCAAs. The majority of The Protein Works Products are targeted at those looking to put on muscle, with everything from mass gainers to casein.

We picked up a 500g bag of Whey Protein 80 for £10.99 from The Protein Works website. There is sometimes offers and sales on their website so check out our offers page for discounts.


Each serving contains 19.6 grams of protein and as the name suggests, there is approximately 80 percent protein in the supplement. There is no fillers in Whey Protein 80 and it has won the Protein of the year award for its superior quality. There is also just 99 calories per serving, making the profile exceptional for the price and on a similar level to some expensive premium brands such as Optimum Nutrition and USN.

There is also the AMINOGEN formula which  is designed to help your body absorb more Amino Acids.  This is great for putting on muscle as Amino Acids are essential for using protein to build muscle and preventing muscle breakdown.


A 1kg pouch of Whey Protein 80 currently costs £16.99. This is slightly more expensive than the MyProtein Impact Whey which currently costs £15.79. however this is still significantly less than other brands such as Optimum Nutrition which cost about £30 for a 1kg tub.

The protein cost really is rock bottom with the only real competitors being MyProtein and Bulk Powders for both price and quality. For a large 4kg bag the cost is £48.99 which works out at 31p per serving. If you know you are going to be using a lot then it is worth investing in the larger bag for the mega low price tag.

Taste & Mixability

There is a huge choice of flavours including cherry Bakewell and wild raspberry. We decided to try the chocolate silk flavour. The taste was nice and was definitely something that could be looked forward to after a workout. The taste was not too sweet like some protein shakes and we thought was just right. The shake also mixed with no problems. There was no lumps and the drink  was smooth.

Product Overview

If you are looking for an award-winning protein at a great price then this may be the one. Overall The Protein Works Whey 80 Concentrate is a good shake that we would recommend. The Aminogen formula is a nice extra compared some of the rivals products and the shake itself tastes nice.

We loved the wide range of flavours and quantities starting from 500g is also nice. Whey Protein 80 makes a great shake for the price and we would definitely recommend giving it a try. The service is also great from The Protein Works website. our order arrived in 1st class post within a few days.

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