Top 10 Best Mass Gainers 2022

There are a lot of weight mass gainers available on the market in the UK. But which are the best and which ones are simply not worth your money ?

Mass gainers are designed to help you put on size, even if you are struggling. If you have an Ectomorth body type then you may find it difficult to put on mass. You could spend hours working hard in the gym but still not see any gains.

The only way for you to put on some good size is to supercharge the amount of calories and protein you are consuming and this is what mass weight gainers will allow you to do. As well as containing protein, weight gainers also contain carbohydrates and a lot of calories.  However even though they may sound similar, they can often contain very different levels of quality ingredients.

A lot of bodybuilders will follow cycles of bulking for several months, followed by cutting for several months. This allows you to build muscle through the bulking phase and then strip away fat during the cutting stage to see the results underneath from the muscle you have put on during the bulking phase.

The best mass gainers

If you are looking to bulk seriously then its time for you to take a look at mass gainers. Even though you may put on some fat whilst using them, the right one will allow you to focus on putting on muscle quickly.  Take a look at our ten favourite mass gainers for 2022 below.

MyProtein Extreme Gainer Blend

Extreme gainer blend is a great option and our favourite of the best mass gainers

With four different sources of protein and over 440 calories per serving, Extreme Gainer Blend should soon see you putting on some size. Per serving there is 35g of protein. This is a significant amount and a lot more than you would see per serving of a standard whey protein shake.

Another essential combination for mass building is a mix of Low and High GI carbohydrates which will be used as energy by the body for building muscle. This shake contains both of them as well as insulin and flax-seed. There is a choice of six flavours available and also the option of or 5kg.

The price of extreme Gainer Blend is very competitive compared to some its more expensive rivals. However as you would expect from MyProtein, it is still very high quality. I am a big fan of MyProtein. Firstly, their prices are very reasonable for good quality supplements.

Secondly they often have a good selection of flavours available. Although not as many as the whey protein shakes, this mass gainer still offers a good choice of flavours. If you are struggling to put on size and looking for a simple mass gainer then this is what you need. MyProtein often have a lot of offers available to so keep an eye out for them on our offers page.

Bulk Powders Informed Mass

informed-mass is a serious mass gainer for those looking to bulk

Despite not being as big as MyProtein, Bulk Powders has grown in popularity in recent years due to them focusing on quality and price. The Pro Series range from Bulk Powders is their premium range that is slightly more expensive but the products are some of the most superior on the market; with Informed Mass being no exception.

This mass gainer is available in 2 flavours: Strawberries & Cream and double chocolate. Bulk Powders know how good this product is that they offer a money back guarantee on it. Per serving there is a huge 45g of protein, which is double what you would see in a serving of standard whey protein powder.

As well as this there is added Leucine, Creatine, Glutamine and HMB. All of these help contribute to muscle growth and maintenance. If you are looking for a premium mass gainer at a price that is still fairly competitive then Informed Mass makes a great choice.

Just like similar supplement websites, Bulk Powders allows you to easily purchase everything in one place. This is both convenient and cost effective. You will see that this mass gainer compares very well to other gainers and if far superior to most.

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme

The Protein Works has one of the best mass gainers available

Despite many people only hearing of The Protein Works recently, their products have won awards for exceptional quality. In fact, The Protein Works was launched way back in 2012. Total Mass Matrix Extreme is a weight gainer for people looking to take mass gaining to the extreme.

Per serving there is a gigantic 65g of protein which comes from a triple protein blend. As well as this there is also over 1000 calories per serving. The shake itself is extremely dense with both protein and calories.  There are also a number of extras including Glutamine and Vitamin B.

A good selection of flavours are available including: Chocolate Silk, Millionaires Shortbread and Strawberries & Cream. However with a thick shake you could see the chocolate becoming a bit sickly. If you look on The Protein Works website then you can see a number of five-star reviews from people all recommending the product.

We also like that Total Mass Matrix Extreme is available in a 1 kg option which means you can try it without investing in big bag. However there are also some very big options available including a massive 8.48kg pouch.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Most people have heard of Optimum Nutrition due to their premium quality Gold Standard Whey. Well for people looking for a premium quality mass gainer they have the option too. Optimum Nutrition have a great reputation in the supplement industry for premium quality.

Per serving there is a huge 1250 calories and 250g of carbs. Also, there is nearly 50g of protein per serving as well. If you are looking for premium quality then ON Serious Mass is what you are looking for. Four flavours are available including Strawberry and Chocolate.

If you buy Serious Mass direct from Optimum Nutrition then it can be very expensive. I like to use Discount Supplements to buy Optimum Nutrition products as they have quick delivery and the price is usually a lot less.

Mutant Mass

A product with a great reputation that is mentioned a lot, Mutant Mass is one of the most well know weight gainers on the market. This ultimate formula is designed for you to put on some serious mass fast. If you have ever seen any of the mutants training videos then you will know how they achieve their serious size.

They take a serious approach to size and their products show that. As well as containing healthy fats, there is also 1100 calories per serving and over 56g of protein. There are many flavours available and Mutant Mass is often sold in large quantities.

If you are looking to stock up and save some money then it is worth buying one of the big pouches such as the 6.8kg size which you can buy from Discount Supplements for £55.99. Mutant Mass is a calorie dense formula that should soon see you putting on some size.

CNP Professional Pro Mass

Unlike some of the more extreme mass gainers, CNP Professional Pro Mass is a little lighter. CNP has been around since the early body building days and trusted since 1998. This mass gainer is great if you are looking to improve those muscles gains but you do not need them thousands of calories extra each day.

As this shake is a lot lighter you will not see such extreme results but should still see some good progress. There is approximately 400 calories per serving and 35g or protein. This is still plenty for increasing calories and protein intake without the serious mass gain.

If you already find it fairly easy to gains muscle but want to increase the results further then this would be a good choice. I often think of this as the ideal supplement for after an intensive workout.

BSN True Mass

BSN produces some of the most cutting edge supplements on the market. I’m a regular user of their supplements and particularly enjoy their pre-workout shake. True Mass is a great choice for anyone looking to put on lean mass from a high quality protein source.

The award winning formula is designed to maximise your results. True Mass contains less fat and carbohydrates compared with a lot of other mass gainers to ensure the mass you are putting on is lean muscle. Each serving contains 702 calories and there are 46 grams of protein.

There is also 84.8 grams of carbs in each serving. True Mass is widely available in a variety of flavours including chocolate Milkshake and Cookies & Cream.

USN Muscle Fuel All-in-One-Mass

USN has a name for premium products and this is no exception. This comprehensive health and fitness brand has a reputation for high quality products. Muscle Fuel Mass has 50g of protein per serving and available in three flavours including Strawberry and Chocolate.

There are 7 difference sources of protein in this weight gainer to support muscle growth and maintenance. Per serving there is 404 calories and the sake should be consumed 2-3 times per day. Despite USN often being more expensive than other brands, the quality is often far superior and the reviews speak for themselves.

You can also buy this mas gainer from Discount Supplements where it will often be cheaper than buying direct from USN.

Sci-MX Super Mass XL

Super Mass XL is a new mass gainer from Sci-MX, one of my favourite supplement manufacturers. Each serving contains over 1000 calories for those looking to gain some serious muscle.  There is also creatine and added MCT oil for those looking for serious power and size.

If you are a hard gainer and struggling to put on mass, this product has been designed with you in mind. This shake contains seriously high levels of calories, carbs and protein. A great feature of this shake is the 9 hour muscle support.

This is done by using a blend of fast, medium and slow release proteins. These ensure your muscles are being fed continually all day long. There are also some unique nutrients to this mass gainer including B vitamins and Zinc. Several flavours are available to pick from including double chocolate and Blueberry Muffin.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer

Gold Standard Gainer from optimum Nutrition makes a great shake for post workout or any time throughout the day. This is the second time Optimum Nutrition have appeared on this list, due to their great supplements . As well as tasting great, there is also over 55g of protein per serving and over 700 calories.

There is a 2:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates. This weight gainer is designed for people looking to put on lean mass. So if you already do not find it too hard putting on mass then this makes a great shake. It does not contain over 1000 calories like some shakes because some people just do not need that many.

Gold Standard Gainer contains 6 different protein sources to support Muscle growth and just like with other ON products, is often available cheaper from discount supplements.

Top Tips For Gaining Mass

  • Eat at the right times.  It is no good eating loads just before you plan on sitting down for hours. Instead it is better to eat consume a carb & filled meal before you workout to provide you with energy and repair you muscles. But be careful not to over eat and feel too tired before your workout. Proper nutrition should be planned both pre and post workout to maximise the potential mass gaining benefits.
  • Get a good amount of sleep. Whilst you are sleeping your muscles are repairing and growing. Getting enough sleep will make sure that you muscles have sufficient time to repair. Those with poor sleep patterns could find it harder to build muscle as the body is not achieving adequate time to rest and rebuild.
  • High intensity & variety are key. To increase muscle mass you need to train with increasing intensity to damage your muscles. They will then grow back bigger. Variety is also important as your muscles will get used to the same workout. If you really want to work them, ensure your workouts have a good mix of different exercise. A good idea could be to rotate the workouts you do each week.
  • Track your workouts. The are plenty of apps available to track your workouts and see how well you are doing. Keeping track will allow you aim higher each time. Many of these apps also allow you to share workouts with your friends. This is a great idea to stay motivated.
  • Workout with someone. A workout partner is a great way to keep motivated and push yourself to train further. Even if you are not working out together everyday, a few days a week can make a great difference.
  • Remember that good mass will not come overnight. In order to be successful in putting on mass it is going to take many months of dedication and training. Keep working hard and you will see some great results at the end. You may wish to take regular progress pictures to track any gains that you have made.

Tips on finding the best mass gainers

As you have seen from this post, there is a huge amount of mass gainers available to pick from. Therefore it can be hard to pick between them and find the best one for you. Below you will find some key tips to help you when selecting a mass gainer.

Nutritional value

Probably the most important aspect when selecting a mass gainer is the nutritional value. After all, the reason we are using a mass gainer is for the nutrients to put on mass. The key nutrients to look out for are carbohydrates and protein.

Protein is the building blocks for our muscles. When we have a big workout our muscles are broken down. The body uses protein to repair the muscles and build them back up. Each time they are repaired they get bigger.

Ensuring we have enough protein is essential to allow for protein synthesis to take place. This is the process of the body using the protein. Mass gainers often have a lot of protein to ensure your body has enough for growth.

A big serving of carbohydrates is what makes a mass gainer different to an ordinary protein shake. With standard whey protein shakes there is a lot of protein, but not much of anything else. For the body to be able to use protein to build muscles stronger, it needs energy to do so.

This is where carbohydrates come in. They are the energy source that the body can use for growth. For people who struggle to put on mass, they often have a high metabolism. Therefore the lots of carbohydrates in mass gainers ensures they have enough for getting stronger.

The brands

It’s common knowledge that when we find something we like, we often stick with it. This can be the same for supplements, including the best mass gainers. If you already prefer a manufacturer from using one of their other supplements, you may wish to use them again. Once you build up trust with a brand, you can be confident in what you are getting.

A benefit of using the same brand is that it often means you can order all your supplements at the same time. For example websites like MyProtein allow you to order all of your supplements in one place. This includes everything from pre-workout to protein.

Therefore it is a lot more convenient and often economical. If you decide to mix brands though, there are still many websites out there where you can order from different vendors at the same time.

Mix-ability and taste

These are two important factors that are often overlooked. It’s incredibly important to use a mass gainer that you like the taste of. If you don’t like the taste then you are not going to want to consume it. Rember, with mass gainers you are often consuming them several times a day for weeks at a time. Even tastes that you can stomach now, you could be put off pretty soon.

I find that the taste differences are huge across different brands. Some such as MyProtein I find slightly sweeter, where as others just do not taste great. Another good idea is to mix the flavours up. An idea I like is to buy two flavours and then rotate them. This stops the boredom of the same flavour and also stops you getting sick of them.


The price can vary a lot across supplements, including mass gainers. It often depends on where the brand positions themselves in the market. For example there are premium brands such as Sci-MX where they are marketed as premium items and come with a larger price tag.

On the other hand, brands such as Bulk Powders offer lower cost options. Interestingly, some supplement brands have both low and high cost options. For example with Bulk Powders premium Pro Series.

There are many options available and you should be able to find an option that meets your price point. If you are planning on using the mass gainer for a while, remember that the price can soon add up.


In summary there are a lot of great options available when it comes to finding the best mass gainers. The best option will often depend on your own goals and budget. It’s also key to remember a mass gainer is not an overnight fix. It takes a lot of focus on both diet and exercise to achieve your goals. Let us know in the comments your favourite mass gainers.

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