What’s My Body Type ? Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph

For some people, you can spend months working out hard in the gym with little results. Only to see others have the physique you aim for without doing much work at all. Well a key reason for this is body types. There are three body types called: Ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

Our body type can make a significant difference to muscle growth and how we should be working out to compliment our body type. For example your body type can often influence how hard you find it to gain muscle or burn fat. Understanding your body type will allow you to tailor your workout and goals to march your body type.

You should be able to identify your natural body type from the picture above so read up on it further below.


The ectomorph look is usually lean and tall. An ectomorph is your typical skinny guy. Ectomorphs usually tend to have little width to their shoulders and also tend to have longer & thin limbs. For ectomorphs their biggest difficulty will be gaining weight and muscle mass.

So if you are lean and struggling to put on any size in the gym then it is probably because of your natural body type. You may hear the word “hard gainer” used to define ectomorph body types as they may find it harder to gain that extra mass than others.

An ectomorph will usually have a very high metabolism which is the reason for not gaining weight. For this reason they will need a LOT of calories to gain weight. Mass gainer shakes are going to be the best bet as they easily pack a lot of calories and protein which are both needed to put on size.

Working out should focus on short and intense muscle workouts. Compound moves are great for this. There is generally no need to be doing a lot of cardio. It is also a good idea for a protein shake before bed to prevent muscle breakdown.


The physique of a mesomorph is generally rather athletic. This body type will also find it easier to put on muscle and will often be able to see some good gains from weight training in the gym. Compared with ectomorphs they tend to have more defined muscles, which are usually larger. This creates a bigger look and with a well-defined body.

Mesomorphs tend to be stronger due to their bigger muscles and also ability to gain muscle quicker. However Mesomorphs should not take their body for granted. If they are going to eat whatever they like then they are going to put on weight and could start to see their well-defined muscles fading.

Mesomorph body’s will respond well to the food that they eat. So if they are eating a healthy diet, along with a good workout then they are going to be seeing results, usually quick. Power moves such as deadlifts are good for mesomorphs. Weight workouts should also be combined with cardio.


The endomorph body type will tend to gain fat easily. They also tend to be naturally stong and big built.Sometimes they can have a pear body shape. Endomorphs tend to have strong and powerful leg muscles. The body is often more round and soft.

It is going to be hard to shift the weight as an endomorph. Instead of jogging for hours, short and high intensity exercises are going to be the best option as these will raise the metabolism. Weight training can be easier as an endomorph due to natural ability to gain muscle.

For trying to lose weight training is also a good idea for endomorphs. This is because it will mean burning an increased amount of calories for hours after as the muscles repair themselves. Heavy weight training combined with cardio will make the best option.

Strict eating will be important as an endomorph.  Their diet should be focused around low carbs and high protein. A strict diet is going to be essential for losing weight and putting on muscle.


have you found your body type ?

Given the descriptions in this post you should now be able to identify your body type. If your body type puts you at a disadvantage for the physique you want to achieve then don’t let this stop you. Everyone can achieve the body shape that they want, it may just involve working a little harder for some. The body that you want is not going to be achieved overnight.

Combining the right diet and training program will always eventually allow you to achieve a great body. You just have to be willing and dedicated to working hard and you WILL get what you want. Now you know your body type you should be able to easier tailor your workout to one that fits with your body and is going to see the most progress for you.

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.

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