When Is The Best Time To Take Supplements For Muscle Building ?

There is often a lot of confusion between people who are new to supplements such as protein about the best time to take them. furthermore there is also a lot of conflicting advice, making it even more confusing.  If you are looking to pack on muscle then there is an optimum time to take each supplement to maximise muscle growth.

If you are using supplements then ensure you are taking them at the best time so not to waste any potential gains.

Whey protein

Whey Protein is a fast release protein and the best time to take it is right after a workout. At this point your muscles have been broken down and are like a sponge for absorbing nutrients.  The optimum time is within twenty minutes of working out so it’s a good idea to have a shake ready for as soon as you come out of the gym.

Another good time to take a whey protein shake is as soon as you wake up in the morning. At this point your body has been without food for the duration of your sleep and your muscles need more protein. A whey protein shake is great at any time of the day for adding extra protein in your diet and there is nothing stopping you from taking one whenever you feel like.

Casein Protein

Unlike whey, casein is a slow release protein. Casein protein comes from milk and forms a sort of gel when it is digested in the stomach. This means that it takes many hours for it to be digested and used by the body. This unique ability means it is great for before bed or other period that you will be without protein for a long time. While you are sleeping your body is repairing your muscles


Creatine works by providing our muscles with the energy they need for explosive exercises. Therefore the best time to take creatine is just before working out, roughly 30 minutes before. As well as this you should also take some creatine after your workout to prevent muscle breakdown. Some people do a loading period when they first start using creatine by taking a larger amount.


Branched chain amino acid provide your muscles with the essential energy they need for workouts and prevent muscle breakdown. BCAA’s are naturally found in Chicken, Beef, Tuna and other foods. However if you are using them as a separate supplement then just like creatine, it is best to use them around workouts. Some in a pre workout and post workout shake will be plenty.

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