Can I Go To The Gym Before Laser Hair Removal?

How long do you need to wait between laser hair removal? If you are going out with friends, is it ok to shave a few days before the laser hair removal treatment?

You will not be able to shave for 6 weeks before having laser hair removal. It is important that the hair’s root is maintained and the hair’s pigment to allow the laser to remove the hair follicle completely.

Can you work out the same day you get laser hair removal?

No, it will be painful. After laser hair removal, you must avoid certain things for at least 48 hours to allow the skin to settle.

Sweat from working out in the gym will aggravate the areas where the laser treatment has been undertaken and cause soreness.

You will need to be mindful to avoid anything that will cause excess heat to the skin, such as a warm shower or walking in sunlight without sunblock.

Can you do exercise before laser hair removal?

No. It may seem odd to you, but you are not allowed to workout before laser hair removal.

Your hair follicles are sensitive, and any actions are raising your body temperature for working out, or hot showers/ saunas will make the laser treatment more painful.

In addition, sweat contains bacteria that could exacerbate the soreness and even lead to an infection.

Can you lift weights after laser hair removal?

No. The same applies across the board to exercise after laser hair removal surgery. Lifting weights is likely to make you sweat and could cause some friction in the treated area.

Friction can cause the skin to blister and become extra sensitive, which will prolong the recovery period.

Keep your skin comfortable and cool after the procedure.

Can you do yoga after laser?

It’s best not to. If you are looking for a speedy recovery and achieve the best results, you must adhere to the rule of no exercise for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

Although you may not consider yoga as being strenuous, yoga will still increase your heart rate, which in turn will elevate your body temperature.

There is no sugar coating. The fact is that laser treatment is a controlled burn of your skin, and as such, it will be red and sore and may need icing to reduce swelling.

Can you wear leggings after laser hair removal?

It’s advised to wear loose clothing. Loose clothes that can allow some airflow is recommended after laser hair removal. Tight clothes such as leggings may be comfortable but could cause some friction that will aggravate the area that has been treated.

How many hours after the laser can I shower?

At least 48 hours. Laser treatment effectively burns layers of your skin to destroy hair follicles, and as such, your skin will experience redness, swelling and could be sore. 

You should leave showering or bathing for at least 48 hours to give the skin a chance to calm. Applying heat in a hot shower will only make the soreness worse.

When you shower after 48 hours, ensure the water is tepid/ lukewarm to avoid heating the targeted area of your laser treatment.

Can I workout 12 hours after laser hair removal?

It’s not advisable. You may be itching to get back into the gym as soon as possible, but you will need to apply the brakes for 48 hours before heading back to the gym.

After laser hair treatment, your skin can be susceptible to any heat source, including raising your body temperature. According to Hair Transplant Story.

In addition, when you add sweat to the targeted area where the laser treatment has taken place, you are potentially doubling the source of pain.

Does laser hair removal stop sweating?

It is possible. Laser hair removal is an invasive procedure that can damage more than the unwanted hair follicles.

Occasionally, your sweat glands can also become damaged, preventing sweating. This may be considered a bonus in certain body areas but not so much in others.

A laser hair removal system designed to prevent hair regrowth and stop sweat glands from working is called the miraDry.

Can laser hair removal change your smell?

It’s a topic up for debate. If you read blog posts regarding laser hair removal, you may find some people claim that they now have a different smell.

However, sweat is odourless and smells different. There may be a change in your hygiene habits.

As you may expect, the cosmetics industry denies any such changes of receiving laser hair removal treatment.

Should I laser my armpits?

It’s a personal choice. When you laser your armpits to destroy the hair follicles may seem like the best solution for you. However, laser hair removal for armpits will require multiple treatments to achieve the desired effect.

Due to the multiple procedures required, the treatment may be cost-prohibitive for some of you.

Can a laser remove dark armpits?

Yes. If your dark armpits are problematic, then laser hair removal may be an option for you and allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

The laser will lighten the skin as the top layers of the dermis are burnt away to reveal new skin.

What happens if you don’t shave before the laser?

Nothing, it’s better not to shave. If the hair is too long in the area being treated with a laser, then the technician can trim the hair to the optimal length for the treatment.

You need a certain amount of hair for the laser to work efficiently. However, if you do shave you may experience more redness and soreness after the procedure.

Is 6 laser hair treatments enough?

It depends on the individual. For the average person, you will need a maximum of 6 treatments to achieve your goals.

After every laser treatment, your hair grows back slower until completely gone.

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