20+ Best Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas for gym-goers 2022

It’s nearly that time of year again. For many of us, Christmas shopping includes a huge amount of research. Finding the perfect fitness gift means picking from a huge field of available choices.

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to finding the best fitness Christmas & birthday gift idea in 2022. Fitness gifts now come in a variety of categories including supplements, equipment, food and technology.

Our list features a collection of some of our favourite fitness gift ideas for 2022 every category. We will continue updating the list as the big day gets closer and we find more great choices available.

MyProtein Discovery Box

Best christmas gift ideas 2019  - MyProtein Discovery Box

The huge range of supplements from MyProtein features widely across this site. Their huge range contains some of our favourite proteins for health and fitness. As well as protein, MyProtein also produces a large range of other supplements. This includes everything from BCAAs to creatine.

The Discovery Box from MyProtein is an exclusive box of their favourite products in a branded box. Inside you will find a mixed selection including a BCAA drink, mini shaker and protein flapjack. This makes a great present for any supplement fan. The box can give them a chance to try a range of new products.

Bulk Powders Half Gallon Water Bottle

Everyone needs to refuel during exercise. BULK POWDERS is another extremely popular supplement brand. Any gym goer will have seen their hugely popular protein supplements. As well as protein, the range also includes protein foods and clothing.

We all use water bottles during exercise. They are essential to carry for any gym or fitness routine. This half gallon bottle from BULK POWDERS features a 2.2 litre capacity so theres no need to keep refilling. The stylish design makes it easy to transport and theres also a grab handle for ease of use.

Anker wireless Headphones

Headphones are a great accessory to have in the gym. The music keeps us motivated and focused during an intense workout. But the problem with a lot of headphones is that the wires get in the way.

These wireless headphones from Anker connect to your phone via Bluetooth for wireless playback. They also feature 10 hours of use from a single charge and superior sound quality. They are water-resistant to protect against water, sweat and rain during a workout. In the box is a collection of different sized ear tips.

Pinch of Nom Healthy Recipe Book

During the Christmas period, many of us overindulge. This leads to a fitness kick in the new year. The perfect time to use your healthy recipe book from Christmas to get the year off to a great start. Pinch of Nom promises that slimming food will have never tasted as good.

The healthy cookbook features 100 recipes for getting into shape. The book is a great choice for both novice and experienced home chefs. 33 of the recipes are vegetarian and there are many recipes not in the mainstream diets guides.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are great for tracking our daily steps and letting us know when it’s time to get out that chair. However, fitness bands such as the Apple Watch and the range from FitBit are expensive. This often leaves them not a choice for gift ideas.

The Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi offers great value for money at under £40 in the UK. The Mi Band is now in its fourth generation and has been refined by Xiaomi to a point where it is as good as its expensive rivals. The new models now feature a colour AMOLED touchscreen. There’s also Bluetooth 5,0, a heart rate monitor and up to 20 days battery. The Mi Fit app is also easy to use and available for your phone.

Pocket Gym Diary

When training in the gym, it’s a great idea to keep track of your workouts. There are many great apps available for this but often the easiest way s with a portable diary. Keeping track of workouts allows you to gradually increase with each session and stimulate muscle growth.

The Pocket Gym Diary has been specifically designed with workouts in mind. Its pocket size so easy to carry round without being obstructive in the gym. There are 100 pages to keep months worth of workouts tracked. The records on each page have been specifically labelled for a workout. They include exercise, weight and reps. A great stocking filler.

Grip Strength Equipment

A solid grip is important during a workout. Ensuring you have a good grip of the weights is important for completing your reps with good form. Most gyms do not have machines focused on improving your grip and this makes a great choice to practise at home.

The 5 pack of grip strength equipment features a variety of tools to build up strength. They focus on building strength in the wrists, hands and fingers. This would be great or using in the evenings or during days off the gym to continue improving strength.

Protein Fitness Gift Box

Every year we end up with too much chocolate over Christmas. Instead of buying the standard chocolate selection box, take a look at this protein gift box. The unique idea puts a fitness twist on the usual chocolate gifts.

The box includes a number of popular bars from brands including Mars, CNP and Grenade. Protein bars are a convenient snack for any time of the day to increase protein intake.

The Protein Works Gift Voucher

Best Christmas fitness gift idea from The Protein works

Looking for someone difficult to buy for? this voucher could be a great choice. The Protein Works is another popular supplement brand. Their range includes some unique blends of protein and other supplements. There’s also sports nutrition and protein snacks.

A gift voucher for The Protein Works gives them a huge choice. They can choose the supplement they want so you don’t have to. A great choice for anyone serious about nutrition. There’s several amounts available between £25 and £100 and they must be used within 12 months of purchase.

Chilly’s Water Bottle

This year we have seen a huge rise in paying more attention to plastic waste. One way in which you can help reduce your plastic consumption is by changing to reusable bottles. Chilly’s is on a mission to accelerate the use of reusable bottles with their huge collection.

On their website, chilly’s feature a massive range of designs and sizes to choose from. There are some unique designs such as tropical prints and also some standard colour designs. A great choice to carry with you for any exercise.

Running Smartphone Armband

For many of us, our smartphone is essential during a workout. From playing music to tracking calories, they are essential. the issue is often where to put them. If you are going for a run you don’t want your phone bouncing around in your pocket.

This running armband from Mpow features an adjustable strap to fit most arm sizes. The layout also makes for easy access to your phone’s buttons e.g. for changing the volume. The reflective strap keeps you visible and there’s also a place to put your key.

Ab Roller Set

The abdominals are one of them muscles we can workout easily at home. Unlike chest which often requires heavy weights and machines, abs can be done with lightweight equipment.

This 3-in-1 ab roller kit includes an easy-grip handle for smooth operation. there’s also a knee pad for if you are working out on a hard floor. Furthermore, there’s a variety of other equipment. The push-up bars are slip-resistant to protect you from injury. The adjustable skipping rope is also ideal for a home cardio session.

MyProtein Gym Holdall

A gym holdall is a great idea to keep all your gym accessories and clothes in between sessions. There are plenty available but this holdall from MyProtein makes a great choice.

The bag features a clean black design with MyProtein branding on the handle. There’s also a large interior to store all your essentials. Why not make the gift extra special and put some supplements inside as part of the gift. As this is on the MyProtein website there is often offers on so you may be able to grab a bargain.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Getting in to shape is a great feeling. But some of us need more motivation than others. After the Christmas period is over is an ideal time to get fit. kick off the year in the best way with a fitness challenge. If putting together a workout plan sounds too complicated, this makes it easy.

This 30 Day Fitness challenge shares a different workout each day. As well as being entertaining, it’s also fun to get involved. If you know someone who does not know where to get started, this is a great idea. Each day for 30 days there will be a different exercise to work towards your dream body.

Protein Bar Snack Box

Protein bars make a great fitness gift

If there’s one thing that gets gym goers excited, its trying new supplements. Whether its new flavours or brands, a new supplement is exciting. The supplements often being part of our daily routine. But for this reason, many of us will stick with what we know and buy the same flavours over and over again. This makes a Christmas gift the ideal time to try something new.

This protein bar snack box contains a mixed variety of supplements that make the ideal gift. Each box contains 10+ fitness snacks from big brands such as Grenade and PhD Nutrition. The snacks come packaged in a white protein box which just needs some wrapping paper to create an easy gift. This is a great present for those that are hard to buy for.

Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

An intense workout can often lead sore muscles for days after. A protein shake and rest is usually the recovery option that most fitness fans will go for. Why not treat them to a bit of luxury with a handheld massager that they can use from the comfort of their own home. A massage can release tension and release muscle knots. We are a big fan of this massager for those who can often suffer from soreness after a workout.

This handheld massager from Naipo features 5 customisable modes for different massage experiences. and makes a great fitness gift A range of intensity settings allows for adjustment for different age groups. The package includes 5 different nodes which are suitable for different body parts including back, abdominals and legs. The device is rechargeable so there’s no need for wires getting in the way.

Beard Grooming Gift Set

One thing men are often proud of is their beard. It can take months of hard work and dedication to growth a great beard. There’s also the regular maintenance trims and grooming that takes place to look after it. Beard accessories are a growing business, as more men look for products to keep them looking great.

This beard grooming set contains a huge collection of accessories, ideal for those looking to take their beard to the next level. The box includes a range of accessories such as combs and brushes, all packaged inside a premium gift box. A high-quality beard wash and beard conditioner are also in the box to upgrade any grooming routine. A storage bag is provided to keep all the accessories together.

Smoothie Maker

Protein shakes are one of the most popular supplements available and widely used by those participating in high-intensity workouts. Protein shakes provide a range of benefits including optimising muscle recovery and supporting muscle growth. But protein shakes can get boring after a while. turning them into a smoothie mixed with fruit and other ingredients is a great way to create exciting protein shakes.

This Breville Active Blend smoothie maker is ideal to use for a post-workout shake. The blender will easily power through frozen fruits and other ingredients in seconds, thanks to the 300-watt motor. Several configurations are available including extra bottles and different colours.

MyProtein Performance T-Shirt

The supplement range from MyProtein is extremely popular with those into fitness. The huge range includes protein further supplements maximise every workout. But in recent years, MyProtein has been expanding their clothing range to offer a collection of clothes perfected suited to a workout. This makes a great gift that they can use regularly during fitness activities.

The performance T-Shirt is produced from a soft-touch stretch fabric that provides a great fit that is also comfortable. This provides a great range of movement for any exercise. A great choice of sizes is available from XXS to XXL. several colours are available and this is certain to be a popular gift.

Running Belt

Runners often have a lot of gear to carry with them and it can be difficult to find somewhere to put it. When wearing light clothing there is often not many pockets or space to put everything you want to take with you. A running arm-band is great, but it only provides storage for your phone. If you plan on being out for a while you could be carrying money, bank cards and keys.

This running belt provides an extremely easy way to carry everything you need. The material is breathable and flexible to provide a comfortable fit during long workouts. The strap is adjustable to ensure a tight fit that is not going to come loose. A handy headphone cut-out allows for easy access to music.

Protein Shake Mug

If there’s one thing everyone needs, its a good mug. A mug is a fitness gift that will get used all the time. Whether its that first coffee in the morning or a great tea after a workout, a mug is a gift that is going to get lots of use.

This Mr Protein Shake mug is great for those fitness fans that go to the gym regularly. The premium ceramic mug is perfectly suited to any hot drink. A nice gift box will make this a great gift.

The Fear Bubble Book

Regularly reading a book is a great way to reduce stress. Many of us are fans of reading books, we love to read them at night. For fitness goers, there are some great books to increase motivation and improve workouts. If you are looking for the next book, look no further than The Fear Bubble from former special forces tv personality Ant Middleton.

This book has a huge number of great reviews and teaches the reader how to harness feat to achieve anything. The Fear Bubble is an extremely powerful book which is great for boosting motivation. While it is available as an ebook, a hardcover makes a great gift.

Weightlifting Gloves

Best fitness gift - weightlifting gloves

Lifting weights regularly can soon begin to rub off on hands. Over time, the skin on hands can become damaged from all the constant workouts and training sessions. Protecting them with gloves is an easy way to overcome this and continue to workout. Gloves can also provide better grip when lifting free weights.

The Bulk Powders weightlifting gloves provide a comfortable and secure fit for many types of weight training. The gloves are great for everyone from newbies to experienced weight lifters. The leather design provides a premium high-quality finish and this makes a great fitness gift.

Best Fitness Gift Ideas of 2022 for gym-goers

We hope you enjoyed the list of our favourite fitness Christmas gifts for 2022. We will continue to update the post as the big day gets closer. Fitness gifts are a great idea for presents which can be used all year round. Many fitness goers will take some time off around Christmas, but they are sure to take advantage of their gifts in January. Let us know in the comments your favourite fitness gift.

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