PRP KHIIT Fuel Extreme Review

Phil Richards Performance sell some of the most exciting research backed supplements on the market. With the aim of improving health and making a difference, their products contain 100% natural ingredients. They sell a wide range of products including pre-workouts, proteins and fat loss supplements.

Once you look around their website you can see a lot of great testimonials and positive reviews. We picked up a 950g tub of KHIIT Fuel Extreme which can be purchased for £37.99 from the PRP Supplements website. If you spend over £50 you can get free delivery on your order. Our delivery arrived very quickly and in a well packaged box.


KHIIT Fuel Extreme is a pre workout supplement that is designed to give you an insane workout. There are some great ingredients in the formula which make it stand out. Each serving contains a large 200mg of caffeine which lowers your perceived rate of exertion and can help you focus for an intense workout. There is also 10g of BCAAs.

These three essential amino acids can be taken before a workout to prevent muscle breakdown and help to improve protein synthesis. As with most pre-workout formulas, there is also creatine. This gives you a great pump throughout your workout and provides short bursts of energy for intense exercise. KHIIT Fuel Extreme also contains Beta Alanine, which can delay muscle fatigue and is great for endurance exercises.

Each serving is 1 scoop but for our first try we used half a scoop; increasing to near the full scoop the time after. within 20 minutes we noticed the pre-workout taking effect, with the energy from the caffeine and the ‘tingles’ that you can often experience when using a Beta Alanine supplement. Throughout all our workouts we found them to be extremely focused and being able to easily push ourselves when squeezing them last few reps out.

This allowed us to train harder and keep pushing towards the end of each set. The profile of this pre-workout really does allow for an extreme workout, with little muscle fatigue and crazy concentrations levels.We had been using MyProtein’s Pulse V4 pre-workout lately and found HIIT Fuel Extreme to be much more powerful and intense for all of the workout.

Muscle Plus - prp extreme KHIIT


You can purchase a 950g tub of KHIIT Fuel Extreme for £37.99 from the PRP Supplements website. When you work out the cost per serving, this is actually good value compared with some of the leading pre workout supplements. for example Cellucor C4 costs £19.99 but this is for a 390g tub and would work out more expensive if you were buying the same quantity.

Taste & Mixability

Pre-workout supplements are often not the nicest supplement to consume and this is no exception. There is no choice of flavours available with KHIIT Fuel Extreme. The supplement mixes fine in a protein shaker and the consistency is good. We found the taste to be very sour and hard to drink all at once. There is a sour taste with many other pre-workout supplements we have tried but this was definitely one of the strongest.

Product Overview

If you are looking for a Pre-Workout supplement that is going to provide you with an intense and extremely focused workout, we would recommend KHIIT Fuel Extreme. The supplements profile is great, with many well researched ingredients. We liked the large amounts of Caffeine and BCAAs in each serving to help focus and prevent muscle breakdown. Despite not having a range of flavours, this pre-workout is good value for money and the 950g tub should last you for a while.


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