Top 10 Best Protein Bars 2020

Using the best Protein Bars can can provide you with a convenient alternative to a protein shake and allow you to increase your overall protein intake. Protein bars allow for snacking on protein on the move without the need to carry round a high protein meal. They are great for when you are at work or have a busy day with no time to prepare a meal or carry a protein shaker with you. When you are looking to build muscle it is important to maintain a high protein diet for growth and repair. Taking protein throughout the day will ensure you always have enough protein to allow for maximum muscle growth.

There is a huge difference in the quality of protein bars on the market which can make chosing the best protein bars time-consuming and difficult. Furthermore there is a big difference in how protein bars are manufactured with some focusing on taste & sweetness over the nutritional value of the bar.

Granted, protein bars are not going to taste as good as normal snack bars. The protein content can also make some seem quite dense and thick compared to a normal snack bar. However you can still find a protein bar that has a good taste and protein content.

It is always a good idea to look at the full nutritional content of a protein bar before purchasing. Some lower cost protein bars use a lot of sweaters to achieve their taste. This can lead to excess calories and a lower protein content compared to some of the leading products on the market.

We have gathered what we believe to be the best protein bars currently on the market. Take a look below and checkout our opinions of the best protein bars of 2019 for factors including quality price and taste.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

Quest Bars are right up there in the premium end of the market and are the best tasting protein bars that I have tried. Quest Bars are available in a number of different flavours including Cookies N Cream, Choc Chip Cookie Dough and Mixed Berries. Unlike with some protein bars, these actually taste great and make a delicious high protein snack for any time in the day. The great taste is not the only point that makes Quest Bars stand out as their nutritional value is also one of the best on the market. Each bar contains a 20g serving of protein which is the equivalent to a protein shake & only 21g of carbs. Furthermore these healthy protein bars have no added sugar and are gluten-free. If you are looking for a great tasting high protein bar then quest bars make a great choice. You can purchase a box of 12 Quest Bars for £21.99 at Discount Supplements which I have found to be the best place to order them from online.

The Protein Works – Protein Grazer Bars

Products from The Protein Works regularly make it into out top lists for providing high quality protein products at affordable prices. Protein Grazers are made from fine quality whey isolate protein and low GI oats. The bars are small bite-size snacks that are designed for when you need something sweet but are trying to stick to a healthy high protein diet. Protein Grazers are made with all natural ingredients to ensure high quality healthy snack bars. They cost £22.99 for a jar of 36 which can be purchased direct from The Protein Works website. There is a good choice of flavours including Chocolate Mint Chip & Rocky Road. You can also select the random option to get a random mix of flavours to mix up your choice of bar.

BULK POWDERS High Protein Snack Bars

Bulk Powders is one of our favourite supplement companies on the market at the moment. Their website service is great and their products are always very high quality. Furthermore their informed range has some of the most superior products on the market. High protein bars have one of the highest protein contents available in a bar with 27g per serving which is higher than a lot of protein shakes. the bars only contain high quality protein from whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolate, and avoid using any low quality ingredients such as gelatin which are used by cheaper bars on the market. The whey concentrate in the bar ensured it contains BCAA’s which are essential for muscle fuel and recovery after a workout. There are three flavours available: Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Praline & Chocolate orange. You can purchase a box of 12 for £19.99 directly from the Bulk Powders website.

CNP Professional flapjacks bars

CNP make a number of protein bars and snacks but Flapjack bars are definitely their best. These protein flapjacks have been specifically designed with your health in mind, providing low sugar and carbs but packing a lot of high quality protein. As well as whey protein which is common in most protein bars, there is also Casein protein. Casein is a slow release protein which supplies the body with protein and BCAAs for hours after; making it great for when you have a while before your next meal. These bars are available in three flavours including Lemon, Cherry + Almond and chocolate. You can purchase these from Affordable Supplements for £21.75.

Grenade Carb Killa

Grenade have some of the hardest hitting supplements on the market and Carb Killa is no exception. The bar is made with a unique baking process which allows for a softer delicious tasting protein snack. Each bar is packed with protein and fibre, while being low in carbs. Per bar there is a huge 23g of high quality protein, designed to provide balanced complete sources of protein. Carb Killa is also specifically designed to be low in carbs and so makes a great choice for any body cutting and looking for a convenient protein snack. Carb Killa comes in a caramel flavour and a cookies & cream flavour.The RRP for 12 bars is £29.99 but you can get this for less at both Discount Supplements & affordable Supplements.

Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Bar

Optimum Nutrition are one of the leading premium supplement brands on the market and many of you will have heard of their Gold Standard Whey Protein. Despite the high price for their products, the quality and taste is that of one of the best products on the market. Optimum nutrition Complete Protein Bar is designed to be enjoyed any time you need a protein boost. There is 20g of protein per serving which is primarily sourced from Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate. Each bar is also less than 170 calories per serving which is great if you are on a calorie restricted diet. The bar is available in two flavours: Chocolate Orange and Dark Rich Chocolate. You can purchase a pack of 12 bars from Discount Supplements for 21.99.

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Bars

BSN provide the market with some of the highest quality and well performing supplements. Syntha 6 protein bars contains a huge 30g of protein per bar and can be enjoyed as a snack or meal replacement bar. unlike some bars, their protein is sourced from both whey protein and casein protein. This means that you get fast release protein to get straight into the muscles but also low release protein which will continue providing your muscles with protein and BCAAs for hours later. The bars are available in three flavours: Chocolate Brownie, Cookies & Cream and Rocky Road.

phD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars

Diet Whey bars are convenient high protein snacks designed for when you need protein throughout the day. They are designed for people with weight management in mind which makes them a great choice if you are cutting. As well as 25g of protein per bar, there is also flaxseed and L-Carnitine. These bars have less than 1g of sugar each and are available in a number of great tasting phD flavours including Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Cheesecake. the RRP for these bars is £25.99 for 12 bars & they are available from both phD direct and Discount Supplements.

Maxinutrition Protein Bars

Maxinutrition protein bars are designed to be great tasting and are available in Chocolate Caramel and Summer Fruits. The MaxinutritionProtein Bars also have added vitamin C which is rare in protein bars. Vitamin C  provides the body with a number of benefits including the natural release of energy. The summer fruits flavour comprises of a top strawberry a yoghurt coating and crispy centre. You can purchase these bars from 14.98 from Discount Supplements online.

Reflex Nutrition R-Bar

Reflex Nutrition is a leading UK-based supplement company producing some of the highest quality and exciting products on the market. The new R-Bar is designed to be a great tasting bar which contains no hidden extras. The bars online contain the best quality EU sourced milk-fed protein. If you are on a cutting diet where you need to watch what you eat then R-Bar makes the best choice. There are no hidden extras and the bars are also gluten-free and free of artificial sweeteners. There are many flavours of R-Bar including Cookies & Cream. You can get 12 R-Bars for £25.99.

This was our the list of the best protein bars of 2017. protein bars are great for increasing your protein intake on the move. Protein should always be taken as part of a varied healthy diet.

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