Top 10 Best Protein Bars 2022

Using the best Protein Bars can provide you with a convenient alternative to a protein shake and allow you to increase your overall protein intake. Protein bars allow for snacking on protein on the move without the need to carry around a high protein meal. They are great for when you are at work or have a busy day with no time to prepare a meal or carry a protein shaker with you.

When you are looking to build muscle it is important to maintain a high protein diet for growth and repair. Taking protein throughout the day will ensure you always have enough protein to allow for maximum muscle growth.

There is a huge difference in the quality of protein bars on the market which can make chosing the best protein bars time-consuming and difficult. Furthermore, there is a big difference in how protein bars are manufactured with some focusing on taste & sweetness over the nutritional value of the bar.

Granted, protein bars are not going to taste as good as normal snack bars. The protein content can also make some seem quite dense and thick compared to a normal snack bar. However you can still find a protein bar that has a good taste and protein content.

It is always a good idea to look at the full nutritional content of a protein bar before purchasing. Some lower cost protein bars use a lot of sweaters to achieve their taste. This can lead to excess calories and a lower protein content compared to some of the leading products on the market.

The best protein bars

We have gathered what we believe to be the best protein bars currently on the market. Take a look below and check out our opinions of the best protein bars of 2022 for factors including quality price and taste.

Optimum Nutrition Optimum Protein Bar

Optimum Nutrition are one of the leading premium supplement brands on the market and many of you will have heard of their Gold Standard Whey Protein. Despite the high price for their products, the quality and taste is that of one of the best products on the market. Optimum nutrition Optimum Protein Bar is designed to be enjoyed any time you need a protein boost.

There is 20g of protein per serving which is primarily sourced from Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate. Each bar is also less than 170 calories per serving which is great if you are on a calorie restricted diet. The bar is available in five flavours including Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Caramel.

The list price for 12 bars is £24.99. But they can sometimes be found for less from websites such as Discount Supplements. Put simply, Optimum bars are one of our favourite protein bars for both nutritional value and taste.

Grenade Carb Killa

Grenade have some of the hardest hitting supplements on the market and Carb Killa is no exception. The bar is made with a unique baking process which allows for a softer delicious tasting protein snack. Each bar is packed with protein and fibre, while being low in carbs.

Per bar there is a huge 23g of high quality protein, designed to provide balanced complete sources of protein. Carb Killa is also specifically designed to be low in carbs and so makes a great choice for any body cutting and looking for a convenient protein snack. Carb Killa comes in a big selection of flavours including Mint Chocolate and a cookies & cream flavour.

My favourite is the white chocolate cookie. The RRP for 12 bars is £29.99 but you can get this for less at both Discount Supplements also on Amazon.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

Quest Bars are right up there in the premium end of the market and are the best tasting protein bars that I have tried. They are available in a number of different flavours including Cookies N Cream, Choc Chip Cookie Dough and Mixed Berries. Unlike with some protein bars, these actually taste great and make a delicious high protein snack for any time in the day.

The great taste is not the only point that makes Quest Bars stand out as their nutritional value is also one of the best on the market. Each bar contains a 20g serving of protein which is the equivalent to a protein shake & only 21g of carbs. Furthermore these healthy protein bars have no added sugar and are gluten-free.

If you are looking for a great tasting high protein bar then quest bars make a great choice. You can purchase a box of 12 Quest Bars for approximately £20 at Discount Supplements which I have found to be the best place to order them from online.

The Protein Works Loaded Legends

Loaded legends from The Protein Works feature a great taste

Products from The Protein Works regularly make it into out top lists for providing high quality protein products at affordable prices. I love how they combine some really unique formulations to product some of the ultimate supplements. The website is also convenient for picking up many supplements at the same time.

Loaded legends are made from fine quality protein. These are a unique addition to the protein bar market and look more like something you would expect to find at a birthday party. The bars are snacks that are designed for when you need something sweet but are trying to stick to a healthy high protein diet.

They look and taste great. Loaded Legends are many with crunchy textures that produce a layered bar. They combine cutting edge baking and sports science. Per box the cost is £28.99 which contains 12. They can be purchased direct from The Protein Works website. There is a good choice of flavours including Chocolate Fudge and Salted Caramel.

BULK POWDERS High Protein Snack Bars

The best protein bars from Bulk Powders include these high protein snack bars

Bulk Powders is one of our favourite supplement companies on the market at the moment. Their website service is great and their products are always very high quality. Furthermore their informed range has some of the most superior products on the market.

High protein bars have one of the highest protein contents available in a bar with 27g per serving which is higher than a lot of protein shakes. The bars only contain high quality protein from whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolate, and avoid using any low quality ingredients such as gelatin which are used by cheaper bars on the market.

The whey concentrate in the bar ensured it contains BCAA’s which are essential for muscle fuel and recovery after a workout. There are three flavours available: Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Praline & Chocolate orange. You can purchase a box of 12 for £24.99 directly from the Bulk Powders website.

CNP Professional flapjacks bars

One of the original supplement brands that has been around since the beginning is CNP Professional. CNP make a number of protein bars and snacks but Flapjack bars are definitely their best. These protein flapjacks have been specifically designed with your health in mind, providing low sugar and carbs but packing a lot of high quality protein.

As well as whey protein which is common in most protein bars, there is also Casein protein. Casein is a slow release protein which supplies the body with protein and BCAAs for hours after; making it great for when you have a while before your next meal.

These bars are available in three flavours including Lemon, Cherry + Almond and chocolate. You can purchase these from Discount supplements in a box of 12.

MyProtein The Carb Crusher

Carb Crusher is one of myProteins latest protein bars

When it comes to supplement brands I am a huge fan of, MyProtein is one of them. Since their launch in 2004, they have gone on to be Europe’s largest supplement manufacturer. If you are wondering why, you only have to look at their website.

A huge collection of supplements is available, including everything from vitamins to pre-workouts. But protein is where they are originally known and still lead. Going back a few years, there was not much choice available from MyProtein for protein bars.

However, in recent years there has been multiple releases of high quality protein bars to pick from. My Current favourite is Carb Crusher, but I am also a fan of the layered bars.

The Carb Crusher bar is an ideal choice for those looking for a low carbohydrate protein bar. It can often be difficult to find bars that taste great but also have low carbs. It is too often a trade off that needs to be made. But Carb Crusher is designed to be a guilt free protein bar that is also packed with vitamins.

Per serving there is over 21g of protein and just 12g of carbs. There is 212 calories per bar. A wide variety of vitamins are present, including vitamin A and vitamin C. There are a few flavours available including my favourite which is strawberry cheesecake. The RRP for 12 bars is £23.99. But MyProtein frequently have promotions on their site and there’s also cost savings when ordering with other items at the same time.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars

PhD Nutrition are a premium brand when it comes to sports supplements. Diet Whey bars are convenient high protein snacks designed for when you need protein throughout the day. They are designed for people with weight management in mind which makes them a great choice if you are cutting.

As well as 25g of protein per bar, there is also flaxseed and L-Carnitine. These bars have less than 1g of sugar each and are available in a number of great tasting phD flavours including Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Cheesecake. the RRP for these bars is £25.99 for 12 bars & they are available from both phD direct and Discount Supplements.

Sci MX Pro 2Go Bars

Sci MX are well known for premium high quality supplements. The range includes a number of high quality and potent protein blends. I am a particular fan of some of their pre workout formulas.

The UK based brand is aimed at those looking for premium supplements. Sci MX is widely available to purchase from many retailers both online and offline. This is great to ensure you can always find the items you are looking for in stock.

Pro 2Go bars are the ultimate protein bar experience. A high quality protein bar, combined with great taste to tantalise the taste buds. Per serving there is 20g of protein. Each bar contains 250 calories, with 10g of fat. A good selection of flavours are available including Orange Chocolate and Strawberry Cream.

When purchasing from the Sci MX website, the price is expensive at £29.88. But these can be found for notably less on websites such as Discount Supplements, where I have found them for less than £20. Overall, they make a great option, with a good selection of flavours.

Amfit Nutrition Protein Bars

When it comes to supplement manufacturers, it is not often I get excited about a new brand. There are many that will try each year. But Ultimately, the top brands remain and many of the others fade away. However, the recent launch of Amfit Nutrition has me excited. This supplement brand is part of Amazon and offers a wide range from whey protein to supplements. The high energy brand features a collection of high quality supplements, at an affordable price point.

Protein bars from Amfit contain roughly 19.6g of protein per bar. This is comparable with a whey protein shake. There is also 19g of carbohydrates and 5.2g of fat. Per bar there is only 192 calories, which is a lot lower compared with many other protein bars.

These make an ideal choice for those on a cutting diet. Due to the low calorie and carb content, Amfit protein bars are a good choice for those on a calorie restricted diet. There is also a great choice of flavours available including Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Fudge. As these are on Amazon, expect the price to fluctuate slightly.

But they tend to sit around £17 for 12 which is good value. The subscribe and save option is a great idea if purchasing regularly for both convenience and cost savings. As these are available on Prime, you can also receive them the day after ordering which is nice.

Tips to find the best protein bars

As you will have noticed from this post, there is a huge choice for protein bars. Furthermore, there are many different types available now including flapjacks and cookies. But not all protein bars are made equal. Take a look at our top tips below for finding the best protein bars in 2022.

The brands

When it comes to supplement brands, there seems to be more all the time. But not all brands are equal. Only a handful i use regularly and can recommend highly. When it comes to picking the best protein bar, the brand can have a big influence. A brand is often the sign of a products quality and often we will stick with the ones we know.

There are several great mainstream brands I love including The Protein Works and Bulk Powders. There are also some great premium brands including Optimum Nutrition and Sci-MX. Products from these will usually be more expensive though.

A good tip is to try the protein bars from the brand you are currently using for other supplements such as whey protein. This is both convenient and cost saving, as you can order everything you need at the same time.

Types of protein

When it comes to protein inside a protein bar, there is surprisingly quite a lot of variation. Firstly there are different types of protein. The best protein for bars is often whey protein. This is fast digesting and great for an instant protein boost.

However some protein bars also contain slower release proteins. There are benefits to this, including a sustained protein release. But knowing which is in the bars will allow you to time consumption best.

The amount of protein also has a substantial difference. For example there are some bars with very high amounts at nearly 25g. This is a great protein boost. But you will often find these bars may not taste as great.

The best tasting protein bars can sometimes have the lowest amounts of protein. This is due to packing in further ingredients to make them taste nice. The added ingredients can often also lead to added sugars and calories.


When it comes to finding a great tasting protein bar, this can often take some time. A top tip is to order some samples from different brands and also different flavours at the same time. many supplement manufacturers sell bars in 1 unit quantities.

These can be easily added on to an order for other supplements. There are also many stores where they are available singularly. You can test the flavour before buying a box. The standard quantity is usually 12 bars.

When it comes to flavours, there are now a considerable number of great tasting bars available. White chocolate cookie from Grenade is a great choice. One you can eat regularly without going off the taste. The quest bars also have exceptional taste.

Building muscle with protein bars

The main reason many of us to consume protein bars is to support muscle growth. The extra boost they provide helps supplement and increase the amount of protein we get from our diet. You can ensure you get the most out of them by following some of the tips below.

Timing is key

When it comes to protein consumption, the time when it is consumed can have an impact on effectiveness. When trying to build muscle, we want the body to always have enough protein. This way it can use the excess for protein synthesis to allow us to put on muscle.

After a workout is an ideal time for protein consumption. However, many will prefer a whey protein shake during this time as it can be more convenient. The best times to consume protein bars include for breakfast. When we have been asleep, the body has been using the protein we have consumed to rebuild muscles.

Therefore by the time you wake up it has often depleted the supplies consumed the previous day. A protein bar for breakfast provides the body with more protein as soon as you wake up. During the day e.g. when you are at work and a shake is not practical, also makes a great time.

Selection of protein sources

Protein bars are great. They provide an ideal source of protein that is convenient and easy to consume. However, they should not make up the bulk of your protein source. Remember, supplements are just there to supplement the protein from your diet. there are many high quality protein sources for meals. This includes meats such as chicken, and also fish & nuts.

Protein bars are there to be used at times when high protein meals are not convenient or required. A great way to keep track of how much protein you are using are apps such as MyFitnessPal. These allow you to track the macronutrients in your diet.


This was our the list of the best protein bars of 2020. There is a great selection of great tasting & high nutritional value bars available. Some of my favourite include those from Grenade and The Protein Works.

Protein bars are great for increasing your protein intake on the move. But remember they are there to supplement in addition to other protein sources. Protein should always be taken as part of a varied healthy diet. Let us know which protein bars you will be using this year.

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