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Do all protein drinks and powders have the same values of nutrition? What is the most significant difference between yfood and Huel?

Not all protein powders are made the same, and you should use a certain amount of discretion when purchasing these powders. For instance, yfood has an excellent grind compared to Huel, which most users like, as it dissolves quickly and totally. Yfood is a whey protein, and Huel is plant-based.

Below are a few frequently asked questions and comparisons. But here’s a quick overview.

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Where is yfood from?

Munich, Germany. Co-founders Ben Kremer and Noël Bollmann started yfood in 2017 and have built yfood to an incredible €54 million per year in a short space of time.

The company’s ethos is to supply healthy nutritional drinks in any situation.

Yfood has a slightly different business model to many of the companies occupying this space, yfood sells its products directly to consumers through an estimated 30,000 retail outlets daily and serves the online community.

Why have protein meal replacements become so popular?

Convenience and nutrition. How often have you skipped a meal in the past month or week or eaten something as a stop-gap with no nutritional value?

Most of you will answer more than once and possibly even daily.

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced society, be it dashing into the city for work, delivering goods, or being a busy parent and anything in between, it’s damn hard always to find a nutritional meal that is going to fuel us for the next 4 to 5 hours.

With protein drinks such as foods and Huel, this problem has been alleviated, and you can now reach for a protein shake that has everything you need in terms of nutritional value and tastes fantastic.

Is yfood a meal replacement?

Yes. Do you know that yfood can keep you satiated from one tasty shake for up to 5 hours? Due to its low GI value can keep you going for hours on end without hunger pangs.

Not only does it keep you feeling full, but it is also packed with micro and macronutrients that are needed for a healthy body.

Will yfoods give muscle gains when working out?

Yes, you need to consume protein to gain muscle. If you are hitting the gym for muscle gains, it is vitally important that you consume adequate protein.

Protein drinks are normally consumed post-workout. The protein drink will help your muscle repair and grow.

Is it only athletes who can use yfoods protein drinks?

No, anyone can consume yfoods protein shakes. It is important to understand that protein drinks are not just for athletes. In fact, many protein drinks came to fruition due to the need to eat something nutritious on the go and working out was a secondary consideration. 

Protein drinks are normally low in sugar, if they have any sugar, but they are a balanced meal replacement that incorporates everything needed to function at the highest levels.

They can eliminate the ups and downs of sugar spikes and fatigue, allowing you to focus on the task.

Where is Huel from?

Huel is created and produced in the UK. Founded by Julian Hearn, who has created multiple award-winning companies from his garage is nothing short of impressive.

Huel has an enviable turnover of £72 million and a valuation of £220 million, which is staggering for a fledgling company.

Why is Huel so popular?

Great products based on the omnivore principle. Most people eat a combination of meat and plant-based foods for nutrition, but this does not mean Huel excludes vegetarians and vegans. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have a product that is consistently high quality and can serve 100% of the population at an affordable price, then there must be a winning strategy in this concoction of proteins and whole foods.

Huel is more than protein powder shakes, Huel is more than protein bars, and Huel is more than the total sum of all the other companies in this space combined with its innovation of supplying nutritionally balanced ready meals.

Is Huel a food replacement?

Yes and no. Protein shakes should only be viewed as a short-term solution for accelerated muscle gain or weight loss and never as a permanent meal replacement protocol unless you incorporate the whole foods element of Huel products into your daily diet.

Huel shakes are rich in protein and other macro and micronutrients. They use a split of 37:30:30:3 for their protein shakes.

This ratio equates to 37% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fats and last but not least 3% fibre.

While the proteins are not stated they are likely to be pea proteins as this gives a wider appeal to consumers.

Who are Huel products suitable for?

Unless you have a medical condition that prohibits certain nutrients or purines, then anyone can consume Huel.

Huel is not just for athletes and gym-goers ( although you will see positive gains within 3 weeks) or people looking to shake off those extra pounds before the next event.

Huel is an inclusive product that can supplement your daily diet in this busy world you live in. It’s more than acceptable to grab a Huel shake for breakfast or lunch and then eat a normal evening meal.

There is only one caveat. Huel uses plant-based proteins that can be high in purine which contributes to a painful condition called gout. So, check the protein.


It is almost an impossible task to split these two remarkable products apart. They are both convenient and tasty while providing everything you need.

Let’s look at yfoods. Do you know of a bad product coming from Germany? yfood is an excellent product with fantastic flavours that taste as they should.

Huel has award-winning products packed with nutrition, and it’s a UK company with an outstanding reputation with an innovative approach to the market sector.

Is there a clear leader? Not really. You will be more than happy with either product. However, we personally like Huel as a more rounded meal solution!

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