The Protein Works 100% Micellar Casein Review

The Protein Works is a less known supplement supplier compared to some of its rivals such as My Protein. However in recent years they have built a reputation for innovative and high quality supplements at affordable prices. As their name suggests, the bulk of their products are proteins. But they do sell other products such as BCAA’s,Creatine and healthy snacks.

There is often a lot of good offers available at The Protein Works so it is worth having a look at what products are on  offer and checking out our offers page. As there is only free delivery available over £75 we chose the economy delivery and our order of Micellar Protein arrived the same week.


Per serving there is an impressive 24.5 grams of protein which is slightly higher than from MyProtein(The exact values will depend of the flavour purchased). For the price this means a lot of good quality protein for the amount paid. As this is a Protein Works product it also contains their Aminogen Enzyme formula.

This formula is designed to help your body absorb more Amino Acids.  This is great for putting on muscle as Amino Acids are essential for using protein to build muscle and preventing muscle breakdown. 100% Micellar Casein contains little fat and 105 Kcal per serving.


In terms of value, 100% Micellar Casein is priced at £20.99 for 1 KG. This is a reasonable price which is cheaper than many of the premium supplement suppliers such as Optimum Nutrition. However compared to its main rivals of Bulk Powders & MyProtein it is slightly more expensive. The difference is minimal at approximately £1.50 between them.

But  you can often get free postage with smaller orders which the other two which could make your order cheaper overall. As there is little difference in price, The Protein Works are worth a try if you are looking for a reasonable priced Casein powder.

Taste & Mixability

For out taste test we used the Chocolate Silk flavour but there is a choice of five flavours. The Chocolate Mint Brownie sounded the best to us but was out of stock at the time we ordered. The taste was enjoyable and we would recommend it. As this is casein it was quite thick and does require more water than whey unless you like it thick.

The mixability of 100% Micellar Casein is good and it mixes as good as you would expect for a premium protein powder.

Product Overview

Overall The Protein Works 100% Micellar Whey is a good choice of casein protein that we would recommend. Despite having no major standout features, it’s a good choice if you are looking to try a new brand and tastes good to. Casein is great before you go to bed or will be going a long time without any protein. We also liked that it comes in a 500g variety so you can try it without the need to purchase a larger quantity.



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