MyProtein Hurricane XS Review

MyProtein is one of the biggest supplement brands out there, offering a huge range of great value supplements. As well as proteins, there is a wide range of products including pre workouts, BCAAs and multivitamin supplements.  MyProtein products are targeted at a variety of goals from building muscle to burning fat. We picked up a 2.5kg bag …

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Do’s and Don’ts Before The Gym

There are all sorts of fad-focused theories and pie-in-the-sky promises about getting in shape and losing weight. Many of them, though, aren’t based on science or on sound physical practice. Give people unhelpful advice and they may quickly lose the will or the devotion to physical well-being. That can have long-term effects on more than …

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5 Best Weight Loss Teas

Recent years have seen a big increase in the popularity of tea for weight loss. numerous studies have highlighted tea for its health benefits including weight loss and preventing cardiovascular disease. Individual teas can have different effects for helping with weight loss; some can promote increased metabolism whilst others help reduce cholesterol. we have been …

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